2018 TNF Lavaredo 120K Experience (Part 5)

2018 TNF Lavaredo 120K Experience (Part 5)

Ride From Cimabanche to Cortina

After the Aid Station Marshal told me that I can no longer continue the race since I arrived at the Aid Station beyond the cut-off time of 1:30 PM of Saturday, I entered the Big Tent and ate some of the remaining food and drank some Ice Cold Coke. I was told to wait for the remaining runners on the road approaching the Aid Station before we could board the Bus waiting to bring us to Cortina. While waiting for the other runners, I brought out my dry long-sleeved Columbia Shirt from my Salomon Hydration Pack and removed my Patagonia Windbreaker and the rest of my upper clothing as they were wet from my perspiration. I was able to change my clothes and ready for the trip back to Cortina.

After about 40 minutes, all of the rest of the runners who were cut-off at the said station were accounted for. There were 3 ladies and 9 men, to include myself, and I have the impression that I am the oldest among the DNF runners.

The asphalted road from Cimabanche to Cortina seems to be a road that connects to all the mountains in the Dolomites. The road was not busy with traffic as I could not see or meet along the road big trucks and commercial buses. I could count with my fingers those private vehicles who were plying along this road. I slept for awhile until two of the younger runners (in their 40s) started talking to each other and they are Italians. They were comparing notes using the map on their Race Bibs on what went wrong with them. Although I could not understand what they were talking about, they were pointing on the descending portion from the Peak of Lavaredo to Landro as they talked to one another, the same section where I had my problem. I just smiled and tried to doze again.

After almost one hour, the Croatian/Polish lady was dropped in front of her Hotel which was along the highway, and 1.5 kilometers aways from Cortina. The bus finally stopped in front of the Olympic Ice Stadium and all of the remaining runners to include myself, alighted from the Bus. From there, I was limping while walking and carrying my things to reach my Hotel which about 650 meters from the Olympic Ice Stadium.

Sleep & Rest @ Hotel Cortina

I immediately had my hot shower and changed to my sleeping clothes. I ate whatever “left-over” food and fruits in the room and prepared instant noodles before I finally went to bed. At this time, it was already 5:00 PM of Saturday. I did not bother to check the Ultralive website about my personal data during the race and to those of the remaining Pinoy runners on the course. I was really tired and sleepy at this time.

View From My Room, The Morning After

I woke up at 6:30 AM of Sunday and I was happy that I was able to sleep more than 12 hours. I prepared a hot coffee and as I started to drink, I opened my Laptop to find out what happened to the rest of my Filipino friends. Since the cut-off time for the TNF Lavaredo is 5:00 AM of Sunday, I knew that the race was over already. I checked first on the LiveUltra page of Arwin and I was surprised that he DNFd somewhere in Km 90. I wonder what happened to him since I knew and was confident that he would be the one to finish the race with an impressive time because of what I’ve been reading and seeing on his training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai through his Facebook status. After looking at Arwin’s Page, I went to check if what happened to Rodel and I was surprised that he was able to finish the race in 29:23:10 hours. I was really happy that, at least, one of us in this year’s edition was able to finish the TNF Lavaredo 120K Ultra. I tried to review his time in every Cut-Off Time Checkpoint and I was impressed that he was able to make it in every checkpoint in a single digit number of minutes before the cut-off time in every checkpoint. I wonder what it was like for him to be catching up with the cut-off time in every checkpoint after the Cimabanche Aid Station (Km 66.9) and with those relentless uphill climbs on the second half of the course plus the cold weather during the second night.

Another View From My Room, The Morning After

Post-Race Meeting With Team Pilipinas

I have assumed that Arwin and Rodel had already left Cortina and took the Bus to their Accommodation place which is 20K from Cortina but after few minutes of browsing on Facebook and the results of the TNF Lavaredo on my Laptop, I received a Personal Message from Arwin asking me if we can meet at the Hotel to exchange notes and share our experiences with one another. Since I liked the idea of sharing ones experience with one another during the event, I asked them to proceed to the Hotel and I would wait for them at the Veranda/Main Porch of the Hotel overlooking the bridge and road leading to the town proper, the same place where we met and talked last Thursday.

Cortina’s Hotel Corona

I immediately came out of my Hotel room and went to the Hotel’s Porch to wait for Arwin and Rodel. After about 15 minutes, as I was going to the Hotel’s Porch, I saw them from the road leading to the Hotel walking slowly. I could understand and relate what these two gentlemen were feeling at that time looking how slowly they walked towards me. I immediately asked them if they need to have a shower as I offered my Hotel Room to them just in case they needed it. But they declined as they wanted just to share some stories with me. Arwin told me that that he had temporarily cleaned himself while he stayed at the Olympic Ice Stadium after he was transported from where he DNFd. Rodel also declined as he told me that he was able to change to dry clothes already and would be much better for him to take a shower in their place.

Dependance Hotel Corona/My 2nd Floor Room

We sat and we started to share our own experiences. I told them what happened to me at the switchback descent from the Peak of Lavaredo to Landro——twice experiencing dizziness and severe pain on my left knee that caused my slow pace. Arwin, on the other hand, shared his experience and he told us that at the same section where I had some dizziness, he was able inhale a “cold air” that went inside his lungs and made him feel weak on the uphill climbs after Cimabanche. As he struggled at the uphill climb from Km 80 to Malga Travenanzes, he said, that he was feeling weak and lots of hikers/runners had passed him at this section to include Rodel. He finally DNFd at Km 90+ at Rifugio Col Gallina. Rodel told us that he had almost been cut-off from Cimabanche (Km 66.9) up to the last Checkpoint of the course. He could not believe that he was able to run, non-stop, from Malga Ra Stua (Km 76) to Plan De Loa for about 3-4 kilometers just to be able pass the checkpoint and then at the Peak of Col Del Bos (Km 92) to Rifugio Col Gallina (Km 94). He told us that he was praying “non-stop calling all the saints”, his parents and his relatives while he was running and hiking to these Checkpoints.

Breakfast With Team Pilipinas

We talked for almost one hour and half at the Porch until I asked the Manager of the Hotel if I can invite my friends for the Breakfast Buffet and I will be willing to pay for their bill. The Manager said, “You can invite them for Breakfast and it’s FREE for them!” Wow! I was surprised to hear such generous words from him! Stefano, may the Good Lord bless you always! So, we continued sharing our stories while we had our Breakfast Buffet on the morning of Sunday.

Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet

We stayed at the Hotel’s Restaurant sharing lots of stories and observations during the race until the Breakfast Buffet was closed at 10:00 AM.

We parted ways later as I can see on the faces of Arwin and Rodel that they are about to doze. They left the Hotel and walked to the Bus Terminal which is just few meters away from the Hotel.

I really appreciate this kind of conversation and exchange of experiences among Filipino runners while joining an international running event abroad. These guys are real people who are very graceful in defeat and humble in victory.

I told them that I had posted already a Facebook status that says that I DNFd at the event stating directly the cause of my failure. I asked them also to do the same as most of our Facebook friends are eager to know our personal “drama” in the said event. I promised to these two gentlemen that I am going to document, through this blog, all the things that we experienced in this event and I told them that it will be a very detailed one which be used as a guide for future local Pinoy runners and other interested runners around the world.

Even if I was not able to finish this race, just a short glimpse and description of what I went through, would be able to provide a part of the puzzle of what makes TNF Lavaredo a race to experience and what makes the Dolomites as one of the best mountain scenery destinations worth visiting.

Recovery Walk @ Cortina

I went to bed once I got into my room after breakfast. I was able to sleep until after noon time and woke up at about 2:00 PM.

I decided to have my recovery walk in the afternoon to the Town Center, shop for some souvenirs and look for a place for my early dinner. As I left the Hotel, I met some of the runners, some who DNF also and some who finished the Ultra and shorter races. They were leaving the Hotel for the Bus Terminal and enrollee to their respective countries. I will post a separate blog for these runners whom I met during this event.

World War II US Military Jeep @ The Bus Terminal

As I was walking along the main road of the center of the town, I saw Hayden Hawks, the Champion of this year’s TNF Lavaredo 120K at the Event’s Arc. We had a picture and a brief conversation as he told me, after telling him my name and my country, that he has an Uncle who is a Filipino, married to his Auntie from Utah, USA. He asked me if there are Ultra Running Events in the Philippines and I told him that I am the Race Organizer/Director of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race. He told me that he had not yet visited the Philippines and he might consider visiting the country in the near future.

Meeting With Champion Hayden Hawks

Before dinner, I was able to really go around the town, getting inside the Cortina Church to pray which I found out to be a Minor Basilica, checking where the Bus terminal is located, looking for Sports Stores where I could buy some souvenirs, and just simply sitting on those benches along the main road of the town while looking at the people walking around. This was the time that I could also see a lot of runners wearing their Finisher’s Vest/Gilets as they are also doing their recovery walks. I felt envious with these runners wearing their Vests/Gilets and I really respect them for what they had done, whether they finished the TNF Lavaredo 120K or the shorter Cortina Trail 48K, they really conquered the Dolomites!

Inside The Cortina Basilica

As I was sitting on one of the benches, I saw Tess Geddes, a Filipino Ultrarunner who is now the Race Organizer and Director of the Grand To Grand Ultra Marathon Race in Utah, USA. She joined the shorter Cortina Trail 48K and we shared some stories while we were sitting on the bench. After about 30 minutes of conversation, we parted ways as I was trying to look for some running attire which I saw being used by some runners during the event.

Sitting Along The Cortina’s Main Street
Meeting With Grand2 Grand Ultra’s Tess Geddes

As most of the restaurants in Cortina opens at 6:30 PM for dinner, I tried to walk around some places farther from the town center as I waited for the opening of the eating places. Finally, I was able to find a restaurant that offers a fine dining cuisine and I rewarded myself with my last dinner in Cortina. The best steak in town!

Best Steak In Town

I continued my celebration in my Hotel Room with two bottles of local beer before going to bed on my last night in Cortina.

To be continued…


Blogging Reboot (2016)

Starting with this post I am back again with my blogging.

Thinking back almost nine (9) years ago, I started this blog to document or journalize my daily running activities; write Race Reports in my running events (whether I am a participant or a Race Director); try to remember and document my previous running experiences; and re-post whatever running resources or information I have read in the books that I’ve purchased and read and what I’ve read in the Internet. Sometimes, I would post my personal opinion on what has transpired in the running world, whether it is within the local or in the country and in the international arena.

So, I am going back to what I know about blogging——sharing and letting my readers know what is happening to me in my running workouts, activities, and adventures. From time to time, I would also share things that are important or worth knowing in the field of running (specially on ultra running).

However, this blog will remain as the main source of information on the Ultra Races that I organise and direct.

I will not be competing with my Facebook account but in essence this blog will be “What is on my mind…about running”.

Now, it is time to go out and run!

Trail Running In Kayapa, Benguet, Philippines
Trail Running In Kayapa, Benguet, Philippines

Tess Leono & Geral Tabios: Pinoy Runners Finish Badwater 135-Mile Ultra Marathon, “World’s Toughest Running Event”

Tess Leono, a Project Analyst of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and local resident of Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila finished the prestigious Badwater 135-Mile Ultra Marathon Race which starts from Badwater, California in the Death Valley National Park passing through three mountain ranges up to the Finish Line at Mt Whitney Portal which is considered as the highest mountain in the mainland USA. The race is popularly known as the “World’s Toughest Foot Race Event” because it starts at an elevation of 280 feet below sea level and finishes at an elevation of almost 8,300 feet above sea level. Runners would be able to tackle and pass three mountain ranges that would total a cumulative vertical ascent of 14,600 feet up to the Finish Line. Adding to the elevation, the prevailing temperature during summer in the area is 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit with gusty winds in the mountain ranges and sandstorms on the flatter areas.

This year’s 39th edition of the race was held on July 18-20, 2016 with 97 runners who were divided into 3 separate Starting Waves according to their past qualifying races. Tess Leono started the race with the First Wave at 8:00 PM of Monday, July 18 with 30+ other runners. The faster runners, 3rd Wave, started at 10:00 PM of the same day.

Badwater Tess Leono #22
Badwater Tess Leono #22

Tess Leono finished the race in 46:01:29 hours and ranked #82 among the 97 starters. The race has a cut-off time of 48 hours and checkpoints and time stations were located along the route which strictly impose intermediate cut-off times. Each runner-participant is equipped with Spot Satellite Tracker device showing their real-time location during the race which can be seen by everybody on the Internet.

