Typical Ilocano Foods

My typical lunch menu/dishes while I am in Laoag City:

On the upper right portion is fresh avocado in low-fat milk with small amount of sugar and ice for dessert.

This a variety of seaweeds which is only available in Ilocos Norte. It is called “Pukpuklo”. It is eaten raw mixed with chopped tomatoes and ginger only!

This is the native snails, we call them “Bisokol” (“Kuhol” in Tagalog), taken from fresh water and rice fields. It is cooked with salt/bagoong with chopped tomatoes and ginger. The end portion of the shell must be cracked or broken before they are cooked. Instead of using toothpick or needles to prick the flesh out of the shell, we prefer to suck the meat from the shell by using our lips.

This is the flower of a tree we call “Katuray”. Be sure to remove the “pistil” portion of the flower before you blanch it with hot water. Mix it with salt/patis (fish sauce) or bagoong & chopped tomatoes.


 This is the popular “adobong pusit”.

Hmmm…Yummy…Bon Apetit!