158 Days: Another 34 Laps

6:14 PM 29 October 2008 @ The ULTRA/Philsports Oval Track

It was already dark when I was about to enter the ULTRA Compound and the Oval Track’s Powerful Lights were already ON with a lot of runners going around the track. The centerfield was filled with the usual soccer players and I could see familiar and regular faces at the track. After paying for my ticket and doing my warm-up stetching exercises, I started to have my warm-up run with the thought of running an easy 50-lap run for the day with an average pace of 5:30 mins/km.

For the 1st 10 laps, I was comfortably running at an average pace of 5:15 mins/km but one of the members of Team Bald Runner ran on my side for the rest of my remaining laps starting from my 11th lap. As we were about to finish the 15th lap, another coach ran with us and we increased our pace up to 4:30 mins/km for some of the laps. As we reached the 20th lap, the runner from my team started to remind me to have my “water break” as I planned to have my “water break” every time I finished 25 laps.

My concentration was disrupted with the fast pace plus the reminder for a “water break” and I lost my count in the number of laps we had covered. But when we stopped for a “water break”, I was surprised to see in my GF 305 that we had covered a distance equivalent to 29 laps already! We ran the distance at an average pace of 5:10 mins/km with a Heart Rate of 148-157 bpm. For the next 5 laps, we ran along the grass which was few feet away from Lane #1 with an average pace of 6:00 mins/km.

After running 5 laps, I was feeling thirsty and I had another “water break” and I felt that was it for the day and I started to have my post-stretching exercises. After my stretching exercises, the runner from my team helped me do a set of “personnel-assisted” stretching exercises which took me at least 20 minutes to complete.

For this workout, I was able to run 34 laps at the oval track, equivalent to 13.6 kilometers, 16 laps less than my target for the day. I guess, I need to declare today as “rest day”.

Tomorrow will be my “tempo run” workout. Good luck to those who will be joining the Halloween Run tomorrow night. “Team Bald Runner” will be there!

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