The runners came from the different countries and from the different states in the US who were duly screened and invited to join the race. Most of these athletes are noted Ultrarunners, Triathletes, Adventure Runners, and Mountaineers. Runners from twenty (20) different countries were represented and the remaining runners represented twenty-seven (27) States from the US. Out of the 97 runners, 51 were Veterans/Repeaters and 46 were “first-timers” or rookies.

Tess Leono is one of the “first-timers” in this race which happens to be her first visit to Mainland USA. Her accomplishment in this race gives her the titles as the “First Local Filipino Runner” and “First Filipino Woman” to ever finish this prestigious race.

Tess In Action (Photo By Peach Poso)
Tess In Action (Photo By Peach Poso)

On the other hand, Gerald Tabios, another Filipino Ultra Runner residing in New York City also finished the race for the third consecutive times since 2014 where every edition he improves his finish time. He finished the race in 41:42:20 hours, an improvement of 40+ minutes, and ranked #61 out of the 97 starters. Gerald Tabios is from the Province of Bukidnon.

The Overall Champion in this year’s race is Pete Kostelnik of Nebraska, USA with a finish time of 21:56:32 hours registering a New Course Record for this race. He won the race in last year’s edition and finished it faster by almost one hour. In the women’s side, Venti Alyson of Barbados, USA won the Women’s Championship placing 5th Overall with a time of 25:53:07 hours. Out of the 97 starters, 13 runners were declared as DNFs due to fatigue, injury, and effects of the environment to them.

Team Leono (From Left, Rowell Ramos, Franco Soriano, Tess Leono, Peach Poso, & Ben Gaetos) Photo By Rowell Ramos
Team Leono At The Starting Line (From Left, Rowell Ramos, Franco Soriano, Tess Leono, Peach Poso, & Ben Gaetos) Photo By Rowell Ramos

Tess Leono started as an ultrarunner by joining the scheduled races of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) and the Bald Runner’s Events for the past three (3) years and her consistent performance as Lady Champion and Podium Finisher in these road & trail races earned her the PAU Runner Of The Year Award for two consecutive years (2014 & 2015). She is the only woman who have finished the PAU Grand Slam Races in one year (Antique 100-Mile Run; West Coast 200K Ultra Run; Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run; and the Bataan Death March 160K Run). Last February of this year, she was declared as the Lady Champion in the yearly Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race. She submitted her finishes in these PAU Races as her qualifying races to join this year’s Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon Race.

Team Tess Leono At The Finish Line (Photo Courtesy of Rowell Ramos)
Team Tess Leono At The Finish Line (Photo Courtesy of Rowell Ramos)
Team Gerald Tabios (Photo Courtesy Of Donna Tabios)
Team Gerald Tabios At The Finish Line (Photo Courtesy Of Donna Tabios)

At the moment, Tess Leono is now resting and recovering from the said race. In an interview with her, she said that this race is so far the most challenging foot race that he joined and she is happy that she was able to push through despite her “down/low” moments along the route.

“I did not know why I tripped and fell down on the pavement on the downhill run from Townes Pass to Panamint Springs for two times that my Support Crew had to immediately treat my wounds on my hands and legs. I owe a lot from the support, care, and pacing provided by my Support Crew headed by Benjamin Gaetos”, she said.

Benjamin Gaetos, a Filipino Architect/Engineer residing in Los Angeles, California is the First Filipino to have finished this race in 2013. The other team members consisted of Western States 100-Mile Finisher Franco Soriano of Livermore, California, Rowell Ramos & Peachy Poso, both from Los Angeles, California. They are all accomplished ultra runners who have prepared and trained for this event.

Gerald Tabios Cheering & Handing The Philippine Flag 10 Miles To The Finish Line
Gerald Tabios Cheering & Handing The Philippine Flag  To Tess 10 Miles To The Finish Line

Tess also said that, “The hot temperature along the route was too much to bear as compared to the prevailing temperature in the Philippines during summer and the gusty winds on the peaks of the mountain ranges along the route was too strong that I had to slow down to a hiking pace”. In her statement, she was lucky that on the second night the temperature plunged to its lowest at 60 degrees Fahrenheit that she was able to recover and ran faster, however, she started to have colds as a result of the sudden change of temperature.

Knowing that her friends and running mates in the Philippines are rooting for her success, it was pure grit and determination that drove and motivated her to finish this race at all cost. “I will never forget my experience in joining this race as most of the runners who would pass me along the course would either stop or walk just to engage a conversation with me and try to encourage me with their positive advise of pushing through my pace up to the Finish Line. It is heartwarming that most of them would say that they will be waiting for me at the Finish Line and they really did! This is the reason why I love ultra running!”, she said.

The Filipino Pride: Badwater Tough Tess (Photo Courtesy of Ulysses Chan of Paksit Photos)
The Filipino Pride: Badwater Tough Tess (Photo Courtesy of Ulysses Chan of Paksit Photos)

Tess Leono made a history and she will be an inspiration for more Filipino ultra runners to shine in international competition.

After one day rest in Lone Pine, California, I asked if Tess Leono would be willing to return to improve her finish time and she said, “I need more training, more planning for my race logistics, apply the lessons I have learned, and find out if I can get more sponsors to support me, then I would be glad to return.”

In an interview by the Balitang Pinoy of ABS-CBN California with the President of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU), the National Sports Federation on Ultrarunning in the country, Major General Jovenal D Narcise AFP (Ret), he said that, “After 7 years of patience and consistency in conducting ultrarunning races in the country, it is now proven that our runners could compete in international races and that would give pride and inspiration to the whole nation and we have our first woman finisher in the Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon”. He also added that, “With this accomplishment and participation of our runners with other countries, hopefully, the government will have the heart and political will to provide “all-out” support to our athletes/runners in this kind of sports”.

General Narcise is the Founder and Race Organizer & Director of the yearly “Bataan Death March 160K & 102K Ultra Marathon Races” which is tagged as the most prestigious Ultra Marathon Event in the country.

