4th Day: “Teaser” Pictures

12 02 2010

Eating Banana Before The Start of the Run

PATAGONIA Running Apparel. Green Is The Color For The Day

My Back View

Finally, Entering the Province of Pangasinan

Protein-Rich Foods For Lunch




4 responses

12 02 2010

lapit na! great pics!

12 02 2010

Great pictures sir Jovie… Layo na ng narating nyo laki na ng tipid sa pamasahe hehehe… Please be safe on the road.

12 02 2010


FYi. Didn’t want your efforts to go to waste. Runner’s Stride heeded my request to feature you (hope I got your details correct, re as retired MGen. of the Phil. Army), hehe.!/runnersstride

So that you inspire not only Pinoy runners, but runners worldwide!

Malay mo, may mag-donate from abroad sa elite atheletes niyo po?


12 02 2010

Welcome to Pangasinan BR! You look well rested. Easy on the hot stuff intake. You might get a reflux. Watch out for the speed limit at Urdaneta City. It’s 10MPH.

Hope you end the day with Kennon in sight. Tomorrow, watch out for the falling rocks.

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