Race Strategy & Tactics: Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run

1. Finish The Race—The ultimate objective in participating to this ultramarathon trail race is to finish the race. This will be my first ultramarathon trail run and treat this as my benchmark for future training in ultramarathon races.

2. Think Time, Not Distance—Since this will be a run along the mountain trails of Malibu & Calabasas, my average pace will be slower and I have to finish the race within the 9-hour limit, starting at 6:30 AM and closing the race at 3:30 PM. I should be able to run eack 25K loop within 4 hours or better.

3. Familiarity of the Race Route—I ran the 25-K loop twice, one week before and after the San Francisco Marathon finishing each run practice at 3:30 to 4 hours. At least, I have a knowledge of the route and had experienced running it during noontime.

4. Start Slow and and Try To Finish Faster—As advised by ultra runners, I should not be carried by the fast pace of most of the runners and be able to maintain a slower pace at the start of the race and hopefully increasing my pace on my run with my second-loop. This might be a tall order to accomplish as the last 25K will be a “hard distance” to finish because of the heat of the sun and the pain expected to appear in my tired legs.

5. Walk on Steep Uphill Roads and Recover Downhill—I plan to brisk walk on the steep uphill parts of the route to conserve my energy for about a duration of 3-5 minutes. However, the rule of thumb would be to brisk walk at least 3-5 minutes every 10 kilometers to give my legs some rest from running/slow jogging.

6. Water & Hydration—I should be able to take a sip of my water every 2 kilometers or before going through an uphill portion of the route.

7. Energy Drinks/GU/Energy Bar—I should take my GU every eight kilometers. I should be able to take advantage of the presence of the aid stations by getting energy drinks and energy bars/food available.

8. Breakfast Before Leaving the House—I need to take some food before leaving the house at 4:30 AM for added source of energy for the run. “Going to the toilet” would be the first thing to do once I wake up tomorrow.

9. Encourage conversation with other runners and be friendly to them—Running this ultramarathon trail race is an opportunity to advertise or let other runners know the existence of this blog. This is a nice strategy for marketing.

10. Sleep early—After posting this, I will have my dinner with lots of pasta and have to be in the bedroom early.

5 thoughts on “Race Strategy & Tactics: Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run

  1. benwah

    Congratulations, Sir Jovie. I was honored to finally meet you and your son. You did extremely well. Parang kaya pa ng isang round. Proud of you, sir. Mabuhay!! A lot of runners have underestimated Bulldog with little preparation. You’re well heat trained as indicated in your blog and pre-run the course too. I did the same under the RD, Nancy Shura-Dervin. Enjoy “Running In The Sun”. The winner of that race, Eric Clifton finished 6th (?) today.

    There’s a very good race coming up on Labor Day, Sept 1. It’s called Run to the Top of Mt Baldy. It’s 8.5 miles straight up (Elev 10,064 ft). After finishing, you have to walk back 4 miles to catch a ski lift to the parking lot or you can run another 4.5 miles to the parking. We have a scheduled training run the day before. Thus, I have to pass up. I’ve run Mt Baldy race a few times. Lastly, if you’re here for LA Marathon next year, I recommend Catalina Marathon 2 weeks after. It’s a great scenic race at the island. Lots of hills but you’ll love it.

    Cheers to you, Sir.


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