Team Leono With ABS-CBN's Balitang Pinoy & ARC's Joe Matias
Team Leono With ABS-CBN’s Balitang Pinoy & ARC’s Joe Matias (Black Shirt)

Official Result: 1st Mariveles To Bagac 50K Ultra Marathon Race

Official Result: 1st Mariveles To Bagac 50K Ultra Marathon Race

1st Mariveles To Bagac 50K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM Km #00 To BDM Km #00)

Start Time & Place: 5:00 AM April 23, 2016 @ Bataan Death March Shrine (BDM Km #00), Mariveles, Bataan

Finish Time & Place: 4:00 PM April 23, 2016 @ BDM Km #00, Bagac, Bataan

Number of Starters: 39 Runners

Number of Finishers: 39 Runners

Course Cut-Off Time: 11 Hours

1. Reminando Visca (Overall Champion, CR) ——5:33:38
2. Charles Christopher Cruz (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ——5:35:20
3. Raymond Balan (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) ——5:44:43
4. Jairuz Agang-ang ———————————5:44:44
5. Rosette Sarmiento ———————————6:23:34
6. Ferdon De Leon ————————————6:28:40
7. Gilbert Malvar ————————————— 6:38:56
8. Adrian De Mesa ————————————6:40:39
9. Kelly Castro —————————————— 6:41:30
10. Tess Leono (Champion, Female) ————— 6:43:35
11. Lilibeth Castro (1st Runner-Up, Female) —— 6:57:50
12. Jerick Miranda ————————————— 7:08:58
13. Art Chester Sanches —————————— 7:13:41
14. Januell Rivera ————————————— 7:13:42
15. Roy Garcia —————————————— 7:13:43
16. Adison Sayoc ————————————— 7:20:46
17. Rolan Cera —————————————— 7:23:07
18. Arlene Pangilinan (2nd Runner-Up, Female) ——7:26:02
19. Renevic Fernandez ——————————— 7:26:03
20. Marlon Santos ————————————— 7:27:10
21. Jon Borbon ——————————————— 7:28:06
22. Engelbert Pantig ————————————— 7:33:15
23. Tina Aldaya (Female) ——————————— 7:47:00
24. Eduardo Magpoc ————————————— 8:09:06
25. Jemel Aguilar ——————————————— 8:11:58
26. Ryan Paul Mena ————————————— 8:21:06
27. Audie Tolentino —————————————— 8:21:07
28. Kathleen Piñero (Female) ————————— 8:23:19
29. Edgardo Alcantara ———————————— 8:33:24
30. Ryan Garcia ——————————————— 8:33:25
31. Leonora Ealdama (Female) ————————- 8:36:22
32. Sherwin Guansing ————————————- 9:03:14
33. Maricris David (Female) —————————— 9:14:11
34. Gene Parchamento (Female) ———————— 9:14:34
35. Val Caro ————————————————— 9:15:08
36. Rimberto Del Rosario ——————————— 10:10:02
37. Orlando Ylaya —————————————— 10:24:48
38. Angie Del Rosario (Female) ———————— 10:29:04
39. Ferdinand Manzano ——————————— 10:33:17

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Obsession To Finish Times

As a “newbie” in running, the number of minutes and hours that our feet on the ground, whether one is jogging, walking or running, is the measurement of our endurance. In our training journal, we take note on the time and distance we have finished for the day. To some of the average and elite runners, they consider time as the most important gauge for their daily workout as they can already estimate the distance they have finished. In short, in training, the time to cover a certain distance is our most important data in our training journal.

In racing, we try to compare our previous finish time with that of our recent finish time in the same distance and often, we brag and congratulate ourselves that we had a “PR” (Personal Record) or “PB” (Personal Best). That is fine and predictable to every runner. However, once we are already a “veteran” runner or marathoner, we tend to be soft and some sort of “lazy” to improve our performance by having the fastest “PR”/“PB” and the thinking is that we are more focused on the number of marathon races that we have finished as we grow older.

If you noticed in this blog’s ABOUT Page, I’ve been lazy updating the number of ultra races and marathon races that I’ve finished. If I have the time and motivation to update this Blog’s Page, I might include the list of my DNF Races. Personally, with my age of 63, I have already stopped counting the number of races, whether they are trails or roads, that I’ve finished.

A Facebook friend of mine came up with a Status about her observation on people who would ask for the Finish Time every time their friends would finish a Running Event and brags it on the Social Media. To some, it is an unethical and unacceptable practice of runners to ask another runner’s Finish Time if he/she brags about finishing a certain race, whether it is a road or trail. To most of the veteran runners, whether their times are slow or average or fast, they are proud to mention their Finish Time because to them, Finishing Race or Crossing the Finish Line in a healthy condition is the MOST important achievement as a result of their training.

What is the protocol or accepted norm about this situation? Is a runner obliged to mention his specific finish time in a running event if he/she post his/her accomplishment on Facebook or in the Social Media? To me, a runner must state his/her Finish Time because it’s a Race where one has to go against the Clock. That is the reason why there is a Clock displayed at the Finish Line!

So, whether one finishes a race locally or abroad, he/she is obliged to mention his/her Finish Time (because there is a Clock at the Finish Line) if he/she has the intention of bragging on the Social Media.

It's A Race When There Is A Clock @ The Finish Line (Photo By Dm Padilla)
It’s A Race When There Is A Clock @ The Finish Line (Photo By Dm Padilla)


Things That Went Right During The Zamboanga 50K Run

Since it is the first PAU-sponsored event in Zamboanga City and being the one who suggested this event to be conducted, I have to join this race as one of the participants. It is also a part of my “evaluation runs” to test if my training program is working and to determine some feedback on the improvements of my speed, endurance, and nutrition. Lastly, it is also a way of sharing my experience to my readers, hoping that one day they will be a part of this race.

The following are the things that went right (nothing went wrong) during my race:

  1. Nutrition & Hydration——It is the most important thing that one have to plan and have a strategy to be strictly followed. Although there are Aid Stations along the route, I was not well-informed on the details and what kind of drinks and food that are available in the race. Although, I have a general idea of what to expect in those Aid Stations. So, I brought my own “mini-nutrition pack” stashed in my Ultimate Direction (UD) Belt. I had 2 Packs of Clif Bloks (one pack in the UD Belt & one pack in my shorts front pocket); one Meal Bar (in my UD Belt); and two (2) GU Gels stashed in my shorts back pockets. I have also a CarboPro mix (with water) in my Simple Hydration Bottle and 2 Packs of it in my other Simple Hydration Bottle and in a tiny 3-oz bottle (without liquid). I brought with me two (2) Simple Hydration Bottles where one of it is filled with CarboPro Mix without water and the other one with water mixed with CarboPro. Both bottles were clipped with my UD Belt and placed on the back of my waist. A reserve CarboPro powder was inside a 3-oz bottle which is stashed in one of the pockets of my UD Belt.

