Bald Runner’s Charity Fund

29 April 2008

Today, I am starting my Charity Fund where I will commit part of my “retirement money” to every kilometer that I run in my practices or workouts as well as in my road races/competition runs. Based from my “1,000 Km Club”, I will be paying to the Charity Fund Twenty Five Pesos (P 25.00) for every kilometer that I register and this is retroactive from the day I started logging my runs in this “1,000K Club”

Starting with the 4th Bonifacio Global City Run last 20 April 2008 and for that matter, in every road race that I participate in the future, I will be paying/contributing to the Charity Fund an amount of Fifty Pesos (P 50.00) for every kilometer.

As of today, the Charity Fund has the following total cash amount taken from the following:

a) “1,000 Km Club”—397 kms X P 25.00 = P 9,925.00

b) 4th Global City Run—10 X P 50.00 = P 500.00

c) Total Amount Available From Charity Fund—P 10,425.00

The Bald Runner’s Charity Fund will be initially used to buy running shoes for the “barefoot kids” shown in the pictures I posted during the 4th Bonifacio Global City Run at The Fort Last 20 April 2008.

I will see to it that these kids will be identified through their race bibs and my staff will try to trace them and someday we will be able to bring them to a sports store to buy a pair of running shoes for them.

If there are interested person/s who would like to contribute to this charity fund, please leave a comment to this post. Other runners are also encouraged to start their own “system” or “ways” to raise money to support these “barefoot kids” and other “causes” where our help is badly needed. 

6 thoughts on “Bald Runner’s Charity Fund

  1. datc035

    Count me in Bald Runner. I really felt for these kids when I saw them zooming past me during the race. I think we have a lot of talent that can be developed but sadly not enough support from sponsors. Let’s try and make a difference. I’ll be watching out in your blog for mechanics on how to contribute to your fund.


  2. kingofpots

    datc, by next week, my staff will be able to identify the kids through their bibs. i will use my money i put in my charity fund to buy their shoes. i hope the management of mizuno shoes through kc joaquin will be able to give us discounted price for their shoes or maybe, get discounts frm reebok, nike, or adidas. thanks for the support. see you at next race!


  3. theloonyrunner

    hey, this a great plan! Very inspiring… You’re becoming the Godfather of running in our country 🙂

    hey, maybe you can do a fund raising run where people will run with you, and each participant will pledge a certain amount for each kilometer also. I think a lot of people will sign up for that to have the chance to run alongside the bald runner…. 🙂


  4. kingofpots

    loony, i like the name “Godfather” but I prefer to be called “Colonel Kurtz”…hehehe. for the mean time, i’ll start with the BR’s Charity Fund with a “low-key” exposure and having a charity fun run with the other runners with me would bring “mixed speculations” from other people. i am retiring from the service in two weeks and i just simply want to run and help other runners enjoy the sports after my retirement. See you at the Runnex Run.


  5. doralicious

    This is a great idea sir! Very fulfilling and inspiring as well! I admire your desire to help those who aren’t as blessed, through something that you love doing. I am actually considering doing a program like this soon!

    I am a “newbie” at running, (and like all other runners) a big fan of your blog. I’ve also been meaning to donate shoes, I just keep on forgetting to bring them. :O) (I’ll make sure to bring the shoes in UP on May 25!) And I hope to get to meet you soon!

    Keep on blogging! You are a big inspiration to all runners … and to our troops as well! (I am a military brat! Dad is from Magiting Class ’70)

    More Power!
    Doray Delarmente


  6. kingofpots

    councilor/dr doray, thanks for the comment and for regularly visiting this blog. this blog is dedicated to all the runners and for those who are planning to involve themselves in physical fitness. thanks also for your support in my project/s to help the less-fortunate ones. i will see you at UP on may 25. my warmest regards to your dad. we’ve been together in one office during the early 80s. you have a nice blog, too! good luck & happy running.


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