Running Clinic @ Aboitiz (Times Square)

For two consecutive running clinics within a span of one week, the Elite Team Bald Runner conducted another running clinic to the personnel of Aboitiz Company whose offices are located at the Times Plaza Building at Taft Avenue corner United Nations Avenue in Manila last February 24, 2010. The running lecture started at 2:00 PM 

As an introduction, Jerome Sese, the Chief HR of Aboitiz Company emphasized to the personnel the need to adhere to an active and physical lifestyle due to the prevalence of lifestyle sicknesses among its staff and personnel. In a briefing, he presented a graph on the percentage of illnesses of the people working with the company. Such illnesses include hypertension/high blood, arthritis, high BMI, asthma, and others. He stressed that it is highly recommended that each personnel of the company should engage themselves in physical activities like walking and jogging, and later to running with the goal to be healthy and reduce the “numbers” in their statistics. 

Hopefully, with the conduct of such running clinics from the Team Bald Runner, Jerome stated that the company will formally organize its company’s running club where its members will be able to compete and participate in weekly road races in Metro Manila.

More than 50 personnel attended

 After the briefing of Jerome, he introduced me to the participants which was reported to be more than 50 personnel of the company. As usual, I presented a lecture with a presentation which lasted for one hour and thirty minutes. I brought with me some of my running shoes—from my trainers, racing flats, and my trail running shoes. I even showed to the participants samples of hydration system that I’ve been using in my training and road races for the past two years.

Some were sitting on the floor
Showing some running shoes
Example of Hydration Belt
Hand-held Hydration Bottle
Practical Demonstration & Clinic were done at the Roof Top

After the lecture and open forum, the whole team and participants were led to the roof top of the Times Plaza Building for the Actual Demonstration and Practical Exercises/Running Demonstration. 

Coach Titus Salazar's Turn To Demonstrate Proper Running Warm-up & Form

 Coach Titus Salazar of Team Blad Runner explained and demonstrated to the participants the technical aspects of running from the proper stretching, running drills, running form & strides, up to the cool down exercises. All the participants were encouraged to do what the Coach was demonstrating to the crowd. The Elite Team Bald Runner athletes were there to demonstrate the proper way to do the running drills and perform the correct running form.

Proper Stretching Before Running
Running Drills...
Running On The Roof Top of the Building
Award & Gift-giving after the Clinic
Class Picture after the Running Clinic

After about one hour and thirty minutes, the participants were able to learn how to stretch properly before and after their running workout. Running drills were fun to everybody. And running around the space the rooftop of the building can offer for about 15 to 20 minutes brought some perspiration to the runners even if the place was windy. After a short guidance and parting words from the Coach and from myself, my team was awarded with certificates and gifts from Aboitiz. Thanks, Aboitiz. We hope to be of service to your company and may your Running Team prosper and its members be good examples and models to your company.

The Elite Team Bald Runner is also scheduled to conduct another Running Clinic to another branch of the company and set of “newbie” runners in the future.

One thought on “Running Clinic @ Aboitiz (Times Square)

  1. miraclecello

    Wow, that’s a huge project for lifestyle change BR. I visited their Cebu operations earlier this month and their boss Montxu (not sure if this is the correct Basque spelling of his nickname) said he has 31,000 people under him, including staff at affiliate companies.


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