“West To East”: 7th Day/Last Day

10:30 AM March 21, 2011/Laur, NE to Dingalan Bay, Aurora

Laur, Nueva Ecija is a small town where the National Highway does not pass on its Poblacion or center of the town. If you are travelling towards Gabaldon, NE, you could barely see the town as you need to turn left from a corner where the only Petron Gasoline Station is located. There are no common or popular commercial establishment or popular fastfood restaurants in the place. There was only one place where it serves cooked food and this was the place where I had my brunch with my team. The food was simple—sinigang na bangus, pork adobo, sauteed meat, and rice with fresh banana. The food serves its purpose as my source of energy for the day.

Viands For Brunch @ Laur, NE

I was on a relaxed mood after I finished my brunch and took my time to reach Km Post #145 which is only less than one kilometer away from the Poblacion. I knew that this will be my last day of my adventure run and very confident that I will reach my destination without any “issues” or accidents along the road. I just have to maintain the things that I’ve done for the past days and I let my body on “automatic” mode once I start my run. It was at the Kilometer Post where I wear my ASICS Gel-LyteRacer and my Gray DryMax Running Socks. After wearing and checking the accessories I need to wear, I started my run with a simple prayer and sign of a cross, a ritual I’ve never missed to do every time I start my run.

Trying To Vizualize Dingalan Bay Behind The Mountains

I am not a stranger in this place as it was part of my Area of Operations (AOR) when I was a Brigade Commander of the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army. I always visit Gabaldon and Dingalan because it was our Advanced Command Post (ACP) whenever we had combat and civil-military operations in the mountainous and forested areas of these two towns. But times have changed since then. The roads are now cemented and well-built with the proper drainage and structured concrete bridges. More houses had been built along the Highway. There are already elementary and high schools built in most of the more populated barangays. And there are newly constructed and developed garden and water resorts in the area.

I was assigned in these areas for 2 years and 4 months. What I like with Gabaldon are their Onions! Gabaldon is considered as the Onion Capital of the Country. They cultivate and produce the white and the red onions. There were times when the price of these onions would go down to P 5.00 per kilo and a bagful (20 kilos) would only cost P 100.00! I usually bring some of these onions (in bags of 20 kilos) to Manila and give them as a gift to my friends, peers, relatives, superiors, and subordinates. Well, after a few days, they complain to me that they smell like onions already! On the other hand, the more smart traders/businessmen from Visayas and Mindanao would buy these onions when the price is low and have them transported to their “refrigirated” warehouses so that the freshness of the onions will be maintained even after months of being stored. And then sell them when they supply is low. It’s a good business! 

My Reliable Patagonia Long-Sleeve Capilene Shirt & NIKE Running Shorts

On my last day of my run, I opted to use my ever reliable Patagonia Capilene White Long-Sleeved Shirt. This is the same shirt that I used  in last year’s Marin Headlands 50-Mile Train Run. It is not tight but it gives me a comfortable feeling when I run. As for the running shorts, I used a NIKE running shorts which I bought (at a discounted price) in a NIKE Store at the Caltex Gasoline Station along the NLEX. The running shorts is nice and comfortable that I did not have “issues” on my upper inner legs and crotches. I was already confident that I really did not need the Adidas Tech Fit Compression Short for this particular leg of my adventure run. I wanted to appear in my pictures as a traditional runner! The DryMax Trail Socks is thicker than the ordinary running socks and it fits well to my ASICS Gel-LyterRacer. I have no worries if my socks will be wet from the water that I pour on my neck and head, and perspiration from my body that goes down to my legs. I knew these socks will not give me any problems with blisters.

