My Love With Seiko Watches

There was a time during my cadet days at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in the 70s that an enterprising Member/Officer of the PMA Headquarters/Tactics Group offered Seiko Diver’s Watches For Sale to the Cadet Corps. It is unfortunate that I did not take advantage of this offer as the payment can be easily made through a simple deduction from my monthly pay and allowance on cash or installment basis.

Fast forward. In the early 80s, while I was training for my first Marathon Race in Laoag City/Ilocos Norte where I was assigned as an Intelligence Officer, a friend of mine who owns a Gasoline Station where I usually end my LSDs gifted me a Seiko Diver’s Watch with Rubber Strap when he saw my Casio Runner’s Watch without any strap and observed me placing the said watch in my shorts’ pocket. Since that day, I have used the Seiko Diver’s Watch as my Running Watch. It was after so many running years when the rubber strap became brittle and broke into several pieces. Since then, I have forgotten where I left and stored the said watch.

In the mid-80s, I became interested to own Swiss-Made Watches as my brother gifted me with an Omega Constellation (Gold Edition) Watch which I bought in the USA after my Military Schooling. The watch is still with me up to this time!

Since the mid-90s up to the time I retired from the Military Service, I have a handful of Swiss-Made Watches in my collection but never bought a Seiko Watch.

After I finished in last year’s Boston Marathon Race, Josh, my son-in-law asked and invited me to watch the YouTube Channel. I was surprised when we watched videos about Seiko Watches. I did not know that he is also a Seiko Lover and Watch Collector. During my remaining days in Los Angeles, California in May 2019, I started watching Seiko Watch videos posted on YouTube on a daily basis using my IPad and IPhone. This experience motivated me to have a focused interest with Seiko Watches. And the rest is history.

Upon my arrival back in Manila, I went to the different Authorized Distributor (AD) Stores of Seiko Watches in Metro Manila looking for those watches I have seen on YouTube. Finally, my interest in Seiko Watches brought me back to the Watch Stores where I bought my Swiss-Made Watches in the 90s until the time that I retired from the Military Service. Some of the Sales Employees are still there and they are surprised why all of a sudden become interested with Seiko Watches!

My First Seiko Watch Bought In June 2019 (SRP637)

Since June 2019 up to the present, I have now more than 60 pieces of Seiko Watches + Citizen and Orient Watches in my Collection. Seventy Percent (70%) were bought locally and the rest were bought abroad (Italy, Hongkong, Malaysia, and USA). While in the USA, I bought my Seiko Watches through Amazon Prime.

In the future, I will be featuring each Watch in my Collection in this blog.

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New Direction, New Features, And More Categories

Starting today, I have thought of giving new direction to this blog. It will be a blog with new features, new adventures, and more categories. It simply means that this blog will not be purely about running and my adventures in ultrarunning. It will feature more of my daily life and activities, to include my thoughts and insights, and those things that are happening in the environment. I will also feature some information that are worthy of being shared to my followers and readers. Such information could be coming from the books and articles that I have read in published materials and as well from the Internet or Social Media. As a warning, Politics is not my cup of tea but I could write and post some of my thoughts on this matter based from my own perspective and opinion.

For the first time in history of writing blog in this WordPress site, I will be creating my posts and publishing them with the use of my IPhone. Which means that I could post an article or story in any place where I am, attach a picture from my Photo Album, with the least time possible! Maybe, I could post more stories everyday and make this blog like a Twitter or Facebook posts! I guess, it will be more exciting and fun writing blogs in a spur of the moment. And also with this kind of arrangement, I could immediately reply to the comments of my subscribers/readers.

See? I just tried to post the picture I have taken of myself after my running workout yesterday! Wow! I need to post another story to describe this picture in my next blog post. That is how fast and convenient in writing my blog/story for the day!

It will be exciting in writing about my future posts in this blogsite and I am already enjoying it. It is now time to go out for my daily running workout and thanks for reading this “heads-up” post for what to expect in the revival of this blogsite! Thank you and Stay Safe always! 

