Running Clinic @ Aboitiz (Times Square)

16 03 2010

For two consecutive running clinics within a span of one week, the Elite Team Bald Runner conducted another running clinic to the personnel of Aboitiz Company whose offices are located at the Times Plaza Building at Taft Avenue corner United Nations Avenue in Manila last February 24, 2010. The running lecture started at 2:00 PM 

As an introduction, Jerome Sese, the Chief HR of Aboitiz Company emphasized to the personnel the need to adhere to an active and physical lifestyle due to the prevalence of lifestyle sicknesses among its staff and personnel. In a briefing, he presented a graph on the percentage of illnesses of the people working with the company. Such illnesses include hypertension/high blood, arthritis, high BMI, asthma, and others. He stressed that it is highly recommended that each personnel of the company should engage themselves in physical activities like walking and jogging, and later to running with the goal to be healthy and reduce the “numbers” in their statistics. 

Hopefully, with the conduct of such running clinics from the Team Bald Runner, Jerome stated that the company will formally organize its company’s running club where its members will be able to compete and participate in weekly road races in Metro Manila.

More than 50 personnel attended

 After the briefing of Jerome, he introduced me to the participants which was reported to be more than 50 personnel of the company. As usual, I presented a lecture with a presentation which lasted for one hour and thirty minutes. I brought with me some of my running shoes—from my trainers, racing flats, and my trail running shoes. I even showed to the participants samples of hydration system that I’ve been using in my training and road races for the past two years.

Some were sitting on the floor

Showing some running shoes

Example of Hydration Belt

Hand-held Hydration Bottle

Practical Demonstration & Clinic were done at the Roof Top

After the lecture and open forum, the whole team and participants were led to the roof top of the Times Plaza Building for the Actual Demonstration and Practical Exercises/Running Demonstration. 

Coach Titus Salazar's Turn To Demonstrate Proper Running Warm-up & Form

 Coach Titus Salazar of Team Blad Runner explained and demonstrated to the participants the technical aspects of running from the proper stretching, running drills, running form & strides, up to the cool down exercises. All the participants were encouraged to do what the Coach was demonstrating to the crowd. The Elite Team Bald Runner athletes were there to demonstrate the proper way to do the running drills and perform the correct running form.

Proper Stretching Before Running

Running Drills...

Running On The Roof Top of the Building

Award & Gift-giving after the Clinic

Class Picture after the Running Clinic

After about one hour and thirty minutes, the participants were able to learn how to stretch properly before and after their running workout. Running drills were fun to everybody. And running around the space the rooftop of the building can offer for about 15 to 20 minutes brought some perspiration to the runners even if the place was windy. After a short guidance and parting words from the Coach and from myself, my team was awarded with certificates and gifts from Aboitiz. Thanks, Aboitiz. We hope to be of service to your company and may your Running Team prosper and its members be good examples and models to your company.

The Elite Team Bald Runner is also scheduled to conduct another Running Clinic to another branch of the company and set of “newbie” runners in the future.

Planning Is Everything (Adventure Run)

14 03 2010

In the military, planning is the most important aspect before the conduct of any operation or any activity. Being a former military officer, planning is already a part of my system. In every thing or activity that I do, there is a thorough planning involved as a guide for the execution of an operation or activity. Without any good planning, mistakes, errors and lapses occur every step of the way during the execution of your intended action or operation.

When I finally executed my “adventure run” from Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City, I prepared an operational plan for the said activity. In the military, every planner is guided by the letters S-M-E-A-C. These are five letters of each of the following words—Situation; Mission; Execution; Administration & Logistics; and Command & Control. In the said run, I used these words as my guide for my planning.

Situation guided me to find out the prevailing situation along the road from the starting point to the finish line. The weather, road condition, security and peace & order, pollution, noise, and traffic/density of vehicles along the road. Situation simply answered the question—who/which are my friends and enemies along the road? Mission is very simple, to run from point A to point B and be able to document the activity in near “real time” so that my readers could read and see what I did along the road as soon as I had a break or rest. Execution involved my schedule guide to run from Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City on a daily basis with an average of 50 kilometers covered within a day. This includes my strategy for my food & fluid intakes and the expected towns/cities where I would end my daily runs or take a mid-day break. Administration & Logistics would deal with my support system from my financial support up to my logistical support in terms of food, accommodation, gasoline, running attire, shoes, supply of ice, availability of Internet load to my SmartBro connection and what hydration system to use in every leg of the run. Command & Control would deal with Communications & Coordinating Instructons with my Support Crew/driver and the availability of access and signal to the Internet. during my “breaks” and rest over night (RON).

