Perfect Running Weather

Today, I just finished the 2nd Mizuno 15K Run (Rush to Infinity Mizuno Run) which started and finished at The Fort. This is the second rendition of the Mizuno Races. The first Mizuno Run was held last 30 March 2008 but due to some negative feedbacks on the lack of water on the said race, Mizuno decided to hold another run three months after the first race.

I arrived at the Assembly area at 4:45AM and I was one of the few early runners to arrive and park. I started to have my stretching exercises and later ran at a slow pace for my warm-up on the streets of The Fort near the starting area. I was already sweating when I entered the runners starting area for the 15K which was scheduled to be released earlier from the 10K and 5K runners at 5:30AM. While at the starting area, I had at least 20 minutes to spare before the start of the race as shown by the digital clock of the race organizers to talk to the “friends of BaldRunner”, runner-bloggers, and other visitors of this blog. Some of the runners were suggesting to me to go at the front of the runners and be with the VIPs for the photo sessions minutes before the start of the run. The VIPs included Senator Pia Cayetano, Writer-Columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdez, and Mizuno Executives. I just stayed at the middle of the pack and talked to Lester Choayap whom I did not see for a long time since the 4th Global City/Anta Run. He told me that he was busy in his embroidery business for the past months.


I was already sweating when I entered the starting area. I was wearing a TNF (The North Face) shirt, Nike Compression short, and Nike Zoom Explosion 2 running shoe.

I met Joms, Ben Chan, High Altitude & Friends, and other runner-bloggers and readers to this blog at the Starting Area. I was having some conversation with Lester minutes before the start of the race.

These were the group of runners for the 15K run which started at least 16 minutes late from the scheduled 5:30 AM. More runners for the 5K & 10K were waiting for their respective scheduled time starts.  

These were the VIPs who had their photo-ops infront of the runners at the Starting Area. Senator Pia Cayetano was in pink shorts & pink Newton Running Shoes and Tessa Prieto-Valdez in black capri shorts. 

The race started at 5:46AM and the weather was perfect for a running event. The sky was cloudy and I predicted that the sun would not shine during the conduct of the race. It was a very comfortable start even with a lot of runners for the 15K and the roads of The Fort were wide and offer much space for the runners to manuever in case others would overtake or change their running lane/s. There were lots of water stations as well as water cups filled with water and Rush along the way. But I did not bother to stop in any of the water stations as I’ve decided to bring my Nathan Water Belt.

I was running on the bermuda grass-covered center divider on my way towards C-5 turn-around point.

I started with a slow pace at 5:11 mins/km and I was comfortable making it faster to 5:05 mpk in the next kilometers but when I reached Bayani Road after coming from Heritage Park, I started to slow down because of the bad condition of the road with potholes and muddy water and the vehicular traffic up to Lawton Avenue. But as soon as I reached Lawton Avenue, the traffic was no longer caused by the passing vehicles but the pack of runners who participated in the 5K & 10K races. I was relieved of the traffic of runners when I took the route going to McKinley Hill. As usual, the rolling hills at the said place slowed down most of the runners but I tried my best not to walk or reduce my pace. However, once I reached Lawton Avenue towards the Finish Line, the runners from the 5K & 10K runs were still there congesting the space of the road limited to the runners. I tried to increase my pace up to the finish line but it was not enough to improve my time from the previous Mizuno run.

At this point, I just came out from the Heritage Park and on my way to Bayani Road. These two guys at my back were strong runners. They moved ahead of me when we reached Bayani Road.

I tried to increase my pace at this point while I was approaching Essensa at Lawton Avenue.

As I turned left towards the Finish Line, I saw a long line of runners at the left side of the road which was 50 meters long up to the Finish line. I ignored the said line and proceeded to the finish line and stopped my GF 305 watch once I crossed it. Somebody informed me that I have to fall in line in the said long line for me to have my finish time inputted but I declined to fall in line and I felt contented with the readings of my watch.

I was almost 20 meters from the Finish Line at this point. The runners who were standing in line on my left were the finishers of the 5K & 10K races which I did not bother to get in line so that my finish time will be registered.

My GF 305 registered a time of 1:21:21 hours for a distance of 15.43 kilometers. I was slower by 5 minutes this time even if I have enough water on my belt and with a weather perfect for running. The following were the data from my GF 305:

Distance—15.43 kilometers           Time—1:21:21 hours

Average Pace—5:16 mins/km                  Average Speed—11.4 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—15.2 kms/hr               Total Calories—1,143 cal

Average HR—165 bpm                            Maximum HR—170 bpm

Total Descent—396 meters                    Total Ascent—417 meters

Music—Metallica; Bee Gees; & ABBA

15 thoughts on “Perfect Running Weather

  1. sfrunner

    Hey BR. Congratulations, great recap and great photos. It looked like all of you had good running weather with the overcast / clouds.

