Final Instructions: 1st PAU 50K Run

1st PAU 50K Run

Tanay, Rizal (Intersection East Road in Tanay & Road going to Sampaloc, Tanay. Look for the Shell Station)

5:00 AM May 9, 2010

Rules & Regulations:

  1. This is a 50K Road Race. Every runner must be able to maintain the Integrity of this Race. “Cheaters” are automatically disqualified and removed from the race.
  2. Support Vehicle is NOT a MUST for every runner. If a runner has the capability to have his/her support vehicle, he/she can bring a support vehicle. However, the support vehicle should “leap-frog” the runner. Support vehicle “shadowing” the runner is not allowed. Only four-wheeled support vehicles will be allowed. Motorcycles and Bicycles will not be allowed as support vehicles for the runners.
  3. Pacer is not allowed in this race. If a runner wants to have a pacer, he/she must register his/her pacer as one of the runner-competitors in the race.
  4. All runners are required to have their hydration belt or system with them while on the run. A participant can use the usual Hydration Belt, Camelbak Hydration System, or Hand-held water bottles. The month of May is a part of the Summer Season of the country and the running weather will be hot and humid. Every runner is advised to hydrate themselves based from their training/preparation for this race.
  5. Runners are allowed to run on any side of the road provided they are vigilant of their surroundings. Registered/Competing Runners can pace with each other.
  6. Runners are highly encouraged not to wear headsets/earphones and MP3s & Ipods during the race. If runners think that such gadget would motivate them to run, it will be permitted, however, they should be aware and vigilant of their surroundings.
  7. Runners will be given the option to use “drop bags” for their special hydration fluids,  food and running apparel during the race. Five (5) plastics bags will be given to runners who will opt to use this system of fluid & food replenishment. Each of these bags shall be marked properly as to what Kilometer Mark they will be pre-positioned. Drop Bags will be positioned at the 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, and Finish Line points.
  8. Race Bibs shall be displayed or pinned in front of the singlet or running shorts. Race bibs should always be visible to the Race Officials.
  9. There will be limited Road Marshals along the route. Please take note of the “directional signs” on the road/ground with the inscriptions “PAU 50K” with an arrow pointed at the direction of the route.
  10. There will be no tie in the ranking of finishers in this race. Every runner must exert his effort and perform as a competitor. This event is a race to the finish line.
  11. Dispose your waste or litter properly. A runner will be disqualified for throwing along the road with their litter or waste.
  12. The race will start at 5:00 AM or earlier. Runners are highly encouraged to be at the Starting Line at least one hour before the Start Time. There will be no Formal Program prior to the start of the race as this will be a “fun run” and at the same time a competitive race.
  13. Runners should meet the following requirements/qualifications:
    1. Should have finished a registered Marathon Race.
    2. Must be physically healthy and don’t have any heart-related ailments
    3. Must be at least 18 years old.
  14. There will be no Cash Prizes for the winners. Instead, Top Three (3) runners in the Men’s and Ladies Categories will receive Trophies.
  15. Duly registered members of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) will be ranked based from their finish times in this race. Their ranking will be published at and/or
  16. Runners who will finish within the cut-off time of eight (8) hours will receive Individual Trophy, Certificate of Achievement, and a Finisher’s T-Shirt.
  17. Always “Listen To Your Body” during the race. If you experience some pain in your body, observe and slow down with your pace or better, start walking. If the pain persists and if you think that you are injured and could not finish the race, please approach the nearest Aid Station and wait for the Ambulance, if you need one. Contact the Race Director at Cell Phone# 0918-910-0825 if you declare yourself as Did Not Finish.
  18. The use of “pain killer” medication is not prohibited during the race. Bring your own salt tablets and glucolytes.
  19. “Bandits” are not allowed to run or walk along the route during the conduct of the race.
  20. Aid Stations will have Water, Sports Drinks (Gatorade), and Food for the runners. The Water Aid Stations will be located every 10 kilometers. The Aid Stations will serve as the hydration replenishment point to every runner.
  21. Although this Race is a competitive event, treat your co-competitors as your friend/partner during the race. Try to assist or ask a runner who stopped along the course about his condition or if he/she needs help/assistance. Who knows, this runner whom you helped in this race will be the one who will help you in case you need assistance in your future races.
  22. Hiking “poles” or “sticks” are not allowed in this race. Runners should finish the race unaided with any equipment.
  23. Running “half-naked” is allowed in this race, provided, the race bib is visible in front of the runner. However, runners are warned that the weather along the race route is unpredictable.
  24. There will be no portalets provided along the race route. Make sure to make the necessary adjustments on this matter. As for the ladies, they could ask the residents of houses situated along the road for them to use their toilet/s. Use you initiative.
  25. The display of corporate logos of runners’ sponsors on tarpaulins is not authorized. Runners can display their sponsor’s logos on their running apparel only.
  26. The decision of the Race Director is FINAL.

Note: For those who reserved their slots and have not paid their registration fees, they are advised to be at the Starting Line at least One Hour before the Start time. This is to include those runners who will be leaving their “drop bags” at the Starting Area for distribution to the different designated “drop-off” points. There will be no registration on-site.

Good Luck To All The Participants & Support Crew!!!


5 thoughts on “Final Instructions: 1st PAU 50K Run

  1. ericssoc

    “…Aid Stations will have Water, Sports Drinks (Gatorade), and Food for the runners…” ayan, well-nourished tayo during the race.

    btw, am driving alone to the Sierra Madre (50K mark) and park my car there. para when i reach the finish line, andun na ang cage ko. my Big problem would be how to get to Shell Tanay for the starting line by 4am. i hope i can hitch a ride from SMadre resort to Shell by that time. meron po ba dyan?


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