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Yesterday, I visited the blogsite of Marga/Transition-Zero and I read her post about a guy at the water station at White Plains during the 8th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon race making an “uncalled for and irresponsible” remarks to the runner who is completely a stranger.  Putting myself in the shoes of Marga, my immediate reaction to this guy is to “whack/punch” him in the face and maybe grab his neck and force him to run with me for the entire course! And I really mean to do this!

During the Mizuno Run last 30 March 2008, at the Bayani Road, I threw a bottle of water to the driver of a Nissan Patrol when he forced his vehicle towards a group of runners to include me at a crossing and I really showed my face to him. Why I am telling this? Sometimes you need to be “really, really bad” and notorious in situations when you need to send a strong message to somebody who would like to distract your concentration in running or try to discipline others.

I hope the one who made the remarks to Marga was not among the soldiers manning the water stations or I believe he/she might be one of the runners who dropped by the water station together with Marga. Anyway, I strongly recomment to Marga that she should not be affected with this kind of remarks and keep on blogging on things that she enjoy to include his running and other endurance sports.

Why do I blog? Before I discovered WordPress, I had a blogsite with Blogger (Blogspot) where I write the things I was doing, on a daily basis, as the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division to include incidents where we encounter casualties with my soldiers as well as casualties from the enemy. I told the members of the media in Western and Central Visayas to log on my blog for updates on the activities of my Command and they were comfortable with such arrangement due to the far distance of my camp to the center of media and communications (Iloilo City, Bacolod City, Dumaguete City and Cebu City).

While visiting my men in Bohol and Cebu, I thought of browsing the Internet and keyed in running + marathon + Philippines with and I saw the blogsite of The Bull Runner and other lady bloggers who were writing about their running workouts. Since, I didn’t see any male bloggers, I started to create my own blog on running.

These were the things in my mind why I started blogging as The Bald Runner and some of the results it created:

1) Since I had experienced training, running and finishing marathons and road races in the 80s & 90s, maybe I could share my experiences to other readers.

2) I wanted to motivate myself to start running again and prepare for the 2008 Pasig River Heritage Marathon with less than four months to go. I knew the preparation and training period was not enough but through this blog, I was able to motivate myself and finish the said marathon.

3) My blog should be focused on running but I slowly made some posts about my work and some sports/training activities in the military. However, I want that this blog would be dedicated to running only, most especially now that I am retired.

4) My blog is my “connection” to my family in the US, most especially to my kids. My blog became a reference for my kids on the extent of my running and lately, it is their way to monitor the extent of my training and preparation for The San Francisco Marathon. In simple terms, I try my best to be a “model” to them in terms of running. I am glad that my son and daughter are really trying their best to train for the said marathon despite their work/jobs.

5) I thought that by “blogging” and running, I don’t have any “dull moments” in my camp which is located in the mountains of Jamindan.

6) As the Chairman then of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon Program, blogging was an effective tool in giving awareness to the running community on the existence of such program and the civilian sector was able to visit the different military camps and got to know and meet in person our national elite runners who are enlisted in the AFP.

7) I may not be an advanced competitor in running but through this blog I was able to monitor the progress of my running and I know I could improve some more and go beyond the marathon distance and other endurance sports.

8) I did not intend to be involved in charity works but through this blog I was able to launch the Project Donate A Shoe and my Bald Runner’s Charity Fund..and soon the Project Donate A Shirt as a result of taking the initiative and “doing something” to help others.

9) There are so many information in the Internet that are just there waiting to be opened and read for the benifit of runners. Since I have the time (after retirement) to browse on things about running in the World Wide Web, I have to share these information through this blog and hopefully make each reader well-informed and motivated.  

10) I am a frustrated writer and I want to be a good writer soon. I hope I can collate all my entries in this blog and come up with a book which is entitled: “Bald Runner: Confession of an Old Pinoy Runner”..hahaha!

I know I’ve influenced a lot of runners who started their own blogs and I really appreciate them for making a journal/diary of their running workout and documenting their experiences in road races. If only there was blogging in the 80s, I could had made a diary of my training and my experiences in past marathons then and shared them to you and to my kids. Have you seen/heard any book or written document from our past national elite runners?

