New Direction, New Features, And More Categories

Starting today, I have thought of giving new direction to this blog. It will be a blog with new features, new adventures, and more categories. It simply means that this blog will not be purely about running and my adventures in ultrarunning. It will feature more of my daily life and activities, to include my thoughts and insights, and those things that are happening in the environment. I will also feature some information that are worthy of being shared to my followers and readers. Such information could be coming from the books and articles that I have read in published materials and as well from the Internet or Social Media. As a warning, Politics is not my cup of tea but I could write and post some of my thoughts on this matter based from my own perspective and opinion.

For the first time in history of writing blog in this WordPress site, I will be creating my posts and publishing them with the use of my IPhone. Which means that I could post an article or story in any place where I am, attach a picture from my Photo Album, with the least time possible! Maybe, I could post more stories everyday and make this blog like a Twitter or Facebook posts! I guess, it will be more exciting and fun writing blogs in a spur of the moment. And also with this kind of arrangement, I could immediately reply to the comments of my subscribers/readers.

See? I just tried to post the picture I have taken of myself after my running workout yesterday! Wow! I need to post another story to describe this picture in my next blog post. That is how fast and convenient in writing my blog/story for the day!

It will be exciting in writing about my future posts in this blogsite and I am already enjoying it. It is now time to go out for my daily running workout and thanks for reading this “heads-up” post for what to expect in the revival of this blogsite! Thank you and Stay Safe always! 


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