As I am used to be travelling to the North through the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) since it was constructed, I did not know what the old MacArthur Highway looks like nowadays. Pedestrians are not allowed along the NLEX and the only option is to run along the old MacArthur Highway. I had to recon the road/MacArthur Highway from Caloocan City up to Mabalacat, Pampanga for two times just to be sure of the exact road to take and to pinpoint towns/cities with convenience stores/fastfoods along the road. I had to make sure that my designated driver/support crew will not get lost along the road as there are tricky overpasses, road crossings and U-turns along the way. My support has to “leap frog” as far as 2 kilometers during daytime and at least 500 meters during nighttime. Driving through or travelling along the route is the best way to orient and find out the situation along the road as part of the planning process. Studying the route through maps is not enough!

In my execution of my plan, I was guided with the two most important Principles of War—Simplicity and Surprise. Simplicity means running alone. I was responsible for myself only. Surprise is exemplified when I did not warn or give any hint as to when I am going to start my adventure run. Nobody would believe that I was capable of starting this event a day after I finished the Condura Marathon. My security along the road was my most concern as I did not want to advertise this event. What was most important in this run is to be able to journalize or document my run through this blog/site on a near “real time” through my accounts and pictures.

I really don’t care if somebody in the future would run this distance in one day or two days. What I’ve proven here in this adventure run is that I could immediately inform my readers what transpired in my run immediately during my “breaks” or rest periods within the day or before I start another leg of my run. If you can run this distance in two or three days and then publish your account in your blog after you finish the whole adventure run, then that’s another view/perspective of the said experience.

Rest Over Night (RON) was the most important factor to be considered in order to have a rested and recovered body before the start of the next leg of the run. During the two occassions that I conducted an actual drive/recon up to Mabalacat, Pampanga, I pinpointed and planned to rest overnight (RON) at the MacArthur Hotel in San Fernando, Pampanga which is located along the highway. However, on the night I stopped my first leg, there was no available room and I opted to look for a hotel at the very center of San Fernando City. I was able to look for one but my standards for a decent sleeping facility/room was not met but I was able to rest/sleep for 7 hours.

On my second night, Mr Blue Pension in Capas, Tarlac was a perfect place to rest. The place has big rooms and I was able to use the Butane-fed Stove I brought to cook additional foods and prepare hot water for my instant oatmeal, coffee, and mami noodles.

On my third night, I checked in at Jijis Pension/Hotel in Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan. There was a brownout that time but the electricity was restored after 20 minutes. The available room was cozy without any windows but the air-conditioner was perfect. I overslept in this hotel because of the lack of natural light coming from the outside but I was able to sleep the required 7 hours for the night.

On my last night along the road, I stayed at the Five Star Apartelle in Urdaneta, Pangasinan. So far, this was the best place where I had my rest overnight. The place is spacious and each unit has two bedrooms upstairs with laundry & drying areas on the first floor.

As for my meals, I was a loyal customer of Jollibee for the first two days. I had my lunch at Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac on my third day. I had my lunch and dinner at Matutina’s Restaurant in Urdaneta City on my fourth day. And had my breakfast at the Rivervue Restaurant at Saitan, Rosario, La Union.

I had a daly intake of Multi-Mineral & Vitamin tablet, Vitamin C, and Glucousamine. Before going to bed, I had to drink one glass of Ensure.

Lastly, I was protected by Mr Heckler & Mr Koch USP9 from Germany with their 19 powerful 9mm rounds and a spare of two magazines in case of extreme emergency. However, my daily prayers to the Lord had greatly protected me from any harm or injury.

For those who are intending to experience an adventure run, good luck and I hope you can document your experience on a near “real-time” on your blog or site. Always be safe on the road.

Podium Finishers: 2010 BDM 102

12 03 2010

March 11, 2010: Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party @ Tejeros Hall, AFP Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo

Podium Finishers of 2010 BDM 102

(From Left to Right: BR, Alvin Canada, Whreachelle Cordova, Raiza Tulan, Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe, Randy Bumahit, Jonnifer Lacanlale, Coach Rey Antoque)

Men’s Overall Category

Champion—Alvin Canada—10:01:05 Hrs

1st Runner-Up—Randy Bumahit—10:44:27 Hrs

2nd Runner-Up—Jonnifer Lacanlale—11:01:47 Hrs

Women’s Overall

Champion—Whreachelle Cordova—16:00:07 Hrs

1st Runner-Up—Raiza Tulan—16:23:01 Hrs

2nd Runner-Up—Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe—16:38:48 Hrs

Champion: 2010 BDM 102/PDI News

12 03 2010

Corporal Alvin Canada of the Philippine Army won as the Overall Champion in the latest edition of the Bataan Death March (BDM) 102K Ultramarathon Race which was held last March 6-7, 2010 from Km oo in Mariveles, Bataan to Km 102 in San Fernando, Pampanga.