@ Bato Ferry Bridge in Laur, NE

 As soon as I started my run, the places that I passed and looked forward became familiar as I recall those times when I usually pass along this road going to Gabaldon and Dingalan. The scenery of the place is really amazing. This is the place where you could see clean and crystal clear flowing water on rivers. I’ve never seen such kind and condition of water on rivers that I passed in the provinces of Pangasinan and Tarlac. The mountains and hills are also amazing to behold. Although most of these mountains lack those thick forested areas, their size, formation and the different colors from their vegetation could give refreshing feeling to the eyes. How I wish these hills and mountains have trails where runners could walk and run. I hope to return to these places and talk to the locals and get more information about the trails on these mountains.

Running Towards The Mountains of Gabaldon, NE

I have observed that the road is clean from Laur to Gabaldon. I did not see any trash or unnecessary wastes along the road. Even when I reached the Poblacion of Gabaldon, I did not see any trash along the road. But what I’ve observed was that there are parts of the mountains which are burned. Burning the grass on the mountains had been an annual practice of the people thereat. The burning of the grass is a way for the grass to re-grow and the new grass growth is a good food or feed for the cattle in the area.

Another View of the River & Mountains From Bato Ferry Bridge
Clean Air, Clean Road, Clean River & Beautiful Scenery
Entering The Boundary of Gabaldon, NE (Take Note of The Onions On Top of the Arc)
The Road & Scenery To Gabaldon, NE

I have to maintain my nutrition strategy during the run. I usually take a meal before my daily run as it gives me the necessary energy to last me for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and I don’t ingest any sports gel. I maintain my hydration strategy by drinking a sip of water evey two kilometers where my support have “leap frogged” ahead of me. This is repeated up to the time I reach 1 1/2 hours of running. After this, I drink one-half bottle of Sports Drinks and every 1 1/2 hours thereafter. If I feel hungry, I take those Nature Valley Sports Bar and/or Chips Ahoy Cookies. If there are fresh fruits, like banana or mangoes. I take them when I feel hungry.

Walking On Uphills

As for my running & walking strategy, I dropped using the Galloway Method of following a run-walk ratio religiously. I simply followed my ritual of running along the descending and flat portions of the road and simply brisk walking on the ascending portions of the road. However, I tried my best to quicken my average pace during the run. The counting of strides was still religiously followed most especially during those times when the heat of the sun and the cement were very challenging. The counting kept my sanity during the run. Of course, there are times also that I pray when I feel that I was exhausted.  

Another Uphill Ahead
Onions Being Harvested Along The Side of the Road

 In one of the legs/days of this adventure run, I tried a run strategy where I have to run hard on the early hours and sustain whatever strength I have left in my body in the later hours of the day. To be specific, I have to run 8 kilometers for the first hour; 7 kilometers for the second hour; 6 kilometers for the 3rd hour; and then maintain 5 kilometers for the 4th and succeeding hours until I end the run for the day. So, if I am going to run for 8 hours for the day, I would be able to finish at least 46 kilometers for the day. Nice run strategy but it really puts pressure on me. If not for the swelling of my left quads and the pain that goes with it, it would have been doable.

Red Onions Ready To Be Transported/Sold @ P28 Per Kilo

Due to my predicament after the Camiling-La Paz Leg, I maintained an average pace of 5 kilometers per hour but it became slower when I reached the uphills of Fort Magsaysay-Laur-Gabaldon-Dingalan areas. Although I was able to recover on the last two legs of this run, I did not think of taking the risk of increasing my pace on a tempo run mode but maintaining the LSD mode would be the nice decision for this adventure run. The goal is to finish this adventure run where I can still stand up and walk on my own and drive the support vehicle back to Metro Manila. 

Another Version of "Marin Headlands" In Gabaldon, NE

For so many times, I’ve taken pictures of mountains that resemble the mountains in Marin Headlands in San Francisco, California in almost all the places that I passed through. I know for sure that that there are trails on these mountains and they could be used for trail running events in the future. I know for sure that once upon a time, these trails had been used by the insurgents and military patrols at the height of the government’s efforts to thwart the spread of insurgency in the country. Sometimes, I would think that trail running in some of the mountains in the country would drive away those insurgents to higher mountains and more forested areas. However, on the places that I passed through, these mountains are already cleared from the insurgents. 

