Running Under The Sun

1. Last week, I had a 10K easy run at the Ultra Oval Track wherein I started my run at 8:00 AM. It was too hot already and I could feel the heat of the sun while preparing myself under the shade of a tree. Nevertheless, I started my run as I was the only “crazy” runner along the track. Well, there were other people under the heat of the sun at the same time at the Oval Track but they were not running, they were there for a location-shooting. Actually, there were two groups complete with their cameras, equipments and props. From a distance, I saw Ben Chan of Photovendo, Jaymie-The Bull Runner, and Kim busy doing their shooting. At the other end of the Oval Track, I saw Lester Castillo of Nestle, Phils/MILO with another group of photographers. I did not ask what they were doing as I concentrated with my running.

2. I felt good running under the heat of the sun at the Oval Track. I have to drink water every time I finish 3 kilometers. Since I sweat a lot, I could feel that I need to hydrate some more and eat some food. After running for about 6 kilometers, I went to my car and brought out a bottle of Gatorade and 3 pieces of banana. As the heat of the sun became hotter, I hydrated myself every two kilometers, instead of 3 kilometers and ate the food I had with me. I seldom use sports gels in my running workouts as I prefer to eat something solid. However, I use them only during marathon & ultramarathon races.

3. After running for about 8 kilometers, a guy entered the oval and started his run, too! He is heavy-built and I guess he was there to shed some fats from his body. Later, two runners started to run also but after one lap, the older runner stopped while the younger one continued with his run. There were at least 4 “crazy” runners at the Oval Track, running between 9:00 and 10:00 AM. I completed 25 laps but I felt I was still strong to run some more laps.

4. I talked to the guy who stopped after running one lap. I introduced myself and his name is “Joey”. He told me that he can not withstand the heat of the sun. Our conversation led to something more fruitful—he is inviting me for a FREE Running Lecture & Clinic with his officemates. I had also some time to talk to Lester after my run and to some of his crew. Of course, I was able to talk to Jaymie, Ben Chan and Kim before they left the Oval Track.

5. This morning, I ran 30 kilometers in 3:41+hours along a rolling terrain under the heat of the sun. It was a slow and easy run but the heat was too much that I had to buy some cold bottled water along the way to pour to my head and body. This run is nothing if compared to what the runners of last weekend’s Laguna Lake 200K Ultramarathon Relay had gone through, to include the lady runners. I salute these runners and participants even if some of them were told that they could not make it within the cut-off time for the 2nd day. I could only blame the Race Organizers who are not runners themselves who gave “conflicting” instructions to the Race Marshals. The race was commendable but the presence of “ignorant” Race Organizers made things harder for the runners. I consider the runners & participants of this ultramarathon relay race as “road warriors”—the “purist and hardcore” runners, most especially to the non-elites.

6. I was frustrated to see a lot of litter along the road where I ran today. There were lots of empty sports gel plastic containers/packs and empty water & Gatorade/Powerade bottles littered along the side of the road. I really do not know who were responsible with such irresponsible littering of wastes. However, I am sure that they could be runners and cyclists passing through the same road where I’ve ran. It is about time to disqualify cyclists and runners in a race who litter their wastes along the road. It should be also the responsibility of the Race Director and Race Organizers to inspect the route after the conduct of the race in order to find out if there are litter/wastes along the road and it’s their duty to clean and dispose them properly.

 If you hate running under the heat of the sun, then go out and run in the evening! Bring lots of water and sports drinks and remember to hydrate!


3 thoughts on “Running Under The Sun

  1. lynxspider

    On the back roads of King County, WA, empty bottles and aluminum cans (mostly beer cans) littered the side of the road. However there are volunteers who picked up these garbage, put them on garbage bags and Kind County Ecology workers picked up these. Maybe runners who were running on the 30-km that you ran should volunteer themselves to pick-up their garbage.


  2. runningshield

    How are you haven’t spoken to you for a while.
    Im glad you’re doing well and your mileage is fantastic.
    With regards running in the Sun.
    I agree with you that runners should be extra careful when running in extreme heat it may kill you. Drink lots of fluid and run early morning or late afternoon.
    But i love running under the sun . i love taking off my shirt and going for a Tan. I like the “ Indio “ look compared to the fake white complexion 
    Thank you


  3. The body can acclimate to that heat but it is dangerous to just jump into it. Maybe the gentleman who quit after 1 lap is out of shape or used to air conditioned environments.

    This past weekend it got warm on the second half of our race and while it wasn’t that hot I was unprepared especially where there was direct sunlight and no trees to block the sun. We’ve had such great cool weather that the coming of warmer temps caught me by surprise. Didn’t stop me but it slowed me down which of course was not part of the plan. Ah well, so it goes. I acclimate quickly though and will be prepared for the next one. Sauna training is on the schedule for May.


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