BDM 102 CLP & Final Briefing

An addition & improvement from last year’s edition of BDM 102 was conducted at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. A Carbo Loading Party and Final Briefing was held to meet the runners and support crews of the 2010 BDM 102. This activity was intended to distribute the race packet (race bib, instructions, & banner/tarpaulin) to the runners in order to lessen the administrative activities before the start of the race at Km 00 in Mariveles, Bataan. This activity started at 5:55PM, 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time of 6:00PM.

@The Patio, AFP Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo, QC

 The event was held at The Patio, AFP Officers Clubhouse in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. It started with an invocation from Ronnie De Lara aka RunnerFor Christ; Singing of the National Anthem; Carbo Loading Activity; and the presentation of the Final Briefing. There were some adjustments made on the Rules & Regulations and Critical Points along the route were explained and presented. However, these points along the route will be manned by Race Marshals.

All Carbo + Protein + Fats Party For Everybody

 It was not an All Pasta Carbo Loading Party as my brother, MajGen Samuel of the Light Armor Division of the Philippine Army who is also one of the runners, together with his son, Lemuel, donated two (2) big lechon for the party. I just hope all the participants were able to eat their share of the foods served last night.

Final Briefing For All The Runners & Support Crews

 All of the runners were excited to meet other participants of the race. Foreign runners mingled with the local runners and the “first-timers” for this race were all attentive to the briefing. I can see “strong determination” and “positive attitude” on the faces of the participants. I hope all the starters will be able to finish the race within the cut-off time of 18 hours considering the arrival of early summer in the country. I wish all the runners will have the best condition for them on the day of the race.

A Pose With The "Warriors" of BDM 102

 For those who were late in coming to the party, please don’t be late during the start of the race and during our Awarding & Get Together Party, few days after the race. As a reminder, the assembly time at the BDM Shrine at Km 00 in Mariveles, Bataan is 10:00 PM of March 6, Saturday. And for those who have not yet received their race packet, they have to be in the assembly area earlier than the scheduled assembly time. As I have announced, the race will start early as soon as we can account for everybody to be present at the starting area.

For those who were not able to get their banner/tarpaulin last night, we will give you whatever is available. It will be given on a “first come, first serve” basis. My staff will be at the Assembly Area at 9:00 PM of March 6, Saturday.

Good luck and have a safe trip to Bataan! See you at the Starting Line!

CLP Group Picture (Courtesy of Mark Fer Castillo)

2 thoughts on “BDM 102 CLP & Final Briefing

  1. Only in the Philippines that you have lechon as part of the pre-race meal! Good luck to all the runners. I heard it was warmer than usual hope everyone hydrates well and replace their electrolytes. Congratulations for the start of another BDM race.


  2. nvllanora1975

    Good luck to all the runners. Just by starting, already made you warriors of the BDM Ultramarathon. I hope that you all finish. Run safe. GOD BLESS you all.


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