Crossing The Dupinga Bridge Where A River Resort Is Located

The challenge now is to find out the trails inside the Fort Magsaysay Military Reservation Area. This would be the best place to conduct an ultra trail running event in the future. I’ve been thinking about this while I was running through the places at Fort Magsaysay the previous day. It is doable and runners would be excited to experience an ultra trail run on a regular basis within the year. 

The Entrance of the Resort Where I Slept Overnight

I was also thinking during my run to purposely travel from Manila up to Fort Magsaysay by taking the NLEX-SCETX-La Paz-Zaragoza-Santa Rosa-Fort Magsaysay Route to find out the travel time. Before the SCETX was constructed, the route to Fort Magsaysay would pass along the busy eastern towns of Bulacan and the southern towns of Nueva Ecija. Before, it takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours to reach Fort Magsaysay from Manila even if I take the shortcut route from Gapan, Nueva Ecija to the Southern Gate of Fort Magsaysay through Papaya, Nueva Ecija. I would say and suspect that Fort Magsaysay could be reached in 2 1/2 hours by taking the new route. I will try to prove if my suspicion is right in the coming days.

The Road After Leaving The Town of Gabaldon, NE

It was uneventful that I was able to reach the Poblacion of Gabaldon, NE. This town is the location of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology. I had my pictures taken infront of Resort 8 where we stayed overnight before this day’s run. From that point, I had 5 more kilometers to the Poblacion of Gabaldon.

More Uphill Climbs On The Road Between Gabaldon & Dingalan

 The road from Gabaldon to Dingalan has a distance of 12 kilometers. When I was still assigned in this place, the road was a dirt road with big boulders/stones protruding from the ground. Ordinary cars and vehicles would not be able to reach Dingalan because of the steep roads and slippery and muddy road. It was only those with 4-wheel drive transmission vehicles that could reach Dingalan from Gabaldon. But from what I was seeing during my run, the place had completely changed because of the  first class highway where any kind of vehicle would be able to reach Dingalan

One of Those Flat Portions of the Road On Top Of The Mountain

Dingalan is the southern most town of Aurora Province and you need to travel through Nueva Ecija in order to reach the capital of Aurora which is Baler. Dingalan Bay is being planned to be the eastern seaport of the country and this could be the reason why the government constructed the SCETX as it would connect it to Subic Bay Freeport. A high-speed highway from Dingalan Bay to Subic Bay Freeport would cut the travel time of goods/materials from the Pacific Ocean to South China Sea or vice-versa, instead of the transport ships coming from the Pacific Ocean to go all the way south to the tip of Bicol region and finally going northwest to Manila Bay.

I am About To Touch The Clouds
Destination Is Getting Nearer!

Dingalan Bay had been the source of Yellow Fin and Blue Marlin Tunas. When I was assigned in this area, a kilo of these fresh fish cost only P 45-50.00. My officers would buy by bulk (minimum of 10 kilos) and had the meat of the fish packaged and frozen into sashimi cuts. Whenever we have visitors from our Higher Headquarters and from our Operating Units, they were surprised when we serve them with sashimi with Wasabe Paste and Kikkoman Soy Sauce. I hope that those fresh catch tunas are still cheap at present. 

Getting Colder In The Late Afternoon!
A Brief Stop To Appreciate The Scenery
Finally A Glimpse Of Dingalan Bay (Pacific Ocean) In Aurora
Poblacion Dingalan & Pacific Ocean At Dusk


My "Last Downhill Run" In This Adventure Run

It was already dark when I reached the last kilometer post. After the usual photo-ops, I ran another 600 meters towards the Dingalan Beach. The Dingalan Beach within the edge of the Poblacion is full of black stones while the neighboring barangay farther south has a beach with black/dark sand. After a picture pose at the Dingalan Beach, I grabbed my Nathan Bottle that I carried throughout the Adventure Run on my Nathan Hydration Belt where the Salt Water from Bolinao Beach was placed and contained. 

