Third Day: Evening Edition

1. It was almost 5:00 PM when I started my afternoon run from Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac. Due to the narrow asphalted National Highway, I had no choice but to run along the dirt road on the sidewalk. Both sides of the road is filled with small stones/gravel & sand. Whenever I stepped on a gravel, my feet would absorb some pain brought about by the uneven ground. It’s really hard to be running on a gravel & sand.

Running Along The Sidewalk Filled With Gravel & Sand
I am Calling This Event as "The Adventure Trail Run" to Baguio City

2. Eventhough I had my flashlight with me, it was so hard to choose where your feet would land on the ground. From Gerona, Tarlac all the way to where I stopped for the day, both sides of the road were filled with sand & gravel. I had to stop my run to prevent myself from being tripped or from any accident that may lead to dislocation of my ankles. I don’t recommend future pedestrians to run along these sidewalks of our National Highway during nighttime.

3. I was planning to reach the Tarlac-Pangasinan Boundary before I stop running for the day. I was short by almost 10 kilometers. I was able to end my run/walk at Km Post #160 which is one kilometer away from the Municipality of San Manuel, Tarlac, the last town of Tarlac before reaching the Province of Pangasinan. It was already past 8:00 PM and the road was too dark when I ended my run/walk for the day.

Last Kilometer Post For The Day

4. For the afternoon-evening run, I was able to run a distance of 23 kilometers with a pace of 10 minutes per kilometer. I was practically walking on those gravel & sand sidewalk on my last 10K. For the third day, I was able to complete 58 kilometers. And for the past 3 days, I was able to cover a distance of 150 kilometers!

5. More stories & pictures to be posted soon. Good night!!!


4 thoughts on “Third Day: Evening Edition

  1. Arthur

    Good job BR!! Looks like your adventure run is progressing according to your plan. Did you anticipate that trail adventure? I think the unexpected and supprises make the adventure more thrilling and interesting. I always drive thru the event course before the run because I am already too old for surprises.

    Do you plan to publish your experience? It will be a good guide and motivation for other runners, who want to take similar endevour. Hopefully, your adventure run will encourage more of our kababayan to take running. For this, I salute you, sir!


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