Master The Basics & Do It Every Day

“Master the Basics and Do it Every Day” By Dr. Jason Ross

Note: While browsing on the Internet, I came to reach and read this article. I decided to have it posted in this blog and share it to my readers as a reference or reminder to those who are fond of writing or coming up with their respective New Year’s Resolutions for better healthy lifestyle and outlook in life. I hope my readers will like this article as a guide for their goals in life. Good luck!
I’m a huge fan of Dan John.  He’s a strength coach that has the ability to boil down the fluff and periphery to get to the important, central stuff.  Own the principles, not the methods.  Dan has many books, articles, videos, a lot for free,  all over the Internet.  I would suggest anyone interested in health and strength to take an hour or two and read his stuff and watch his videos.One of the things that has always stuck with me is Dan’s approach to the basics.  Don’t get crazy reaching for the top of the pyramid if your base is not there.
The other point comes from legendary coach Dan Gable who Dan often quotes.  “If it’s important, do it every day.” With that template, master the basics and if it’s important, do it every day, here is my list in no particular order.
1.  Drink water.  Half your body weight in ounces.  Sport drinks don’t count, tea doesn’t count.  Water.  If you drink coffee or pop add another 8 ounces of water.
2.  Don’t drink pop.
3.  Walk.  Try to get 15 minutes a day. Minimum.
4.  Get sunshine.  Have the actual suns rays touch your skin.
5. Get your Vitamin D levels checked twice a year.  Keep your level above 50.  1000 IU for every 25lb of body weight when supplementing.
6.  Lift weights.  Find something you like and do it 2x a week.  I don’t care if it kettle bells, cross fit, powerlifting, bodybuilding or what ever is next around the corner.  The more muscle mass you carry as you age, the more healthy you will be.  Guaranteed.  Carry something, push something, pick something off the floor, pull yourself up.  (colored dumbbells do not count though.)
7.  Floss.  There is a lot of evidence for the health of your gums and the health of your heart.
8.  Wear your seat belt.  ( I stole 7,8,9 from Dan John himself)
9.  Take fish oil.  3-5 grams a day.
10.  Get rid of polyunsaturated oils.  I think this is why most people that adapt a paleo or primal or low carb diet see such improvements.  Unhealthy oils destroy your body.
11.  Be grateful.  Make a mental list or a physical one.
12.  Breath well.  Inhale with the diaphragm.  Exhale.  The ribs should move, not your shoulders.
13.  Stretch the hip flexor and then pair it with a glute activation exercise.  Your lumbar spine will thank you.
14.  Get down on the floor on your back and get back up.  Several times a day.  No particular technique needed.  I’ve lost track of how many patients tell me they fear getting down on the floor for how hard it will be for them to get back up.  Don’t let that happen in the first place.  If you don’t make it a priority, it can be weeks before you have to actually do it.  Think about that for a second.
15.  Eat some vegetables.  Think Rainbow.
16.  Master the hip hinge.  Use it.  When you bend at the hips not the back, you save your back abuse.
17.  Read.  The person that doesn’t read and the person that doesn’t know how, not much difference.
18.  Roll the bottoms of your feet with golf balls.  A lot of fascial lines evolve or cross the bottoms of the feet.  Next time your tired at work or after work, take a few minutes to do this and feel your energy return.19.  Focus on getting some good fat in your diet.  MCT oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, olive oil, fish oil, avocado, red palm oil, to name a few.20.  Drink Green Tea.  On top of the water you are going to drink.  It’s like amazing for you.

21.  Laugh.

22.  Sleep.  7-8 hours a night.  There is a lot out there these days about how to get by on less, but science doesn’t seem to support that.

23.  Your own personal physical/personal goal.  Find a way to work at it every day.  If you want to write, write at least one sentence.  If you want more mobile hips, do 5 min a day of hip mobility work.  Striving towards something you want every day, builds strength and character.  Lay some ground work every day, it’s the consistency that counts and makes real changes.

This is my list, I think it’s hard to argue with any of them.  What do you want to add?