The Last Kilometer Post In My Adventure Run

Finally, at 6:20 PM, I slowly poured the Salt Water from the South China Sea to the waves of the Pacific Ocen. Mission accomplished. I was able to finish this “West To East” Adventure Run. 

Finally Pouring The Saltwater From The South China Sea To The Pacific Ocean

We tried to look for a place to rest overnight along Dingalan Beach but because it was dark along the main road that goes to the Beach Resorts, I decided to go back to Gabaldon’s Stone 8 Resort for the night. However, as we left the Poblacion of Dingalan, we dropped by a restaurant/resort on top of a mountain which is 3 kilometers away and along the highway. The establishment is called Gina’s Place. The place don’t have any display of cooked food but we were advised to order the food we want. I ordered Sinigang Na Yellow Fin Tuna and Broiled Blue Marlin. It was worth the wait as the tunas cooked were fresh.

After our dinner, we were back to Stone 8 Resort. It is time to rest and recover.

Data/Information For the Day’s Run:

Weather: Hot but it got cooler in the later part in the afternoon and in higher elevation

Number of Kilometers Covered: 37 Kilometers

Number of Hours (Actual Running): 8 Hours

Average Pace: 4-5 Kilometers Per Hour

Running Apparel: Patagonia Capilene Shirt; NIKE Running Shorts; DryMax Trail Socks; Ice Bandana; Buff; Sunglass by Ray-Ban & Oakley; Adidas Running Cap

Running Shoes: ASICS Gel-LyteRacer

Total Number of Kilometers Covered (7 Days): 289 Kilometers


Meal/Food with Fresh Bananas @ Laur, NE—P 320.00

Gasoline—P 1,000.00

Water & Ice—P 100.00

Hotel Accommodation @ Stone 8—P 1,500.00

Dinner @ Gina’s Place—P 320.00

Total Expenses—P 3,240.00

To be concluded…

(Note: Please click each picture if you want them to be magnified)

Fourth Day: Mid-Day Run

1. I was not able give my readers a brief description of my run on the 4th day of my adventure run. I was able to post my pictures as “teaser” for what had transpired during the run.

2. I slept late on the 3rd day as I was frustrated to have not reached the boundary of Tarlac and Pangasinan due to the stones/gravel and sand along the sidewalk of the National Highway and finally stopped at Km Post #160, barely 8-9 kilometers to the boundary line. While at the Hotel, there was a 30-minute “brownout” which disturbed my sleep. However, I was able to extend my sleep by waking up late in the morning. I ordered a full breakfast meal and ate it without any hurry.

3. Since I slept in one of the roadside hotels in Carmen, Rosales, I had to be driven back to San Manuel, Tarlac, a 10K-drive, at 9:00 AM. Finally, I started my run from Km Post #160 on or about 9:30 AM. It was already too hot during the day but I was able to endure by incorporating walking breaks during my run. As practiced and done in my previous days, I had to drink water from my Nathan Hydration bottle every 2 kilometers and drink half-bottle of Gatorade every 5 kilometers.

Banana (Lacatan) as The Most Powerful Energy-Boosting Fresh Fruit

4. I was very strong during the morning run because I had a full breakfast with steamed rice, fried eggs, & longganiza (local sausage). After running straight for 12 kilometers, I have to incorporate walking breaks while eating SkyFlakes crackers and Cloud 9 chocolate bites. At 12 noon, I reached the City of Urdaneta and decided to check-in to an apartelle recommended by my friend, Cecil Morella. I had my cold shower and prepared for my lunch. I had my lunch at Matutina’s Restaurant where I ate Pusit Adobo, Fried Bangus Belly, and Pork Barbecue with Rice. After lunch, I was able to sleep at the Apartelle for almost 2 hours.

