Calling All “Hardcore/Crazy” Runners

Attention To All “Hardcore/Crazy” Runners!!!!

You know already who you are if you belong to this group of runners. And I don’t need to mention your names or blog names! If you think you belong to this kind of runners, you can continue reading this post and make a comment if you you want to be a part of this event.

The Pinoy Ultra Runners, as part of their “Run For Your Life” runs,  are coming up with Mt Pinatubo Run, an Off-Road Ultra Run (50K) from Barangay Sta Juliana, Capas, Tarlac up to the peak/crater of Mount Pinatubo and back to the Starting Area. The run will start at 5:00 AM on 22 November 2008, it’s a Saturday! I am sorry for High Altitude; Aldzheimer; Jay-R and to the other runners who could not run on Saturdays.

This ultra run is for a cause, to support The Kythe Foundation, where the Pinoy Ultra Runners will be giving gifts to the Kythe kids during their Christmas Party on December 7.

Three (3) runners (“the crazy ones”) from the Team Bald Runner will be joining this event and I’ve committed a support to this run from my Charity Fund. So, if you have time to run this event and have the “heart” to help people who are in need, most especially for this Christmas season, join/support this event and have fun.

November 9—VSO 15K Run; November 16—NB 25K Run; November 29—MILO Marathon Finals; and November 22—Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Run?  All races/running events for the month of November? Why not?

This is the reason why you belong to the “Hardcore/Crazy” Group of Runners afterall!!!

Stay fit and keep on running!

8 thoughts on “Calling All “Hardcore/Crazy” Runners

  1. aargh! it would be nice to join this event… it’s just that my saturdays are ultra-busy! hmmm… let’s see if i can squeeze myself out for that saturday…


  2. Sir Jovie, there will be back to back weekend races on 22Nov2008 (Race for Life 10k-Fort) and 23Nov2008 (Unicef 10k-MKH). These are not my excuses for not joining the Pinatubo run.haha. But I am committing to give my own share for the Kythe kids’ Christmas party.

    WIth the intention of running these two back to back races and to do a take 2 for both, I hope that it will not make me less of a hardcore runner nor less crazy.hahaha.I hope it is not a bad bargain vis-a-vis the Pinatubo run. Of course, I am already registered for 09Nov2008 (VSO 15k), 16Nov2008 (NB 25k) and looking forward for my first bandit run on 30Nov2008 (Milo Finals 42k).


  3. duh…i’m running out of funds for all upcoming runs. i’m still even saving to buy a tnf boa shoes after spending to get a tnf thresher backpack. i’ll just trim on joining races shorter than a marathon to get enough funds to pay for your Bataan102.


  4. guys, thanks for the response. if you want to join this event, please make a comment and register yourself to the


  5. Br,

    I dont think Im prepared for this 50k event. However if there are newbies like me who wants to attempt, sama na ako.

    So what’s the plan on the milo “bandit” run? : ) So far Im registered on these events:
    November 9—VSO 15K Run; November 16—NB 25K Run.

    Im still deciding whether I’ll run animo or unicef. Except for the 25k, Im running the races barefoot. (well, almost)


  6. sir jovie, with your indulgence,i will answer mark’s query re milo bandit run.

    since, i did not qualify to run the milo finals and since the milo 42 is way too good to pass up as a long weekend run, i have decided to register in the milo 10k(if there is a 21, i will register) but will bandit run the milo 42.from our initial talks, sir jovie and joe and hopefully jay and of course and i hope lester and george will join the gang too.anyway,we will see each other at the weekend races in the next few weeks and we can finalize our plans.

    re pinatubo, medyo medyo , my feet are tickled pink to join it but i have not decided. it would be my first ultra and taril run at that.besides,i am registered for the back to backs on 22-23Nov.


  7. markfb & bugo2x, i suggest you visit to coordinate with them if you are interested to join this event. thanks


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