The following is a news clipping from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Sportwatch section on page A17 dated March 11, 2010. Thanks, Carrey for the publication.

Philippine Daily Inquirer's News dtd March 11, 2010

 A total of 143 runners were invited after they have registered and properly screened. On race day, 128 runners showed at the Starting Line. Out of the 128 runners, 104 runners were able to reach the Finish Line within the cut-off time of 18 hours.

Congratulations to all the runners, sponsors/donors, friends of Bald Runner, Elite Team Bald Runner, Volunteers & Team Bald Runner-Professional Group, and the staff of Bald Runner’s Events. Your cooperation, unity & teamwork have made this event a successful one. My heartfelt thanks to everybody.

See you on the next year’s edition of BDM 102/145.

Invitation To 2010 BDM 102 Party

10 03 2010

All runner-participants (finishers & DNFers), sponsors/supporters, and volunteers are cordially invited to attend the Awarding Ceremony and Get Together Party for the 2010 BDM 102. The activity will be held at the Tejeros Hall, AFP Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City on March 11, 2010, Thursday. The party starts at 6:00 PM.

See you at the Party!

(Note: Application for PAU Membership will be accepted during the BDM Party. Bring one (1) Passport-size and one (1) 1 X 1 pictures). PAU Application Forms will be available at the BDM Party.

Official Result: 2010 BDM 102K International Race

8 03 2010



2nd BDM 102K International Ultramarathon Race Result
March 6-7, 2010
              NAME TIME
1 Alvin Canada 10:01:05
2 Randy Bumahit 10:44:27
3 Jonnifer Lacanlale 11:01:47
4 July Oconer 12:25:48
5 Hermogines Olvis 12:25:48
6 Jusell Laya 12:41:38
7 John Frederick Abenina 12:42:43
8 Armand Fernando 12:45:09
9 Eric Bullena 13:18:40
10 Junrox Roque 13:20:44
11 Gregorio Ocampo 13:33:28
12 Albert Salazar 13:40:25
13 Muhammad Sallehan Zainuddin  (SING) 13:55:58
14 Don Ubaldo 14:03:40
15 Audax Cantero 14:12:25
16 Bonifacio Dalisay 14:19:25
17 Albert Sama 14:35:42
18 Carlo Bacalla 14:38:15
19 Oscar Sañez 14:40:26
20 Constante Mendoza 14:47:25
21 Francis Jay Nacino 14:49:26
22 Charlie Chua 14:55:09
23 Mark Peralta 14:55:10
24 Enrico Tocol 14:56:14
25 Graciano Santos 14:58:52
26 Rhoderick Guieb 15:06:15
27 Wilnar Iglesia 15:17:33
28 Christopher Iblan 15:17:34
29 Ben Gaetos  (USA) 15:28:27
30 Rayman Delos Angeles 15:28:35
31 Edilberto Yonzon 15:34:05
32 Felipe Nama 15:44:47
33 Albert Henson 15:47:38
34 Francisco Lapira 15:49:18
35 Patrick Winceth Alcomendas 15:55:41
36 Julius Oliver Giron 15:58:13
37 Romeo Erivera 16:00:00
38 Whreachelle Cordova (F) 16:00:07
39 Red Samar 16:01:33
40 Cesar Abarientos 16:01:36
41 Dennis Ravanzo 16:02:19
42 Dionam Basco 16:13:40
43 Glenn Romualdo 16:16:43
44 Ricardo Cabusao, Jr 16:19:45
45 Raiza Tulan (F) 16:23:01
46 Ralph Jerome Salvador 16:24:15
47 Jerry Guiao 16:28:55
48 Alvin Adriano 16:29:05
49 Joshua Suarez 16:34:58
50 Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe  (F) 16:38:48
51 Anecito Grimaldo 16:40:02
52 Paolo Osmeña 16:46:25
53 Jael Wenceslao 16:48:02
54 George Dolores 16:48:42
55 Ronald Rei Declarador 16:52:38
56 Fernando De Lara 16:52:42
57 Charles Fletcher  (USA) 16:55:16
58 Armando Queza 16:58:04
59 Ellery Ho  (USA) 16:58:32
60 Kelly Lim  (F)  (SING) 16:59:30
61 Maria Cristina Narvaez  (F) 17:03:47
62 Glendel Tañag 17:03:52
63 Vener Roldan 17:05:08
64 John Nikko Nolasco 17:05:24
65 Lemuel Narcise 17:09:22
66 Carlo Nobleza 17:10:24
67 Ramon Gillego 17:13:28
68 Jose Maria Galauran 17:14:32
69 Dennis Enriquez 17:17:30
70 Abiegayle Jocson  (F) 17:18:45
71 Artemio Ladia 17:19:32
72 Francis Andrew Santiago 17:22:46
73 Rodel Cuaton 17:22:52
74 Caesar Callangan 17:22:54
75 Gregorio Torres 17:24:25
76 Jose Arturo Virata 17:26:40
77 Odessa Coral  (F) 17:29:56
78 Michelle Estuar  (F) 17:32:30
79 Francis Randy Hortelano 17:33:20
80 Jag Irasga 17:33:35
81 Blas Ople Tiangco 17:33:50
82 Jeremy Go 17:34:13
83 Frederick Chaneco Gabriel 17:35:41
84 Luis Arcangel 17:35:53
85 Ria Go Tian  (F) 17:37:07
86 Sherwin Tommy Botabara 17:37:43
87 Niño James Ramos 17:37:58
88 Mark Adrian Hernandez 17:38:13
89 Haide Acuña  (F) 17:40:08
90 Joseph Adrian Soriao 17:42:24
91 Joseph Cu Unjieng 17:43:05
92 Junar Layug 17:43:49
93 Ronaldo Sulapas 17:44:25
94 Sammy Deleña 17:44:32
95 Rosgar Apolinario 17:44:42
96 Marco Christopher Montaos 17:46:03
97 Mel Severino 17:48:26
98 Wilfredo Parcon, Jr 17:48:50
99 Ramoncito Carreon 17:49:59
100 Delmo Sullano 17:51:50
101 John Jeffrey Avellanosa 17:52:42
102 Marlin Marilag 17:54:10
103 Emerson Go Tian 17:55:34
104 Manuel Macrohon 17:58:21

