“Mysterious Smiling Mr Romy”

After finishing the Global City/ANTA 10 K Run this morning, I spent more time at the Project Donate A Shoe Booth to meet runners who posted their comments in my blog, most especially to Annalene who made a comment about the “barefoot” runner. I was able to meet Annalene, her husband, and her daughter and we had some picture taking and brief conversation about running.

From having a “barefoot” runner on the eyes of Annalene, I was able to have a glance from a distance the smile of “Mr Romy” who donated three bagful of running shoes which contained seven (7) pairs of still reliable running/workout shoes. I was trying to call his attention and make him sign some papers or give him the white “ONE” wristband or have a pose with him and my staff for documentation needed in the project but he just smiled, waved his hands and turned his back away from the booth without any word.

Whoever you are, Mr Romy, you are also a mysterious guy who has a “big heart” to those who are in need. I respect you for being “mysterious” and for being the most benevolent runner and donor to this project. I will never forget your smile even if you were wearing a sunglass this morning. Thank you very much and rest assured that your donation will benefit to our less-privileged runners. More blessings to you!


2 thoughts on ““Mysterious Smiling Mr Romy”

  1. annalenemb

    hi bald runner!

    Global Fun Run was a great race for me and became even sweeter after a brief chat with you about running.

    As to your project ” Donate a Shoe” , i am glad to know that any other type of rubber shoes will be accepted as donation as we have some reliable old shoes at home. We can share and bring them in our next road race. Are you joining Runnex@25 this 04 May?

    Before I forget, let me extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for sharing your time with me and my family. You know, you are really inspiring us to run and be fit.

    i am also very happy, as my husband and my two other kids (we have three children, Faye being the eldest) are now volunteering themselves to join road races and to even donate their old shoes…. whew! I am really ecstatic as the dream of running as a family will soon unfold because of your influence and motivation… thanks to your blog…it serves its purpose of touching our lives

    Again, thanks a lot… you will always be in my prayers.


  2. kingofpots

    annalene, it was really nice to meet your family yesterday morning and i am glad that the whole family will be on to running. that will be nice. anyway, as i promised, i will start my “Running 101” soon for the benifit of your husband and kids and to the other readers of this blog who want to start a physical fitness program through running. my staff will accept any kind of rubber shoes and i know that somebody would be needing such items. i have been supporting GK communities in Ilocos and Iloilo for some time now and I am extending this project in giving “used” shoes to families living in these GK communities. i know that other runners will support me in this endeavor. keep on reading my posts & god bless, too!


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