Towards South China Sea

5:30 PM 30 May 2008 In Laoag City

I started my run at my sister’s place at Barangay Dibua South and planned to have another tempo run. After stretching, I started with a 3.2-km (2-mile) run, running towards the populated area of Barangay Dibua (going north from where I started) until I reached the said distance. After a slow jog of one minute, I started my second lap of another 3.2-km distance run and decided to go westward by following a wide-cemented road going to the westernmost barangay of Laoag City. I finished the distance up to the seashore with the sight of the South China Sea. The barangay is called Caaoacan. I took another one-minute slow jog to look around the people on the streets and the concrete houses that “sprouted” along the beach fronting the South China Sea.

I was surprised to see more houses that were constructed along the beach, a considerable distance from the sea line, which I think a “safe distance” from the sea during high tide and inclement weather. I was informed by my sister that the lots along the beach were given free by the local government and anybody could construct their houses on the said place. Well, you have to prove that you belong to the less-privileged people in the community before you can declare a part of the beach as your private property. And the houses that were built here are “bungalow-type” and with “rough” concrete finish. The people on the streets and in their homes were surprised to see me running in their place and just stared at me which is a sign that these people look at running as something “unfamiliar” to them. At one point, I saw some kids playing cards and some teen-agers playing basketball. 

From the beach-community, I started again my 3.2km run going back from the route I’ve taken in going to the beach. Finally, I finished my 4th lap exactly few meters from my sister’s house and it was getting dark already. It was a nice run where the wind was too strong hitting me against my direction. As a result, I did not perspire much.

The following data were taken from my GF 305:

Lap #1

Distance—3.20 kms               Time—17:05 mins

Average Pace—5:20 mins/km         Average Speed—11.2 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—12.9 kms/hr       Total Calories—233 cal

Average HR—147 bpm                     Maximum HR—157 bpm

Total Ascent—112 meters               Total Descent—126 meters

Splits: Km 1–5:25 mins      Km 2–5:16 mins      Km 3–5:16 mins

Lap #2

Distance—3.20 kms                Time—16:30 mins

Average Pace—5:09 mins/km          Average Speed—11.6 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.7 kms/hr       Total Calories—235 cal

Average HR—159 bpm                    Maximum HR—161 bpm

Total Ascent—70 meters                Total Descent—67 meters

Splits: Km 1—4:57 mins     Km 2—5:09 mins     Km 3—5:21 mins

Lap #3

Distance—3.20 kms               Time—17:53 mins

Average Pace—5:34 mins/km         Average Speed—10.8 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—12.7 kms/hr      Total Calories—235 cal

Average HR—153 bpm                   Maximum HR—156 bpm

Total Ascent—62 meters               Total Descent—62 meters

Splits: Km 1—5:26 mins     Km 2—5:30 mins     Km 3—5:39 mins

Lap #4

Distance—3.23 kms              Time—18:39 mins

Average Pace—5:46 mins/km        Average Speed—10.4 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—13.8 kms/hr     Total Calories—235 cal

Average HR—148 bpm                   Maximum HR—157 bpm

Total Ascent—59 meters               Total Descent—59 meters

Splits: Km 1—5:49 mins     Km 2—5:39 mins     Km 3—5:52 mins

Runner’s Kit—Adidas Shorts & Hanes Cotton Sando

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120

Music—Laura Fygi; Bob Marley

Analyzing my elapsed times for the 3.2-mile laps, I am still too slow within the ideal pace of 4:37-minute to 4:55-minute per kilometer in order to improve my time for the 10K/half-marathon/marathon. But for the mean time, a steady pace of 5:00-minute would be doable.

I need more speed and more hardwork!


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