My Nutrition & Hydration Strategy went this way: Eat 3 pieces of Clif Bloks every hour or when I feel hungry; sip my Carbo Pro mix every time my GPS watch makes a “beep” sound which tells me that I just finished one mile which is approximately equivalent to 14-16 minutes; drink at least 16-oz of cold water in each of the Aid Stations; eat something solid and fruits in the Aid Stations; take one Succeed S-Cap Capsule every 1.5 hours; and then mix the remaining CarboPro mix with Gatorade Drinks. The routine was repetitive and boring but it was the key for having successfully finished the race without any issues or problems.

CarboPro Powder Mix
CarboPro Powder Mix

2. Run Light——I did not use a hydration vest in this race and I only used my UD Belt where I stashed my IPhone and my food/mix powder. I was practically running with one Simple Hydration Bottle with liquid in it entire the race. I would have been lighter if I did not bring my Clif Protein Bar and two (2) GU Gel Packs but these food were my “reserves” just in case of any “bonking” during the race. I was using my Hoka One One Huaka which is more of Road Shoe but it is the lightest shoes that I can use for this race. No need for Calf Sleeves; Arm Sleeves; or Gaiters for this run.

3. Metronome——For the past months, whether it is a trail run workout or speed workout on the flat paved roads, I would use the Metronome Application stored/downloaded in my iPhone. This is the very reason why I had my IPhone with me with only one earbud on either on my right or left ear during the race. Metronome Application is now available Free for download and it is very useful in my making sure I was consistent in my running cadence. My Metronome is set at 180 steps per minute and the “tick-tock” sound could be easily followed every time I step each foot on the ground. Since my steps are short, quick and fast, I could easily keep in step with the beat. In the early 70s whenever I join Marathon Races, I’ve been using a metronome which was installed in earlier models of TIMEX/CASIO Running watches where there was no need for earphones. The continuous beat would remind or motivate you to keep up with your cadence during the run. Try it in your training runs and you will be surprised on how fast you can keep up with your pace. Additionally, it will generate constant reminder and at the same time distract the pain and suffering you are experiencing during the run. Whether I am the in the ascending or descending parts of the route, the metronome reminded me to maintain my cadence even if I was power hiking on the ascents.

The Actual Metronome
The Actual Metronome

4. Heart Rate Monitor——As soon as I reached the first peak of the course (Km #7), my HR reached its highest Average Record of 163 beats per minute (bpm) which happens to be my Maximum Heart Rate as shown by my Suunto Ambit 3 Peak GPS Watch. I made a quick stop and rest at AS 1 by drinking some water and eating a suman (rice cake). It was a quick stop just to lower my HR and after about a minute, I continued the race by walking and only started to jog again when my HR was lowered to 150 bpm. Throughout the race, I was monitoring HR every mile and I was satisfied that I was able to maintain an average of 150 beats per minute and would not exceed my Maximum Heart Rate of 163 bpm in the steep ascents. Through my HR Monitor, I did not feel any tiring moments even when I was hiking up the “Gulod de Medyo” area.

5. Electrolytes & Salt Tablets——Aside from the CarboPro mix, I used one tablet of GU Electrolyte Tablet every bottle of mixed drinks and constantly orally had taken Succeed S-Caps Capsule every 1.5 hours throughout the race. While my drink mix maintain the continuous replenishment of electrolyte loss through excessive sweating, the S-Cap Capsules made me pee regularly and try to give some feedback on the color of my urine if I am dehydrated or not. This combination of Electrolyte Tablets and S-Caps had been very effective to me in my training for the past 2 months.

6. Quick & Short Stops In The Aid Station——Except for the “turn-around” points where I refilled my bottles (with the CarboPro & Electrolyte Tablet inside) with Gatorade, ate some foods, and drink at least one bottle of 16-oz mineral water and some Cola drinks, where I would spend at least 3 minutes, the rest of the Aid Stations were short and quick to pick-up some bottled water to drink and then leave to continue the race. I think I spent not more than 2 minutes in these remaining Aid Stations during the race. I ate my Clif Bloks and then drinking my CarboPro mix while I was hiking the ascents.

7. No “Selfies” & Unnecessary Picture Taking——Taking some pictures with ones camera or IPhone is very cumbersome and very irritating sometimes as you have to bring out and bring in your camera to your race belt’s pocket or hydration pocket. If it is wrapped with Ziploc or some plastic pouch, the opening and closing of this protection from being wet and damped would entail some unnecessary movements that result to being not focused to the main task of running efficiently. Even if it takes a few seconds to “point and shout” ones camera, if these seconds are totaled or accumulated, it would add up to more minutes of delay on the course. Since there are members of the Running Photographers in the race, I just let them, as the experts with better cameras, take my pictures and just wait for them to post their pictures on Facebook.

In a nutshell, proper training/preparation where one has to test his apparel, hydration system, nutrition & hydration strategy and positive mental attitude is the key to a successful finish in an ultra running event. Although, running is an experiment of one, I hope my experience will guide you or test the above mentioned factors if you can adopt them or incorporate them in your running style or manner of finishing an ultra running event/race.


Round Trip Ticket (Cebu Pacific)——P 1,200.00 (Promo Fare/Sponsored By ZRC)

Hotel Accommodation & Meal——P 4,000.00 (2 Days)

Gratuitous Expenses (Tips)—-P 500.00

Total Expenses——P 5,700.00

My Running Kit (Picture By Running Photographers @ Km #17)
My Running Kit (Picture By Running Photographers @ Km #17)

Even if I am not an sponsored athlete, I would mention the things that I’ve used during the event:

Running Shorts & Shirt——ASICS

Running Shoes——Hoka One One Huaka

Runner’s Cap & Compression Shorts——Under Armour


Buff/Neck Sleeves——BUFF

GPS Watch——SUUNTO Ambit 3 Peak

Hydration Bottles——Simple Hydration Bottles

Race Belt & Pouch——Ultimate Direction


Nutrition——CarboPro Powder Mix; Succeed S-Caps; GU Electrolyte Tablets; Clif Bloks; Water & Gatorade (@Aid Station); Rice Cake (Suman), Boiled Banana, Ripe Bananas, Watermelon, & Hotdog Sandwich (@Aid Station)

My training continues…Go out and run!