Be Careful With The Sand & Gravel On The Sidewalks!
Km Post Markings In Pangasinan Are Accurate.

5. At 4:15 PM, I prepared to continue my run from the Apartelle, going towards Urdaneta Poblacion and Binalonan. It was still very hot and the sidewalk was still the same—sand & gravel but I endured the surface of the road and the sound/noise, pollution and traffic of vehicles along the National Highway. Those narrow bridges between Urdaneta and Binalonan are accident-prone areas because the width could exactly accommodate two vehicles abreast with each other. I took extra precaution on crossing these bridges making sure that there was no vehicle crossing on the bridge with me on both traffic. Most of the old bridges don’t have any space for pedestrians on both sides of the road. I really wanted to stop by on those makeshift stores selling boiled corn on the sidewalks of the road between Urdaneta and Binalonan but I was in a hurry to finish my run. The boiled corn being sold there are sweet and fresh. They are produced/harvested locally on those cornfields along the highway. However, I did not miss these boiled corn as I bought some on my way back to Manila. I finally reached Km Post # 192 in Binalonan, Pangasinan at 6:00 PM. I ended my run very early because of a dinner appointment with Rey Jimenez in Urdaneta City.

6. Days before I reached the Province of Pangasinan, Rey Jimenez of Dagupan City contacted and invited me for dinner in Urdaneta through my cellphone and he was a generous host and very persistent to join me on my last leg from Saitan, Rosario, La Union to Baguio City. It was my second time to meet him as he joined the 2010 BDM 50K Test Run from Mariveles to Abucay, Bataan last month even if he did not finish a full marathon distance yet. He is a good runner as he finished the BDM Test Run in 7+hours. During the dinner, Rey showed seriousness in joining me on the next day’s last leg to Baguio City.

7. As scheduled at 6:30 PM, Rey and I met at the Matutina’s Restaurant, the very same restaurant where I had my lunch! Rey ordered the following dishes for the dinner: Inihaw na Bonuan Bangus, Sinigang na Malaga, Lechon Kawali, and Kilawen na Pusit. It was a heavy dinner but it was enough as my food replenishment for the day and “carbo” load for the next day. I told many stories to Rey about my experiences on the road for the past 4 days during our dinner. Rey, thanks for the dinner!

8. At about 9:30 PM, after posting my “teaser” pictures and my day’s evening edition, I immediately went to bed with an intention to wake up early for the last day of my run. I was decided to finish the run on the 5th day in Baguio City.

9. This leg was my shortest run in terms of my daily mileage but it was one of the hardest days because of the heat of the sun and the condition of the sidewalk along the National Highway. I was told that this day was the first day of summer for the year! My total mileage was 32 kilometers. The mileage was short but I was able to conserve my strength and energy for the last leg of my run.

10. On political and campaign posters in Pangasinan, I did not see much posters along the highway. Almost all the barangays along the National Highway from Urdaneta City to the Pangasinan-La Union Boundary has a posted notice from the Barangay Captains that they prohibit the display of campaign posters nailed/stapled on trees and I believe that this notice was strictly implimented. Instead, I’ve seen the following “writings on the walls”:

This Is An Indication of A Problem!
Very Interesting!!!

Adventure Run Stats & Figures

The following are the statistics and figures taken from my GF 305 watch during my adventure run from vicinity Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City. The GF 305 readings could be more accurate than the kilometer post markings but it could be the other way around. I really don’t know. But there are kilometer posts which are accurately in sync with the distance registered in my GF 305. The Province of Pangasinan has the most accurate distances in-between kilometer posts. Pampanga & Tarlac kilometer post’s placements are not accurate as this may be a result of the Mt Pinatubo eruption.

