Third Day: Morning-Noon Edition

1. One thing that I forgot to bring in this “adventure run” was a weight scale! However, I know that my weight before I left Manila was 140 lbs. I am sure I will have reduced my weight once I finish this run. The first thing that I will buy at SM Baguio City once I arrive to my destination is a weight scale.

2. One of my readers was able to observe that I am not ingesting any Energy Bar or Sports Gel during my run. The only time I use Sports Gel is when I join Half-Marathon and Marathon Races. Since there are so many eateries along the way that offer freshly-cooked foods, I think such cooked food in restos along the way are better source of food nutrients than eating/ingesting processed/synthetic foods.

3. On the first & second days of my run, I just drink hot coffee and eat one serving of oatmeal for my breakfast before embarking on my run. I observed in my morning runs that I run sluggish and would not last a continous run of more than 10K. Before I eat my lunch, I could only run a maximum distance of 29-30 kilometers. After eating a complete meal for lunch with steamed rice or pasta, I observed that I could run faster in the afternoon with more endurance.

4. This morning, I ate breakfast with steamed rice & fried chicken (my left-over in last night’s dinner) and later ate one serving of oatmeal with fresh milk & banana before I started my morning run for today. I observed that I was able to run continously up to a distance of 15 kilometers. I become stronger in my morning run if I eat steamed rice for breakfast!

5. I was able to sleep for 7 hours last night. The hotel/traveller’s inn where I stayed overnight is more expensive but the room is bigger, cleaner, and well-maintained. I will mention the names of the hotels and the restos where I ate on this run in my concluding post about this running event.

@ Km Post #102 (Feb 11, 2011) on the 3rd Day

6. I started my run at 6:37 AM at Km Post #102, 6 kilometers away from Capas, Tarlac. I was able to cover a distance of 35 kilometers with an average pace of 8:17 minutes per kilometer. I was able to burn 2,400 calories! My running time to include my “walking breaks” is 4:50 hours. My average heart rate is 124 beats per minute. For the meantime, I stopped at Km Post #137 in Gerona, Tarlac.

@ Km Post 104/The "Old" BDM Capas Shrine

7. On my last 5 kilometers, I started to use my Salonpas Spray in order to anticipate any pains on my calves. The spray gave relief to the tired muscles of my legs as it brought refreshing cool sensation. The feeling is like my muscles are being massaged with an ice!

8. Today is too hot that I needed a third bandana to wrap my neck on my last 15 kilometers. What I do with the 3rd bandana is to roll up 4-5 pieces of tubular ice in it and then tie the rolled bandana on my neck, making sure that the rolled ice is placed/positioned on my nape. The cold sensation on my nape serves as a coolant for the blood that flows to and from my head! Instead of using a sponge to absorb cold water from the ice chest, I use at least two of my bandanas as my sponge. I dip them in the cold water and use them to wipe my face, neck, and legs.

9. If I remember right, based from what I read, the Marathon Des Sable in the Sahara Desert starts with a 20K run on the 1st day, the 2nd day covers a distance of a marathon race (42K); and the 3rd day covers a distance of 80+ kilometers which is an ultramarathon distance. From where I am right now, I am 30K from  the Tarlac-Pangasinan boundary. If there is a need to run up to midnight, I will do it just to be able to run through Tarlac in one day!

A Fallen Kilometer Post in Tarlac City

10. For those of my readers who are asking the number of running shoes I brought for this run, I brought with me five (5) pairs. For the past 2 days, I used my ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2, ASICS Gel-Kayano 14, and The North Face (TNF) Arnuva 50 BOA. The TNF Arnuva 50 BOA is a very versatile running shoes as it can be used as a trail or road running shoes aside from the fact that the BOA Lacing System is quick in releasing and tightening the shoe laces. I still have to use my ASICS Gel-Kanbara 4 & NIKE Triax.

My Running Shoes

11. Today, I am using my Armando Caruso Buff (they are available at Landmark Makati) as my head sweat stopper; Under Armour Runner’s Cap, Patagonia White Long-Sleeved Shirt which is very comfortable under the heat of the sun, CW-X Compression Shorts, TNF Arnuva 50 BOA Shoes, 3 Bandanas, Nathan Hydration Belt, and black PUMA Socks.

12. I see to it to take a sip of water every 2.5 kilometers, drink half-bottle of Propel/Gatorade every 10K, eat biscuits (Fita & SkyFlakes) every 10K, and eat two (2) bite-size of Cloud 9 Chocolate every 10K.

13. In order to break the monotony of running, I vary my running stride and form. Sometimes, I run with “high knees”, shift it to regular strides and then “shuffle”. After the “shuffle”, I do the “pose method” and then later shift my stride by overdoing the sway of my hips. This technique of shifting to different running forms and strides is known by runners who are attending the BR “speed” training. Better yet, ask my good coach, Coach Titus!

14. This is serious stuff. In Tarlac, I could hardly see the Campaign Posters of the Lady Senator who is running for Vice-President. And it is funny to see that Senator Roxas’ Posters are attached below the Campaign Posters of Senator Villar. I am confused!

15. So far, there are pains on my body and I “love” them, but there are no “issues” and injuries that would prevent me from reaching my destination.

16. To my readers and friends, thanks for your greetings, wishes, and prayers.

"Landmark" Where I Had My Lunch
Lunch For The Day (African Beef Stew & "Crunchy Flowers")
Dessert For The Day

5 thoughts on “Third Day: Morning-Noon Edition

  1. Go go go Sir Jovie!

    I’ve been reading since day one, pero ngayon lang ako nag-comment because of the food photos. Kindly include food pictures sir until Baguio. =)

    Good luck Sir! And be safe on the road.


  2. Maxrunner

    Really nice recap, this is a fantastic way to show how it should be done, very well done BR. Ah, the twist that cracked me up was your description of the african beef stew and crunchy flowers, hilarious …


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