Official Result: 5th MAYON 360-Degree 80K Ultra Marathon Race (Solo)

5th Edition MAYON 360-Degree 80K Ultra Marathon Race: A Run Around Mt Mayon Volcano

4:00 AM To 8:00 PM April 11, 2015

Starting & Finish Line: Penaranda Park, Legazpi City (Albay)

Cut-Off Time: 16 Hours

Number Of Starters: 313

Number Of Finishers: 278

Percentage Of Finish: 88.81%

Official Logo
Official Logo


TIME (Hrs)


Eliud Kering (Overall Champion, Course Record) 5:36:44


Bong Postrado (1st Runner-Up, Overall) 6:07:36


Mario Maglinao (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) 6:17:16


Marino Lagyap 6:30:47


Chito Gonzales 6:39:23


John Nino Monte 6:45:41


Adonis Lubaton 7:19:28


Carlo Morante 7:20:29


Froilan Enriquez 7:28:45


Salvador Nachor 7:32:42


Christian Velson Ticson 7:47:04


Ronald Aguilar 7:54:15


Neptali Icatlo 8:07:12


Jade Arevalo 8:08:48


Siegfried Amanca 8:13:25


Virgilio Undaloc Jr 8:13:28


Joseph Gentoleo 8:18:40


Stuart Gurr 8:21:53


Rafael Maestro 8:24:07


Karl Penones 8:29:34


Norman Ariate 8:32:55


Roy Calimlim 8:37:25


Alvin Luminario 8:40:24


Janette Agura (Champion, Female) 8:46:00


David Rivera 8:48:52


Sam Milan 8:55:58


Bembo Munap 9:00:52


Rocky Migpo 9:01:55


Silamie Apolistar (1st Runner-Up, Female) 9:02:00


Edgar Minas 9:04:59


Melchomelda Kitane (2nd Runner-Up, Female) 9:10:28


Melchor Flores 9:17:20


Antonio Quiriba 9:17:27


Cricenciano Borito 9:23:31


Diogenes Bernal 9:24:39


David White 9:26:17


Marlon Bon 9:30:56


Paul Drossou 9:41:16


Sebastian Roth 9:42:11


Smith Luna 9:44:01


Ruben Casim 9:48:38


Julius Ceazar Lim 9:49:44


Eric Solina 9:50:39


Ricky Betito 9:57:12


Chris Jefferson Lozano 9:57:49


Rosie Cantoria (Female) 9:58:11


Randy Cantoria 9:58:12


Nomeriano Barnedo Jr 9:58:14


Jennifer Cabbab (Female) 9:58:57


Ronaldo Racines 10:05:35


Saturnino Camangonan 10:06:49


Matthew David 10:09:38


Christopher Llobrera 10:11:34


Leo Ano 10:15:29


Sofronio Igay (Champion, Senior Citizen) 10:22:42


Cornelio Velus 10:23:53


Humali Cuizon 10:27:06


Rod Losabia 10:28:30


Allan Bandiola 10:30:40


Jerome Caasim 10:34:10


Ian Wellington Hukom 10:36:22


Erwin Alea 10”36:40


Roberto Banawon 10:37:34


Manny Magbanwa Jr ’10:39:12


Roselle Abajo (Female) ’10:43:55


Andrew Competente ’10:47:02


Orlando Alondra 10:47:31


Rhina Sison (Female) 10:48:26


Jess Evangelista 10:51:27


John Mark Sevilla 10:52:23


Florencio Bonaobra Jr 10:55:16


Ryan Nieva 10:56:20


Edmond Manlangit 10:57:05


Arjie Golimlim 11:02:13


Mhark Alan Pena 11:04:50


Killy Kunimoto (1st Runner-Up, Senior Citizen) 11:05:36


Aldrin Aguallo 11:06:32


Christian Cadez 11:12:58


Vicente Topacio 11:13:31


Ronald Julian Torregrosa 11:14:25


Trinidad Madison 11:15:58


Erwin Alamil 11:16:16


Gerimias Martinez 11:18:33


Harold Kim Isaguirre 11:18:48


Edgar Moron 11:20:35


Rey Bardelobar 11:21:41


Myriam Abejuela (Female) 11:26:18


Francisco Abejuela 11:26:42


Jelmor Biture 11:29:22


Raymundo Mabini 11:30:26


Tommy Tan 11:31:52


Anna Carmela Lim (Female) 11:37:03


John Michael Onipig 11:37:32


Marlo Alcantara 11:37:44


Gray Bateo 11:40:32


Brando Bueno 11:41:41


Jose Asis 11:42:32


Jonas Nacario 11:43:01


Gil Lustares 11:48:52


Pete Peralta 11:51:38


Marites Mangubat (Female) 11:52:34


Jeremiah Adam Prelleglra 11:53:09


Rodolfo Mapagdalita 11:54:22


Gary Castillo 11:54:35


Orlando Payumo (2nd Runner-Up, Senior Citizen) 11:55:15


Danilo Lim 11:55:20


Scherle Mark Abion 11:55:54


Albert Villamayor 11:56:00


Rodrigo Lanorias Sr 11:56:22


Cesar Pillarda 11:57:38


Rolfe Molina 12:01:54


Mark Jacob Banatlao 12:04:53


Wilmar Plopino 12:05:43


Cleodelia Armendez (Female) 12:06:43


Alex Alianza 12:13:38


Perfecto Balantes 12:14:03


Ma. Teresa Villa Abrielle (Female) 12:14:32


Rowena Madrid (Female) 12:14:37


Adrian Recacho 12:15:07


Aldrin Pallera 12:21:58


Rolan Cera 12:22:20


Rosette Pesuelo (Female) 12:22:41


Ronald Dedace 12:22:59


Santi Aphiwattanas 12:23:31


Samuel Bacayra 12:25:18


Dar-C Silao 12:26:22


Vincent Helario 12:26:29


Vicente Wanasen Jr 12:26:50


Benjie Moron 12:28:43


Ryan Laban 12:31:35


Abner Corpus 12:31:48


Joven Avila 12:31:56


Edmundo Tam 12:32:53


Remy Caasi 12:34:36


Noel Pitapit 12:35:27


Twila Mae 12:36:13


Eugene Dulay 12:36:25


Alberto Cruz Jr 12:38:47


