To All Garmin Forerunner Users

Suddenly, my Garmin Forerunner 305 did not respond as I pressed the Power Button yesterday morning after charging it the night before. I took me some time to figure out what was wrong with my Garmin. I was sad and frustrated to see my GF 305 was not working after my daughter brought it here in the country from the USA last February of this year. Instead of having my running workout, I opted to go to the gym and had my supplementary weight training.

Last night, I remember what Mark FB suggested to me in one of his comments about having a link with and visit the Forum section for any problems with the use of the Garmin Watch. That was what I did and I read questions among Garmin users on problems they encounter with their watches. Such problems are being answered by other users who had experienced such problems with their watches.

I was glad that there were users in the said forum who experienced the same problem with my Garmin. One post suggested to press the Mode and Lap Buttons at the same time, holding it for a few seconds. That was what I did while my GF 305 was connected to my laptop’s USB port. And suddenly, my watch responded and the watch dial displayed that my watch was on “charging” mode. It felt good that my GF 305 is working again.

To all the runners who are using Garmin Forerunner, it is suggested that you visit the Forum section of the abovementioned website to find out more about your watch and acquire solutions to problems you encounter with your Garmin Watch.

To Mark FB, thanks for the “tip”.

7 thoughts on “To All Garmin Forerunner Users

  1. Hi baldrunner. About the 305….we had a lot of issues about the 305 when we brought it in to the New Balance store. We didn’t keep it around much. The 205 was so much better. I still have a Polar 210 that I use when I want to check my heart rate during intense training. Good that you and Mark FB brought this up.

    Hopefully, the new 405 will be the best yet. I’ve heard mostly good things about it although I heard from a friend in New York that the calibration is not the best.

    On another note, good luck to you this weekend (Marathon?). I won’t be racing quite as far (10K) but I’m incorporating it into a 30K run. Have a good weekend.


  2. Hey BR, glad it worked for you as well! : ) There are many undocumented features, tricks and tweaks with the 305. The motionbased forums have tons of info. Remember, knowledge is free to those who seek it.

    I had that horrifying experience as well and it happened just before my first UP run (gig). For the first time, I ran naked. Weird enough, that was my first sub 50 run.

    As for the 405, I have read and heard first hand comments from owners. Its not a 305 replacement. There are still power bugs that need to be addressed as well. The latest update was also pulled out. The deal breaker for me is not having simple mapping features. It also does not show the distance remaining if you use the navigation feature.


  3. Hey markfb, before I bought the Garmin 205, I was and still am a part of the Yahoo Garmin group. Hearing the issues that a number of people had with the 305 somewhat scared me away from buying it. The 205 is not perfect either but it’s better than anything that I’ve seen here (Polar RS200sd, Timex or any of the Nike stuff).


  4. thanks for the update BR and thanks for the tip mark. i can maximize my use of my garmin with you guys around!


  5. wayne, thanks for the nice inputs about the GF. i have also a Timex Watch with a HR Monitor which i use also as my alternate. running this weekend is a part of my weekly long runs to prepare myself for the SFM and of course, to meet other runners.

    prom, you are most welcome and we are here to inform you and the other runners.


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