    I read runrio’s blog and actually sent an e-mail (positive) to him. He’s great for the sport there and I hope what happened Sunday doesn’t get him down.

    Unfortunately, I’m working today (Sunday) at the store but I’ll attempt to answer e-mails on breaktime.

    Have a good week ahead!


  2. projectyupi

    Kuya Jovie! This is Lester, Eric’s friend from earlier. I’m the tall, chinese guy who you handed over your donation to. Imagine, talking to TWO Lesters in one day!

    Anyway, I just thought I’d drop a comment to thank you again for your support. I even blogged about it in the Project CHK blog. Please drop by and leave a comment on the latest post!

    Regards, and congratulations for an awesome “easy” race.


  3. miraclecello

    Lucky you that somebody told you to line up by the side. I thought that was the queue for the sport drink and other promotional stuff so I did not even bother to. I was not surprised that I did not get an official time even though I surrendered the bar code later.

    BR, thank you very much for the financial aid to our fallen climbing colleagues. The person in charge instructed me to deposit the same in the club account for proper accounting. I will give you the bank receipt at the next race.


  4. levyang


    I finally got to meet you as well as loonyrunner during yesterday’s race. Yup, it was the perfect weather for a run. Was trying to keep up with you during the first 10k. In fact, was able to run beside you inside heritage park 🙂 I didn’t say hi then because i didn’t want to disturb your pace, and I noticed a lot of runners saying hi to you during the race. Celebrity ka na talaga. Also observed you running on the grass, was curious why you did that? softer on the knees? part of your training for trail runs? I also observed that the course was a bit different from the first Mizuno run. Inside heritage park, there was this part where we made a right turn (semi-oval), maybe this accounted for your slower time as your GF measured 15.43 kms. Like you, I was suprised to see the long queue at the finish line. Maybe, this was why someone shouted to me to just finish the race. So i just stopped my watch as I crossed the finish line. No one was there to get the bar code so i did not bother to surrender it as it would not register the correct time anyway. Apart from the chaos at the finish line, the race was fun and it was an honor for me to run part of the course beside esteemed runners such as yourself, taki (i believe i saw him too) and loonyrunner. Kudos to coach rio who needs our support as I’m sure he learned from what happened yesterday. Mizuno Part 3 perhaps? 🙂


  5. kingofpots

    wayne, it was supposed to be a perfect race with a perfect running weather but there some unforseen problem at the finish line which coach rio had admitted. anyway, it was not a big deal to me because this was part of the challenge to improve some more in the next races.

    lester, thanks for the comment and i was able to visit your blogsite. i hope your noble project will be realized and i really appreciate your group for “taking the extra mile” and “making a difference” among the students of UP. nice blog and pictures. good luck & keep on visiting this blog.

    cecil, i was touched when i saw what you printed on your bib. i hope jhoana is resting peacefully. nice posts in your site and i’ve been learning from you. hope to see you at the manila half-marathon. i forgot to tell you that the “baldrunner events” will revive the north star run soon!

    levy, sometimes i don’t hear the greetings of other runners because of the loud volume of my Ipod but i try my best to wave my hand to familiar faces during races. whenever i run on that road fronting the Heritage Park during my practices, i usually run on the bermuda grass and it gives a nice cushion to your feet as compared to running on the paved road. you feel that you are running lighter and quicker on your strides. if you have time, try to run on a golf course. running on grass & trails doesn’t give me pains/sores on my legs and i could recover faster, making me run again the following day. well, coach rio needs our support and he knows the problem. however, i am glad that i could see more participants in road races this time and it shows that more people are in physical fitness & they value good health through exercises. thanks for the comment & hope to see you again.


  6. m8parco

    Sir BR, It was nice talking to you at the starting line. I believe runners should always invest in a stopwatch. They will need this to keep track of their training and it comes in handy during races. You can always use your stopwatch time to countercheck against the official results. I guess that is why I don’t really feel bad about the snafu at the finish line. Just like you I was contented with the time in my watch.

    The North Star run every December… I believe they also had the North Star Duathlon during summer and 5K races every other month. I competed in the duathlon once and toured Ilocos, We had empanada at Vigan town plaza, visited Sarrat Church, check the Sand Dunes of “Panday”, toured Patapat bay, viewed the sites from the Parola on the way to enjoying the crystal clear waters of Pagudpud.

    I would love to take the family up to Ilocos… It is a great place tour.