Sherwin Guansing 12:44:41


Joel Rodriguez 12:47:15


Fabian Tagle 12:47:24


Severlino Real 12:47:59


Michael Peralta 12:48:15


Oliver Cavinta 12:52:17


Bernadeth Rocapor 12:55:59


Allan Joseph Abenes 12:56:15


Edsel Castillana 12:56:34


Elizalde Estrella 12:58:32


Henschel Boragay 12:58:36


Gracito Villaver 12:59:20


Alvin Sanga 13:02:27


Ma. Cecilia Macogay (Female) 13:04:24


Randy Padua 13:07:44


Ariel Pisquiza 13:09:01


Roderick Margallo 13:09:05


Arnel Amor 13:12:08


Nik Antonio 13:15:34


Ronald Dela Rosa 13:16:12


John Roger Calisin 13:16:24


Rosario Milallos 13:16:32


Boy Bernie Abrugan 13:16:43


Jesus Bayrante 13:16:54


Albert Constancio Ramon Hefti III 13:17:16


Almar Kenneth Marjalino 13:19:13


John Kevin Morcel 13:24:13


Randy Torralba 13:24:14


Teddy Boral 13:26:09


Reo Rey Jagonap 13:26:53


Mark Anthony Reyes 13:29:45


Jamie Rose Rillo (Female) 13:30:33


Mary Kristine Ira Garcia 13:30:34


Joshua Martin Esquela 13:30:51


Gilbert Balid 13:32:31


Grace Diocampo (Female) 13:32:36


Luis Ricario Jr 13:38:18


Rona Saludes (Female) 13:39:31


Hermie Saludes 13:39:33


Miguel Beduya 13:39:57


Junmar Que 13:40:50


Marinela Camatog (Female) 13:40:51


Addison Sayoc 13:41:02


Cecilia Lalisan (Female) 13:43:23


Gudelia Marcelo (Female) 13:45:39


Michael Angelo Maleriado 13:46:01


Daisy Visperas 13:46:24


Rus Kristoffer Parcia 13:50:06


Cerryson Moreno 13:50:37


Michael Yap 13:51:05


Angelica Isabel Paz 13:51:07


Kendrick Asanion 13:54:57


Venerando Monsarat 13:55:32


Rolando Macapagal 13:55:37


Joseph Ronquillo 13:56:06


Mario Honrado 13:56:18


Ma. Julieta Rael 13:56:32


Delmo Sullano 13:56:50


Julius Cruzat 13:57:13


Mignun Ignacio 13:57:19


Yancy Manaog 14:00:11


Kenji Akinaga 14:00:48


Julius Distrajo 14:01:15


Oliver Abuyen 14:01:28


Francis Sandro 14:02:53


Danilo Anonuevo 14:04:02


Lester Evangelista 14:05:37


Joe Peter Alaguer 14:05:59


Celso Callo 14:10:08


Victor Ansel Tingson 14:14:54


Errol Flynn Regaya 14:15:53


Chris Jefferson Lozano 14:16:19


Prospero Ibardaloza 14:16:30


Rhaffy Borbo 14:16:41


Nelson Val Caro Jr 14:18:13


Maureen Genes (Female) 14:18:21


Marife Dacanay (Female) 14:18:30


Ray Paras 14:19:13


Christian Rabe 14:23:37


Michael Arcos 14:23:46


Henry Llorente 14:24:36


Cyrus Barrameda 14:24:41


Joseph Nebrida 14:26:44


Efren Grogorio 14:27:10


Manuel Rebandaban 14:28:33


Arvin Arcilla 14:34:21


Ma. Emilie Mangampo (Female) 14:37:10


Mildred Tugado (Female) 14:37:23


Roxanne Maquinto (Female) 14:37:42


Arman Belen 14:37:52


Andrie Pacayra 14:38:07


Felipe Calixto Ignacio 14:38:21


Donald Jaca 14:42:23


Barge Harvi Singson 14:44:16


Janice Gilbuena (Female) 14:45:07


Joeven Gilbuena 14:45:28


Arjay Argote 14:45:41


Juan Tan 14:46:18


Ronald Tagsuan 14:48:37


Martin Roces 14:53:19


Josephine Bonavente (Female) 14:53:36


Arsenio Chavez 14:53:48


Gerly Santos (Female) 14:58:23


Jesson Prima 15:03:11


Wilbert Robles 15:03:12


Kristoffer Pelona 15:03:13


Victor Cambarijan Jr 15:03:51


Lhara Daferina (Female) 15:07:43


Ryan Calisura 15:08:24


Victor Biagtan 15:08:35


Melisse Montalbon (Female) 15:08:58


Ricardo Roxas 15:09:09


Matthew Mutia 15:09:39


Chris Allan Bandola 15:11:45


Romar Jaucian 15:12:37


Carlos Pitapit 15:12:50


Victoria Rodriguez (Female) 15:13:33


Ma. Leslie Abad (Female) 15:13:42


Leandro Gigantoca 15:14:58


Shane Siy-hian (Female) 15:18:22


Willie Adaz 15:18:24


Anthony Evon Cruz 15:19:17


Tim Tuscano 15:21:11


Marie Grace Blanco Perez (Female) 15:22:14


Russel Hernandez 15:22:16


Shanie Sinagco (Female) 15:22:42


Herbert Puyat 15:23:41


Aleli Gloria Delos Santos (Female) 15:30:49


Melchor Nicolas 15:31:01


Aldrin Cosa Barde 15:37:01


Rosita Dino (Female) 15:46:37


Elordino Piodos 15:46:55


Melissa Sarmenta (Female) 15:51:09


Raymund Sabater 15:53:23


Daniel Caampued 15:53:39


Evangeline Gregorio (Female) 15:53:49


Queenie Lynne Aceveda (Female) 15:54:09


Dhonabel Castillo (Female) 15:54:20


Rowena Santos (Female) 15:54:36


Raymond Nable 15:56:50
Starting/Finish Area
Starting/Finish Area
Champion & Course Record Holder
Champion & Course Record Holder Ellud Kering From Kenya

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Official Result: 1st Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race

