2nd Day: Redux

Coversation With The “Padyak” Boy

On my second day while I was running in San Fernando City (Pampanga), I was surprised that a boy in his early teens, while driving the local version of their “padyak”/tricycle, started talking to me in the local dialect. I will try to translate to English about our conversation and it went this way:

Padyak Boy: Sir, did your car break down along the road? (While pedaling his “padyak”)

Bald Runner: Yes! (While I was smiling at the boy)

PB: Where is your car?

BR: Angeles City!

PB: Do you want me to bring you there instead of you running on the road?

Instead of anwering his question, I answered him with another question.

BR: Will it be a free ride because I don’t have any money with me?

PB: Yes, of course! No problem! I just want to help you.

BR: Thanks. Don’t worry, I need this run for my daily exercise.

The Padyak Boy slowed down and I went ahead as I continued my pace.

This story speaks well of the character of the boy who is trying his best to earn an income for the day but because he wanted to help, earning some cash was not his priority. I like his attitude and I was inspired that there are still kids on the road who are ready to help. I hope this kid will be successful someday and be able to earn an education.

"Padyak" Version of San Fernando City (Pampanga)

On Business Establishments:

On the provinces of Bulacan & Pampanga, the following business establishments abound along the National Highway:

1) Spare Parts Stores for Trucks, Vehicles, and other machineries/engines.

2) Hardware Stores as a sign of continous housing construction, building structural developments and development of commercial establishments.

3) Car Washing Using Pressured Water Pumps had been observed in almost all the towns of Bulacan and Pampanga.

4) Home-Cooked Eateries For Truckers and Provincial Buses. If you see a part of the National Highway with a wide space on the sidewalks, for sure you could see eateries lined up beside the road. Almost all the eateries has Karaoke machine!

5) Repair Shops and Vulcanizing Shops.

6) More Jollibee Fastfood Stores than McDonalds along these two provinces.

7) Cottage-Making Industry. Practically seen along the National Highway on how our people construct these bamboo-nipa huts.

It Could Be A Studio or 1-2 Bedroom Cottage
These Huts Are Seen On Both Side of the Road

3 thoughts on “2nd Day: Redux

  1. greencursor

    character does not come easy for everyone. the lure of overachieving tempts many to cheat their way out. you’d proven in your adventure run that transparency is really a necessary ingredient to make one’s goals complete. congratulations jovie. you still really got those young legs in you.


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