2008 Boston Marathon Experience

Last night while reading on WordPress’ Tag Surfer’s posted articles related to Running, I came across a personal account of a blogger, Heather Daniel, participating in the most prestigious Boston Marathon which was held last 21 April 2008. It was my first time to visit her blog and I am greatly impressed on her account of her experiences before, during , and after her participation in the 2008 Boston Marathon.

I seldom post in my blog stories and experiences of other runners/bloggers in the Internet because I wanted my blog to be about my training, preparation, my personal observations on the road races I joined, and my personal experiences on running and sometimes about my work. But because of my great admiration of the Boston Marathon’s stories in the 1980s and its prestige it brought to all runners worldwide which I consider as the “Holy Grail” of running, I might as well share the story of Heather to my visitors and friends.

I hope most of you will be inspired after reading her story and who knows, you can make it, too, in the Boston Marathon in the future. This is her story.

Thanks Heather for allowing me to share your blog and story. Happy running!


6 thoughts on “2008 Boston Marathon Experience

  1. gssantos66

    Hi Baldrunner, thank you for posting in your blog the story of Heather Daniel. I was impressed on her experiences before, during, after and finish the line with the new PR 3:37:40 that’s great!!! I know there is a qualifying time of 3:20:00 before you participate on that prestigious Boston Marathon, am I right? I hope someday makatakbo rin tayong dalawa baldrunner sa Boston Marathon!


  2. kingofpots

    gs, thanks for your comment. i immediately made a research on the qualifying times to join the Boston Marathon & got this from their website and a runner would get his/her qualifying time in one of the listed marathon races held in the USA & other countries.
    Qualifying times are based upon your age on the date of the Boston Marathon – April 21, 2008.
    Age Men Women
    18-34 3:10 3:40
    35-39 3:15 3:45
    40-44 3:20 3:50
    45-49 3:30 4:00
    50-54 3:35 4:05
    55-59 3:45 4:15
    60-64 4:00 4:30
    65-69 4:15 4:45
    70-74 4:30 5:00
    75-79 4:45 5:15
    80+ 5:00 5:30
    *An additional 59 seconds will be accepted for each age group time standard. For example, a net time of 3:50:59 will be accepted for a 42-year old woman.
    A 3:45 qualifying time for me will entail a lot of practice & sacrifices but as i said this is the “Holy Grail” in running and it’s nice to “dream” joining and finishing it someday. Who knows?
    Keep on reading and happy reading!


  3. gssantos66

    Thanks baldrunner for the info about qualifying times. For my age category 40 – 44 I need not more than 3:20:59 ok… I will try next year. Again thanks!!!


  4. markfb

    Wow, for my age category I need an average of 4:15 per kilometer. That’s the goal then! : ) Thanks for the info on qualifying times.


  5. kingofpots

    gs, that will be a nice goal to attain but you need to qualify in one of the marathons in the USA before April 2008 or 2009. good luck & thanks for the visit.

    mark, you are still in your prime and i know you can make it. try to qualify at the tucson marathon (arizona) on december 7 this year which is a downhill course, just in time for 2009 boston marathon. good luck!


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