1st Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Marathon Race

1:00 AM February 6, 2015 To 3:00 AM February 8, 2015

Cut-Off Time: 50 Hours

Number Of Starters: 20

Number Of Finishers: 16

Percentage Of Finish: 80%

20 Runners @ The Starting Line In Luneta Park
20 Runners @ The Starting Line In Luneta Park

RANK                  NAME                                                                 TIME

1.  Lao Ogerio (Overall Champion, Course Record)– 42:35:36

2.  Elmar Bob Tolete (1st Runner-Up, Overall) ——- 42:51:36

3.  Marcelo Bautista (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —–  44:20:02

4.  Alfred Delos Reyes ————————————–  45:51:52

5.  Simon Pavel Miranda ———————————–  47:36:55

6.  Carlo Gonzales ——————————————-  47:46:52

7.  Rhodz Cordura ——————————————-  47:51:44

8.  Raffy Gabotero  ——————————————  48:06:30

9.  Allan Sabado   ——————————————–  48:12:42

10. Marlon Santos  ——————————————  48:17:16

11. Myk Dauz  ————————————————  48:26:57

12. Romhel Biscara —————————————— 48:47:28

13. Nelson Val Caro  —————————————– 48:49:29

14. Elmer Caballes  —————————————— 49:03:21

15. Albert Salazar  ——————————————- 49:03:34

16. Amor Gabriel  ——————————————- 49:10:01

Overall Champion Lao Ogerio
Overall Champion Lao Ogerio
1st Runner-Up Elmar Bob Tolete
1st Runner-Up Elmar Bob Tolete
2nd Runner-Up Marcelo Bautista
2nd Runner-Up Marcelo Bautista

Congratulations To All The Finishers.

Road Constructions @ BDM Ultra Route

There had been some new construction and repair jobs being done along the course route of the BDM 102 & 160 Ultra Races. The first construction site is located after passing the BDM Kilometer Post #86 which is located in Lubao, Pampanga. It is a repair job of a small bridge.

BDM Km Post #86 @ Lubao, Pampanga
BDM Km Post #86 @ Lubao, Pampanga
Bridge Repair/Construction After BDM Km Post #86
Bridge Repair/Construction After BDM Km Post #86

The runners can proceed to the construction area and they can cross the bridge by running or walking along a pedestrian bridge located at the right side of the construction site. It is shown on the picture below. However, the Support Vehicle are advised not to push through towards the construction site as the detour is located on an intersection before the bridge. One has to turn left and follow the road that goes back to the San Fernando-Olongapo Highway. On the first intersection along the said Highway, turn right and follow the road that goes to Guagua, Pampanga.

Pedestrian Bridge At The Right Side Of The Bridge

The second construction site located in the Poblacion of Guagua, Pampanga before reaching the BDM Kilometer Post #91. Once you pass the Poblacion of Guagua, Pampanga and the elevated bridge, the first road that turns right is now under construction. The runners can still walk through and pass this construction site in order to reach the BDM Km Post #91 but the Support Vehicles should be able to follow the Detour Route that would bring them back to the BDM Route.

Replacement Of Culvert @ Vicinity BDM Km Post #101
Replacement Of Culvert @ Vicinity BDM Km Post #101

The last construction site is a replacement of a culvert near the vicinity of BDM Km Post #101. There is a pedestrian wooden bridge located at the right side where the runners could cross the canal or construction site. Support Vehicles can take the detour route which the last crossing before reaching this construction site. Vehicles should turn left and follow the road that would bring them to the San Fernando-Olongapo Highway. Instead of going to the overpass, vehicles should stay at the rightmost lane for them to turn right on a road that would lead them to the BDM Km Post #101 and to the Provincial Capitol of Pampanga.

Pedestrian Wooden Bridge @ The Right Side Of The Construction Area
Pedestrian Wooden Bridge @ The Right Side Of The Construction Area

Runners should take extra precaution on these construction sites as most of the average ultra runners will be reaching these areas or locations on nighttime.

Good Luck To All The Runners!

“Read 100 Running Books A Year Challenge”

The art and long tradition of reading books among the youth and among most of us is already lost and forgotten. We tend to be industrious in reading books during our academic and schooling days as they are requirement in our daily lessons as required by the Subjects being taught by our Professors/Teachers. We were also made to submit “Book Reports” as part of a literary exercise for us to be able to write and make some critical analysis on the message or concept or lessons learned taken from the book that we have read.

With the advent of the Internet; Social Media; and Laptops/Cellphones/Ipads, seldom that I would see persons in planes, buses, trains, cafes, and public parks reading a book or a magazine or a newspaper. What is worse than not seeing people around us not reading any book in such traditional places is that our public libraries are almost forgotten to have existed.

Let me ask these questions to those who have finished their college studies and now working as professionals?

1. When was the last time that you visited our Public Library or your Workplace Library, if there is any?

2. Can you mention to me the title of the latest book and the author that you have read and tell me how long did it take you to finish reading the said book?

When I was a Member of the Promotion Board of the Philippine Army and later, as the Chairman of the Promotion Board to the Rank of Colonel in the Philippine Army, I had only ONE question for each of the candidates during the Interview (Final Part of the Process)——“What is the latest book that you have read and tell the Promotion Board the Synopsis and Lessons Learned you gathered in it in 5 Minutes?” If the candidate can not answer the question, he is told to leave the room and has to wait for another Promotion Cycle which equivalent to One Year!

This is not to say that I am going to do this with the other runners that if you have not read any running-related book, you are not meant to be accepted as one of my “friends” on Facebook or would allow you to join in any of my ultra races. This is a Challenge where one has to be motivated to re-start the good habit of reading any book for that matter. I could not over emphasize the importance of reading a book as it has a lot of advantages and reasons for us to improve as a human being.

Last week, I started to create a Facebook Page Group which has the same name as the title of this post. Each member of the group has to post the picture of the book that they are presently reading with the tag as to what number of such book. Once they finished the book, the member can make a brief synopsis of the book and post it on the Page. Some members would post the picture of books which they highly recommend for the other members to read. To make the effort more challenging, the books that should be submitted or posted on the Page are running-related books or books that has some running in it or if the character or characters of the story are runners or had adopted running as one of their sports or hobbies. I also encourage hiking books and other inspirational stories that has running in it.

On my part, I have two books that I would finish within the week. I have just finished the book “Anatomy For Runners” and about to start the book, “The Running Revolution”.

Books #1 & #2: The Anatomy For Runner & The Running Revolution
Books #1 & #2: The Anatomy For Runner & The Running Revolution

If you have access to the Internet and be able to buy books through Amazon, you can buy them in Kindle format. If you have access to bookstores, you can also buy them on hardbound or paperback edition and you can establish your personal running library. In your visits to another country, try to visit their bookstores in their shopping malls as such books can be purchased with the same price printed on the cover jacket of such book. In the United States, most of the books offer some discounts.

My next post will be a brief book summary of the books that I have to finish reading within this week.

Happy reading!