159 Days: Running Alone In The Rain

5:58 PM 28 October 2008 @ The ULTRA Oval Track

I knew It was going to rain yesterday afternoon but I insisted myself to have my running workout at the ULTRA Oval Track for my speed interval run even if I knew that the track will be wet and my running kit will get soaked in the rain. I arrived at the Philsports area at 5:45 PM and it was raining lightly and I could see that at least 3 or 4 runners were about to finish their run because of the rain. Instead of wearing a running kit for my speed runs, I wore my trail running outfit from TNF with a runner’s cap and my Arnuva 50 BOA. I knew that my shoes was heavy for my run but I was confident that the traction of the shoes with the wet track will not give me any problems of sliding or any slippery condition. After a brief stretching routine, I started with my warm-up run. After one lap, it started to rain hard and I was alone running on the track as the other runners ended their run.

After I finished my 6th lap, it was still raining hard and I stopped briefly for my “water break” and conditioned myself with the start of my interval run. I was prepared to do 4 X 2K (5 laps) at my 10K pace with one lap as my recovery jog in between each repetition. After each recovery lap, I had to take my “water break” by sipping water from my TNF Hydration Pack. I did the said repetitions with 2 laps as my cool-down run. My average pace in my interval runs ranges from 4:45 mins/km to 4:58 mins/km. However, I added 10 repetitions of “hill sprints” by using the stairs of the concrete bleacher at the oval track after my cool-down jog. I made sure that my “hill sprints” going up the stairs should last from 8-10 seconds. On my first to third rep, I got a time of 12 seconds. On my 4th to 7th rep, I was able to lower my time to 11 seconds. On my 8th & 9th rep, I was able to lower my time to 10 seconds. On my last rep, I made a faster “pumping” of my arms and I was able to get a time of 9 seconds! I ended my workout with one lap jogging alone on the oval track.

I ran a total of 33 laps (equivalent to 13.2 kms) yesterday evening at the oval track while it was raining.

It was a “lonely” running workout but it was fun to be running (again!) in the rain.

6 thoughts on “159 Days: Running Alone In The Rain

  1. I wanted to run at ultra, I should had been there as the you were there,too! I sacrificed that run for a chelo kebab dinner with my wife that got cancelled. Oh well, there’s always another day.

    Running in the rain is very calming for me. There’s less dust in the air as well.


  2. patrick, jinoe, & mark, running in the rain was really refreshing and relaxing. it is a “must” to use a runner’s cap during such workout to prevent the rain from hitting your eyes..as for me, using a runner’s cap protected my bald head from being hit by the drops of rain. masakit pala kung tamaan ka ng ulan sa ulo habang tumatakbo..hehehe!


  3. Br,

    Try to run during a typhoon. Its quite a blast, literally! I was once caught in the middle of a 21 km run at night. Buti na lang sa village so less chances of flying debris. It was quite an experience!

    Natawa ako sa masakit tamaan ng ulan sa ulo but its so true. Parang torture nga eh.


  4. I love running in the rain, Sir Jovie. My marathon PR was 3:45:– in ’95 LAM under some rain. I’ve ran Catalina Island Mar in pouring rain, hail, blowing winds, flood and mud all at the same time on mountain fire roads. It’s difficult when you’re wearing eyeglasses. But, it’s fun. Santa Clarita Mar this Sunday has 60% chance of rain. Sanay yata tayo sa ulan sa ‘Pinas. Konting ulan dito sa CA, news na like in the song “It Never Rains in Southern California”.


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