1st Day (February 9, 2010): From Km Post #10 to Km Post #56

Morning Run

Time of Start: 6:25 AM

Distance: 26.34 kilometers

Time: 4:17:09 hours

Average Pace: 9:45 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.1 kilometers per hour

Total Calories Burned: 1,680 cal

Average HR: 119 bpm

Maximum HR: 147 bpm

Afternoon Run

Time of Start: 4:00 PM

Distance: 20.57 kilometers

Time: 2:42:45 hours

Average Pace: 7:54 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 7.6 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,353 cal

Average HR: 130 bpm

Maximum HR: 152 bpm

2nd Day (February 10, 2010): From Km Post #56 to Km Post #102

Morning Run

Time of Start: 6:13 AM

Distance: 30.61 kilometers

Time: 4:47:19 hours

Average Pace: 9:23 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.24 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,961 cal

Average HR: 118 bpm

Maximum HR: 139 bpm

Afternoon Run

Time of Start: 4:36 PM

Distance: 15.74 kilometers

Time: 2:16:12 hours

Average Pace: 8:39 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.9 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,047 cal

Average HR: 122 bpm

Maximum HR: 146 bpm

3rd Day (February 11, 2010): From Km Post #102 to Km Post #160

Morning Run

Time of Start: 6:37 AM

Distance: 35.12 kilometers

Time: 4:50:37 hours

Average Pace: 8:16 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 7.3 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 2,397 cal

Average HR: 124 bpm

Maximum HR: 146 bpm

Afternoon Run

Time of Start: 4:53 PM

Distance: 23.47 kilometers

Time: 3:55:59 hours

Average Pace: 10:03 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.0 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,402 cal

Average HR: 113 bpm

Maximum HR: 137 bpm

4th Day (February 12, 2010): From Km Post #160 to Km Post #192

Morning Run

Time of Start: 9:31 AM

Distance: 20 kilometers

Time: 3:04:06 hours

Average Pace: 9:13 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.5 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,263 cal

Average HR: 118 bpm

Maximum HR: 146 bpm

Afternoon Run

Start Time: 4:30 PM

Distance: 12.40 kilometers

Time: 1:41:34 hours

Average Pace: 8:11 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 7.3 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 852 cal

Average HR: 123 bpm

Maximum HR: 135 bpm

5th Day (February 13, 2010): From Km Post #190 to Km Post #250

Time of Start: 5:45 AM

Distance: 58 kilometers

Time: 9:17:35 hours

Average Pace: 9:45 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.1 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 3,512 cal

Average HR: 118 bpm

Maximum HR: 142 bpm

Total Ascent: 3,394 meters

Total descent: 2,102 meters


Total Distance Covered: 242.25 kilometers

Total Time (Run/Walk): 36:53:16 hours

Total Calories Burned: 15,467 cal

Weight Before The Run: 140 lbs

Weight After The Run: 145 lbs

2nd Day: Redux

Coversation With The “Padyak” Boy

On my second day while I was running in San Fernando City (Pampanga), I was surprised that a boy in his early teens, while driving the local version of their “padyak”/tricycle, started talking to me in the local dialect. I will try to translate to English about our conversation and it went this way:

Padyak Boy: Sir, did your car break down along the road? (While pedaling his “padyak”)

Bald Runner: Yes! (While I was smiling at the boy)

PB: Where is your car?

BR: Angeles City!

PB: Do you want me to bring you there instead of you running on the road?

Instead of anwering his question, I answered him with another question.

BR: Will it be a free ride because I don’t have any money with me?

PB: Yes, of course! No problem! I just want to help you.

BR: Thanks. Don’t worry, I need this run for my daily exercise.

The Padyak Boy slowed down and I went ahead as I continued my pace.

This story speaks well of the character of the boy who is trying his best to earn an income for the day but because he wanted to help, earning some cash was not his priority. I like his attitude and I was inspired that there are still kids on the road who are ready to help. I hope this kid will be successful someday and be able to earn an education.

"Padyak" Version of San Fernando City (Pampanga)

On Business Establishments:

On the provinces of Bulacan & Pampanga, the following business establishments abound along the National Highway:

1) Spare Parts Stores for Trucks, Vehicles, and other machineries/engines.

