Final Instructions: Bataan 102



1.       The Assembly Area will be at the Bataan Death March Park at KM 00 in Mariveles, Bataan.

2.       The Assembly Time will be at 11:30 PM of 04 April 2005 especially to those who will pick-up their Race Packets at the Assembly Area. Accounting of participants will be done immediately and other final instructions will be announced at this time. Once the runners are complete, a simple program will be held.

3.       The race will start immediately after a simple program and the Race Director will not wait up to 1:00 AM for the start of the race. Expect that the race will start immediately after midnight or immediately after the simple program.

4.       There will be five (5) Aid Stations along the route where each Aid Station will be stationed every 20 kilometers. The 5th Aid Station will be positioned at Km # 50.

5.       For those participants without support vehicle, there will be at least three (3) Mobile Support Vehicles as “Mobile Aid Stations” for all the runners. These mobile aid stations will alternately “leap frog” every two (2) kilometers.

6.       As the distance in between runners would stretch along the route, runners without support vehicles are encouraged to bring hydration system with them in order to anticipate their hydration and cooling needs. Ideally, one bottle for water and another bottle for “electrolyte” drinks carried by the runner through his/her hydration system would be appreciated.

7.        Runners are encouraged to wear their issued race shirts during the race. However, if a runner intends to wear another shirt, make sure that the issued Race Bib shall be worn in front of the shirt or shorts. Runners are encouraged to wear white and light-colored shirts to lessen heat absorption from the sun.

8.       There will be “checkers” along the route who will be writing the name/race number of the runner as he/she passes a certain point. Color-coded bands will be given along the route to each runner as a “proof” that the runner passed the point.

9.       There will be a designated Mobile “Drop Bag” Vehicle which will be the repository of all the bags of the runners. The vehicle will be “shuttling” along the course.

10.    If a runner decides to discontinue the race, he/she should inform the race marshal at the Mobile Aid Station or at the nearest stationary Aid Station and he/she will be picked-up by the Ambulance or any vehicle of the Race Organizer.

11.    Runners are encouraged to wear headlights or bring with them handy flashlight during the early part of the race due to poor visibility along the route. Runners are also encouraged to wear “reflectorized” accessories.

12.    Due to poor visibility during the early part of the race, the runners are encouraged to run at least in pair or in group for safety purposes. The runners will be guided by road marshals on major intersections and sensitive areas. The Mobile Aid Stations will also be there to guide the runners along the route.

13.   As the heat of the sun plays its toll to the runners, participants are encouraged to hydrate themselves, take salt, drink sweet beverages—Coke/Mountain Dew to maintain their blood’s sugar level, drink “electrolytes” (Gatorade & Propel) and eat available food at the Mobile & Stationary Aid Stations. Remember, our main opponent in this race is the heat of the sun and the pavement. Runners are encouraged to pour water over their heads, carry & wipe their bodies with cold water-soaked sponges, and “listen to their body” for early signs of “heat stroke” and heat-related problems. Additionally, apply “sunblock” lotion to parts of the body exposed to the sun.

14.   In case of contingency and concerns during the race, the Race Director could be contacted at Cellphone # 0927-616-2978. This number will be activated on 12 Noon of April 3, 2009.

15.    An arrangement was made with PETRON on the availability of their Gas Station’s Comfort Rooms along the route to all the participants of this race. Due to the proximity of Jollibee and the City Hall of Mariveles at the Starting Line, their Comfort Rooms will be available to the runners.

16.    A Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, and Finisher’s T-Shirt will be awarded to the runner once he/she crosses the Finish Line. An Individual Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to the finishers on a later date.

17.    At least, two (2) ambulance units with a medical team in each vehicle will be available during the race. One ambulance will be positioned at the middle and at the rear of the running group.

18.    Definitely, the race registration is closed, except for the runners from Singapore.

19.    Let us observe “honor system” in this race.  “Cheaters” will be banned permanently in future races organized by our outfit.

20.    Let us help one another to make this event a success and something to be proud of in the world of ultramarathon races.

“A Salute To Our Heroes…Run, Endure, and Survive the Bataan Death March”

11 thoughts on “Final Instructions: Bataan 102

  1. It looks like BR has organized a top-flight event.

    I salute all of you who are taking part in this challenge. I look forward to reading your race reports. Keep your eyes on the prize, take one step at a time, take salt each hour, and protect yourself from the sun at all times.

    Good luck to everyone!



  2. sir jovie, is there a typo error on:

    4. There will be five (5) Aid Stations along the route where each Aid Station will be stationed every 20 kilometers. >>>The 5th Aid Station will be positioned at Km # 50.<<<

    medyo naguluhan po ako.




  3. I got excited just reading the title. : ) Charlie and I adopted the buddy system. We’ll start and finish the race together.


  4. Good Luck to Baldrunner and all the brave participants of the 1st Bataan Death March Ultra Marathon. I hope the success of this event can help put Philippine Long Distance Running on the global stage over the coming years

    Regards Mark


  5. dr joe, even if we missed you in our “test run” and “runabout”, i am confident that you will finish this one with flying colors!

    qs, i hope this will be the start of something bigger in the history of running in the country. the prize is insignificant to every runner but the “vision” for this event will live on. thanks!

    jerry, you know already on what to do. be safe always.

    ronald, 20,.. 40,,, 50,.. 60,.. 80…that is 5 aid stations..hehehe!

    jonel, yup! this is all for the “bragging rights” and the personal experience..just imagine that you are one of the 82 brave runners who dared to take the challenge out of the 6-7,000 runners in the country. juz relate this experience on how an ordinary filipino citizen becomes a “bugobugo”/”cavalier”…we are few but we are the best! di ba?

    mark, that is a very good with a friend and share stories during the race. keep the ipods away from you!

    mark, that is the “vision” of this ultra event and i hope this continue to live on. thanks for the comment.

    ronnie, just relax and believe in yourself. can i ask you to deliver our prayers during the simple program before the start of the race? thanks in advance!


  6. Greetings Baldrunner and Bataan Runners. Just a quick note to say hi and to let you know that you are listed in my prayers this weekend. May God grant each of you an extra measure of strength and endurance as you set out to run for those that “ran before us” and endured the Bataan March. May He protect each of you from injury and/or harm. We are grateful for you and our heroes.

    God’s Best to each of you as you run.

    Bro. Craig, Michelle & Justin Logn


  7. Hi Jovie !
    I would like to thank you and all the persons involved in this well organized race , special thanks to the marshall manning the “roving” water and sponge distribution during the loooong stretch. Unfortunately I had to throw the towel at km 87 . The Death March got me .. I shall look forward to finish next year . Again thank you to all
    Jerome AKA Mr frenchman


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