Running takes years and years for one to improve in his/her finish time and “blogging” is the best way to document one’s workout and monitor one’s improvement. So, if you are serious and passionate in running, blogging is your best friend!

Bottomline, I am here to inform, motivate, keep myself busy, and help others through running.

Good luck and keep on running!

6 thoughts on “Running & Blogging

  1. carlo

    Hi BR, thanks to your blog and other running bloggers (such as bullrunner), I am able to remain updated on the latest developments/races in the running community back home despite living here in HK. Keep on writing and running!


  2. sfrunner

    Hi BR. What a well written post! I had read Marga’s blog about the incident several days ago and had given some thought about responding in positive about how she felt. It’s really sad that someone would stoop to the level of doing that.

    Though I don’t know Marga, my reaction would have been exactly the same as yours. If Marga reads this, you contribute greatly in the blogs whether it’s yours or responding to the other running and endurance blogs. Please continue your writings because, not only do we like the running, but also the other endurance sports.

    Since coming on to WordPress, it’s been like a new life. Bullrunner, you and Loonyrunner were my first blogs read outside the U.S. When I responded to all of you, it was to either provide info, encouragement or an insight of the sport. Though I’m a 15 hour time difference away, that doesn’t deter me from reading and / or responding.

    Though I’ve done this (running) for a long time, one still learns something new about the sport. Believe me, I’ve learned quite a bit from everyone. When I get home from work at night, I can’t wait to read your blogs and others there in the Philippines! Some people here in the States have read my stuff and responded in kind. It’s refreshing to know that there are runners out there that love the sport whether it’s for fun, relaxation, competition or whatever.

    I’m humbly grateful, and looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks here in SF (marathon). As well, I’m excited about the upcoming vacation to the Philippines in November and meeting all the bloggers, other runners and friends! Hopefully, you can write a book on Leonardo Illut, the Philippine marathoner that ran in LA in 1984 or some of the other greats in Philippine T&F and road racing history.


  3. transitionzero

    Hi BR and SFRunner,

    Thank you for the kind words. By the way, the one who made that remark was a soldier. He was one of those manning the water station.

    I don’t know if I am overacting, but that really creeped me out big time. I realized that I have no control over my audience, and inasmuch as blogging served as a way to meet wonderful and dedicated athletes, I realized that I opened myself to all types of people. Including a-holes such as that soldier of yours, BR.

    I don’t think I’m ready to blog again. I don’t mind meeting new people but I don’t think I’m open to strangers approaching me out of the blue saying that they read my blog without even properly introducing themselves. Aahh yes. The power of the internet. Apart from that, there is a bigger reason why I stopped blogging — I’m not ready to share the full details, but the gist of it is someone’s constantly tailing me (I’m certain about this person’s identity though) and I don’t think I want anybody keeping tabs on me. Abandoning the blog is a way for this person to “lose track,” so to speak.

    Again, thank you for the kind words.


  4. Baldrunner, thank you for stepping up not just for Marga but for the rest of us blogger runners (especially the women) who will have to deal with occasional nasty remarks or untoward incidents from strangers. Blogging has its many many advantages but it definitely comes at a price too. As with everything in life, one just has to weigh the pros and cons and decide if it’s all worth it.


  5. kingofpots

    carlo, thanks for the comment and for being a regular visitor of this blog.

    wayne, thanks for those nice comments and for giving time to read the runner’s blogs from the Philippines. you are becoming popular, too among us and we really appreciate your insights and suggestions on running. hope to see you soon.

    marga, do the thing that is best for you but i still insist that you keep on blogging to document your experiences in your sports activities. in situation just like yours, just remember this…the best defense is offense! good luck!

    jaymie, that is true. we have a choice and be ready to accept responsibility for our actions. blogging has its risks, most especially to me as the “enemies” are still there lurking even if i am retired already. as i see it now, my blog has given me a way to be of service again to the people through my running information/insights and my projects. thanks for the comment. hey, it’s been months that i haven’t seen you. i hope you have recovered already.

    lonerunner, yup, that was bad! keep on blogging, my friend!


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