2) Hardware Stores as a sign of continous housing construction, building structural developments and development of commercial establishments.

3) Car Washing Using Pressured Water Pumps had been observed in almost all the towns of Bulacan and Pampanga.

4) Home-Cooked Eateries For Truckers and Provincial Buses. If you see a part of the National Highway with a wide space on the sidewalks, for sure you could see eateries lined up beside the road. Almost all the eateries has Karaoke machine!

5) Repair Shops and Vulcanizing Shops.

6) More Jollibee Fastfood Stores than McDonalds along these two provinces.

7) Cottage-Making Industry. Practically seen along the National Highway on how our people construct these bamboo-nipa huts.

It Could Be A Studio or 1-2 Bedroom Cottage
These Huts Are Seen On Both Side of the Road

Third Day: Evening Edition

1. It was almost 5:00 PM when I started my afternoon run from Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. Due to the narrow asphalted National Highway, I had no choice but to run along the dirt road on the sidewalk. Both sides of the road is filled with small stones/gravel & sand. Whenever I stepped on a gravel, my feet would absorb some pain brought about by the uneven ground. It’s really hard to be running on a gravel & sand.

Running Along The Sidewalk Filled With Gravel & Sand
I am Calling This Event as "The Adventure Trail Run" to Baguio City

2. Eventhough I had my flashlight with me, it was so hard to choose where your feet would land on the ground. From Gerona, Tarlac all the way to where I stopped for the day, both sides of the road were filled with sand & gravel. I had to stop my run to prevent myself from being tripped or from any accident that may lead to dislocation of my ankles. I don’t recommend future pedestrians to run along these sidewalks of our National Highway during nighttime.

3. I was planning to reach the Tarlac-Pangasinan Boundary before I stop running for the day. I was short by almost 10 kilometers. I was able to end my run/walk at Km Post #160 which is one kilometer away from the Municipality of San Manuel, Tarlac, the last town of Tarlac before reaching the Province of Pangasinan. It was already past 8:00 PM and the road was too dark when I ended my run/walk for the day.

Last Kilometer Post For The Day

4. For the afternoon-evening run, I was able to run a distance of 23 kilometers with a pace of 10 minutes per kilometer. I was practically walking on those gravel & sand sidewalk on my last 10K. For the third day, I was able to complete 58 kilometers. And for the past 3 days, I was able to cover a distance of 150 kilometers!

5. More stories & pictures to be posted soon. Good night!!!

Second Day: Early Morning Edition

1. From the last Kilometer Post (Km #56) where I stopped yesterday, I rode in my support vehicle and proceeded to San Fernando City to eat and rest overnight (RON) which is another 10 kilometers away. At 5:30 AM this morning, I was already on my way back to Apalit, Pampanga to start on the same Km Post where I stopped last night. I started my run at 6:13 AM from Km Post #56.

2. I heard an unconfirmed story about a runner who ran the Trans-Continental USA sometime years ago. The runner was picked-up by a vehicle along the way and rode towards the city. The runner checked in in a hotel/motel and had his/her rest overnight (RON). On the following day, instead of going back to where he/she was picked-up, the runner just ran around the streets of the city to compensate for the distance that the runner traveled while aboard the vehicle. I guess, that was not right! The runner was cheating, of course!

3. While writing this post, I am having my brunch at the Razon’s Resto in Angeles City. So, far, I was able to run a distance of 25K. After I finish eating their famous Halo-Halo, I will be on the road again to finish at least 30K before taking my mid-day rest and start again at 4:00 PM.

4. It is very tempting to drop by Clark Freeport to watch the Skydiving and other Sky Sports-related exhibition thereat. I might end up talking to my former officers and men with the Philippine Army’s Special Forces Airborne/Skydiving Unit and my schedule to reach Baguio if I stay longer in Clark might be delayed.

5. Pictures will be uploaded later today.