Book Signing With Karno

Almost two weeks ago, Eric aka E-rod posted in his blog the scheduled signing of the 2nd book of Dean Karnazes entitled 50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons In 50 Days–and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance! at the Barnes & Noble Store in Costa Mesa, California last 16 August 2008.

And so, together with my wife and son, we went to the said store and bought the said book and bought also Karno’s first book for him to sign. The signing activity started on time at 2:00 PM with about 80-100 people where Dean Karnazes started the activity with a brief talk about the background of his new book and later there was open forum where he answered some interesting questions about his running capabilities and ultramarathon events from the audience.

When the book signing started, we left the store to have our late lunch as we were very hungry while waiting in line with the other “fans” of Karno. After more than one hour of lunch, I went back to the store with still a long line towards Karno. While, I was waiting, Eric approached me as he was there also for the event, and we had a brief conversation and gave me some “tips” about the Bulldog Trail. He asked one of the guys infront of us to take a picture. 

A pose with Eric aka E-Rod at the book signing of Karno’s 2nd book at Barnes & Noble Store, Costa Mesa, California.

I was one of the last “customers” of Karno for the book signing and he entertained me for some quick conversation for about 5+ minutes before he finally signed his two books. He recalled seeing me at Badwater and at the San Francisco Marathon Expo. This book signing was my 3rd time to have a picture taken with him! I finally asked him if he can visit the Philippines to speak before the runners and to the Pinoy ultramarathoners and he answered positively. He advised me to send a message to his website after next month as he is scheduled for an ultramarathon event in the Sahara Desert this September/October.

Karno’s brief talk and open forum with the audience before he signed his book to almost 100 of his “fans”

A picture of the Bald Runner/Bald Ultrarunner and the Ultramarathon Man with his two books! (Note: No sunglasses for Karno this time!)

Karno’s handwritten dedication in his latest book “50/50”

Karno’s handwritten dedication to his 1st book, “Ultramarathon Man”

Karno told me during our conversation that he would like to visit the Philippines as he had never been to our country. Hopefully, the Bald Runner will do something about this with the help of all the runners and ultramarathoners in the Philippines.

2 thoughts on “Book Signing With Karno

  1. The organizer of the The North Face 100 is planning to bring karno to the Philippines…

    Plan for another ultramarathon race in the Philippines and invite him to be part of it. Ultramarathon ‘for a cause’ perhaps since karno has been involved in charity and the likes. I think that would be attractive for him rather than just a mere race.


  2. Very nice report BR!

    I’m glad you mentioned his new book; I have to get it now. How much longer are you staying in the U.S. ?



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