Jogging Lane

I was informed by my staff who had been assigned at the Division Headquarters for the passed so many years that former and past Commanders of the Division planned to have a jogging lane at the periphery of the Parade Ground which is basically a flat terrain. Such plan did not materialize due to reasons not known by the oficers and men. In Metro Manila, the Headquarters Philippine Army has a jogging lane at its Parade Ground which had been established in the early 1990s.

After two weeks of closely supervising my personnel with the Command’s Engineering Detachment, they were able to establish a jogging lane along the flat surface of the Parade ground. The jogging lane has an actual distance (measured by meter tape) of 581 meters. I have included this jogging lane as part of my 4-kilometer loop jogging route inside the camp in Jamindan.

Shown in the picture is the Grandstand infront of the Parade Ground with the jogging lane bounded by white painted stones on ts both sides. After the sand and gravel had settled with the ground, the jogging lane will be asphalted later to make it more sturdy from the loosening its ground brought about by rains during the wet season.


6 thoughts on “Jogging Lane

  1. quicksilverrunner

    Hi King,

    Nice running lane. Talk about taking the initiative. I hope you place a memorial plaque so runners using it later will remember who placed it there.

    I haven’t said Hi in a while. I’m trying triathlons now, and the new skills (swim and bike) are keeping me busy. Am running the Big Sur marathon this weekend.

    I’m still headed to the Philippines in late June. Hope I can do a run with you one of those days. According to my coach, I’m not allowed to slow down so I’ll train during my visit.

    Have a great day!



  2. kingofpots

    marga, yup! i’ve been to that place/jogging lane at Poro Point. the asphalted road-loop infront of the Voice of America Compound at Poro Point was a memorable jogging place for me. that was the place where i had my “speed runs” when i was training for the PMAAA Alumni Marathon held in 1981 or 82 (fm Camp Allen to PMA Grandstand). I was 1st Runner-Up in that road race!

    quicksilver, wow! how i wish, someday, i could run also the Big Sur. i heard this is one of the most organized & “green” friendly marathons in the world. i know the scenery along the route which is the best attraction of the event. i hope it will not be windy on race day. good luck. i’ll see to it that we’ll have a run together while you are here in the country.


  3. quicksilverrunner

    Hi King,

    About Big Sur, I just ran it today. I will post photos on my blog so you can see what I experienced; I couldn’t run fast because I kept stopping to take photos–it was worth it. I’ll let you know when the Big Sur posting is up!

    Have a great day!



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