    Good luck on the BR events.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin


  7. sfrunner

    BR, Mark and Tiffin……I agree that people should invest in a stopwatch. It doesn’t have to be a Garmin, a Polar RSD or a Timex GPS either. Certainly, it gives me a piece of mind when in a workout or a race.

    A snafu like what you guys experienced happens. I applaud Coach Rio for apologizing live and on his blog. It tells me that he cares about the sport and the runners. His events will improve from this experience. I’ve experienced this at least once a year during my career.

    There have been instances here in the U.S. when race directors don’t care. History tells us that the San Francisco Marathon has had some issues. I’ll share that on a future blog entry of mine.


  8. aldzheimerz

    Yup, the weather was perfect. Since it was my first 15k, I was also trying to establish my time and was disappointed that we had to line-up.

    sir, ibaga yo lang nu mapan kayo tagaytay. 🙂



  9. Hi BR,

    I was happy I saw you after the race. Also like to comment that I like your North Face shirt. You look well with it. 🙂

    About my knee, its much better already. Talagang the best thing to do if you feel pain is to rest. I’ll see you on the other races. I’ll be running at La Salle next with my family. Sana you’d be there so I can introduce you.


  10. loonyrunner

    it was great chatting with you at the end of the race! Sobrang celebrity ka na nga! I think there were more people who had their photograph taken with you than with the Rush promo girls 😀 See you again on Sunday


  11. prometheuscometh

    Nice meeting up with you. I was going to say nice shirt too but taki beat me to it! Have an excellent trip on July 6. The races here will miss you and those guys in SF better watch out. We await your field reports on the SF marathon and the the ultra marathon!


  12. kingofpots

    mark & tiffin, a digital watch with stopwatch function is the 2nd most important companion of a runner (1st is the running shoes). the watch gives us an immediate feedback if we are doing well in our training and road races and it also guides us to pursue our “plan/strategy” to finish the race. i was impressed to see your “old & reliable” watch which reminds me of my 1st runner’s watch, a Casio, with marine blue color to include the nylon strap. the north star run was a great success for almost 23 years since 1979 and they had monthly 5K races to selected towns in Ilocos Norte to encourage people to run and be physically fit and these races culminate on the december’s north star 10K run. they had duathlon also which was held during summer months. the food and the historical/scenic places here are great and tourism had been thriving here since the late 90s from our neighboring countries & from our locals. hopefully, we’ll be able to revive the north star run in the future so that you can bring your family to ilocos. see you this sunday!

    wayne, thanks again for your comment. a watch is a must for every runner joining in road races. coach rio is a very dedicated guy in road races here and i know he will come out soon as the best road race organizer in the country.

    aldwin, thanks for the invitation, i will tell you when i will be visiting tagaytay for my running workout. please extend my appreciation and thanks to high altitude and friend for being very patient to help me in my laptop’s programs. see you in the next road race.

    taki, thanks for the nice comment on my outfit (TNF green shirt). just remember RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevate) whenever you pains/sore and injury in running. i am glad you have rested and recovered. i hope to see your family next time as i will be running in the manila half-marathon.

    jo, now that i am retired, i have all the time to talk to runners after the road race and i enjoyed talking to you and was able to get some feedbacks from you about running. sometimes, i have to encourage people to approach me for picture-taking because our countrymen are basically “mahiyain” or afraid of me being a former military general and i am trying to show to our runners that i am just an ordinary citizen (old guy!) now! see you on sunday!

    prom, thanks! for sure, this blog will give you a full report on my running activities in california. see you on sunday!


  13. hmmm,
    maybe coach rio may think to come up with rush mizuno infinity run take 3 =) to have much better race. overall, it was a perfect day and i salute to coach rio for being so responsible on this issue.

    BR, thanks for being so friendly. thanks for the sticker too. Regards to Dean Karnazes =)


  14. transitionzero

    hi baldrunner,

    it was nice seeing you again. thank you for those kind words you said to me before the race started. 🙂



  15. kingofpots

    high altitude, please accept my deepest thanks & appreciattion for helping me out with my laptop and i’ll be coming soon to tagaytay to run with you, guys! i was told that coach rio will be coming up with another race (it will not be called mizuno run) which will make us happy this time. thanks again and hope to see you this sunday at the manila half-marathon.

    marga, keep on blogging and do the things you love to do. i like your posts in your blog and there is no reason for you to stop. i always say this line–always think positive! captain ferdie espejo told me that the water station at the white plains was manned by PAF personnel and I believe he knows you as a daughter of a senior PAF officer. i am sure the “guy” is presently assigned with the Special Service Unit of Hqs PAF. now, i have given you some “leads” for you to “whack or confront” this guy. good luck!


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