Note: Runner-Finishers #4 & #5 are tied at Number 4 Place.

BDM 102 CLP & Final Briefing

5 03 2010

An addition & improvement from last year’s edition of BDM 102 was conducted at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. A Carbo Loading Party and Final Briefing was held to meet the runners and support crews of the 2010 BDM 102. This activity was intended to distribute the race packet (race bib, instructions, & banner/tarpaulin) to the runners in order to lessen the administrative activities before the start of the race at Km 00 in Mariveles, Bataan. This activity started at 5:55PM, 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of 6:00PM.

@The Patio, AFP Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo, QC

 The event was held at The Patio, AFP Officers Clubhouse in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. It started with an invocation from Ronnie De Lara aka RunnerFor Christ; Singing of the National Anthem; Carbo Loading Activity; and the presentation of the Final Briefing. There were some adjustments made on the Rules & Regulations and Critical Points along the route were explained and presented. However, these points along the route will be manned by Race Marshals.

All Carbo + Protein + Fats Party For Everybody

 It was not an All Pasta Carbo Loading Party as my brother, MajGen Samuel of the Light Armor Division of the Philippine Army who is also one of the runners, together with his son, Lemuel, donated two (2) big lechon for the party. I just hope all the participants were able to eat their share of the foods served last night.

Final Briefing For All The Runners & Support Crews

 All of the runners were excited to meet other participants of the race. Foreign runners mingled with the local runners and the “first-timers” for this race were all attentive to the briefing. I can see “strong determination” and “positive attitude” on the faces of the participants. I hope all the starters will be able to finish the race within the cut-off time of 18 hours considering the arrival of early summer in the country. I wish all the runners will have the best condition for them on the day of the race.

A Pose With The "Warriors" of BDM 102

 For those who were late in coming to the party, please don’t be late during the start of the race and during our Awarding & Get Together Party, few days after the race. As a reminder, the assembly time at the BDM Shrine at Km 00 in Mariveles, Bataan is 10:00 PM of March 6, Saturday. And for those who have not yet received their race packet, they have to be in the assembly area earlier than the scheduled assembly time. As I have announced, the race will start early as soon as we can account for everybody to be present at the starting area.

For those who were not able to get their banner/tarpaulin last night, we will give you whatever is available. It will be given on a “first come, first serve” basis. My staff will be at the Assembly Area at 9:00 PM of March 6, Saturday.

Good luck and have a safe trip to Bataan! See you at the Starting Line!

CLP Group Picture (Courtesy of Mark Fer Castillo)

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