No Running For Today

21 06 2008

For this week, I had only one run which was a 16-km run last Thursday morning and one supplementary weight training workout at the gym for two hours last Wednesday morning and the rest of the days were spent walking around the shopping malls, looking for books about running and watching movies and DVDs…and sleeping early. I had my one-hour massage yesterday afternoon and later had time to read some of my newly-bought running books.

For the past two weeks, I had been having my long runs on Saturdays and sometimes on the middle of the week when I am in Laoag City and it greatly affected my weekend races in Metro Manila and my speed/tempo run workouts had been relegated to the background. However, I intend to bring back my speed/tempo runs by next week as part of my training/preparation for the The San Francisco Marathon…and maybe for my first Ultra Trail Run in Calabasas, California (very near to our place in Los Angeles) on the 23rd of August. This is the Bulldog 50K Trail Run!

So, for today, there will be no runs and have more time to read my books and later watch the DVD “Prison Break” Season #2. I just finished the DVD “24” Season 6 last week.

To all the runners, I hope to see you at the Araw ng Maynila Half-Marathon tomorrow morning at the Luneta Park/Quirino Grandstand. Good luck & happy running!



2 responses

21 06 2008

BR, good luck tomorrow!

25 06 2008

wayne, thanks! this race did not push through because of typhoon frank (“fengshen”)

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