getting back my speed

The first thing that I did after arriving in Manila last Monday afternoon was to have a “deep-tissue” massage for two hours. During my adventure run, I did not have any massage along the way and just rested my legs overnight in every leg of the run.

On the following day, Tuesday morning, I had my active recovery run at The Fort lasting for 30:54 minutes and was able to cover a distance of 5 kilometers. My average pace was 6:09 minutes per kilometer but at the middle of the run, I was able to maintain an average pace of 5:32 minutes per kilometer for about 2 kilometer. It was my first step to shift my LSD legs to a faster pace to regain some speed in preparation for the 21K Road Race this Sunday.

In the afternoon of the same day, I joined the BR “speed” training at the ULTRA Oval Track but I was ahead in doing my workouts with the rest of the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group. I did a warm-up run, stretching, and speed drills. Later, I tested my speed by running two repetitions of one-mile run. The first rep was timed at 7:51 minutes with a distance of 1.7 kilometers as I was running on Lane 3 of the Oval Track. The average pace was 4:37 minutes per kilometer. I was surprised that I was not trying to catch my breath after running one mile. After one minute of rest, I did my second repetition on the same Lane 3 with the same 1.7 km distance and I registered a slower time of 8:41 minutes, an average pace of 5:02 minutes per kilometer.

Due to the heavy traffic of runners who are attending a running clinic and the usual runners at the Oval Track, I decided to stop my interval workouts and concentrated on doing stretching and Pilates exercises. Later, I was able to meet and talk about my experiences during my adventure run with the members of the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group.

I did not run on Wednesday morning. However, in the afternoon, I went to the Oval Track very early to continue my speed workout. First, I did my 1.7K warm-up run in 10:04 minutes with an average pace of 5:48 minutes per kilometer. After stretching and short speed drills, I did 5 X 400 interval runs with one minute rest on Lane 2 of the Oval Track and the following were the results:

1st rep—1:46 minutes—4:13 minutes per km

2nd rep—1:47 minutes—4:19 minutes per km

3rd rep—1:45 minutes—4:17 minutes per km

4th rep—1:40 minutes—3:55 minutes per km

5th rep—1:44 minutes—4:13 minutes per km

After a 3-minute rest, I finished my run with a 30-minute steady run where I was able to cover a distance of 5 kilometers. My average pace was 5:55 minutes per kilometer.

Early this morning (Thursday), I had another run at the ULTRA Oval Track with a tempo run. I was able to run a distance of 6 kilometers with a time of 31:08 minutes. It was a good run with an average pace of 5:11 minutes per kilometer.

With all these speed and tempo run workouts after finishing my adventure run, I think I could predict/produce a decent finish time on this Sunday’s Century Tuna Run. It could not be a PR but I am sure that I am getting my speed back again. The goal is to improve my latest half-marathon finish time I’ve registered in the Cebu Marathon last month.

See you at the Starting Line!!!


3 thoughts on “getting back my speed

  1. Ah, there’s this bliss that happens when you’re having the massage after a good route with your feet.

    I really salute all your time and devotion to running. You’re truly an everyday inspiration 🙂


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