It’s A Hill, Not A Mountain

Yes, it’s not a mountain yet, but I need to traverse these hills before reaching the base of the nearby mountains!

Finally, I was able to run on top of a hill that faces another group of mountains. It is a group of hills that is only a kilometer away from where I am. The trail that leads to the hill is a rough road with stones and gravel and it suddenly ended in a stream where a clear-crystal water flows. I did not want to cross the stream by having my running shoes dived into the water. I slowly inched my way by jumping on big boulders and rocks on the side of the stream until I reached a single-foot track that leads to the top of the hill.

I was surprised that my ASICS Gel-Kayano 14’s sole tracks could hold my feet from sliding as I stepped my feet on the steep parts of the trail. Jogging slowly, I was able to reach the top of the hill and I was surprised that it has a trail that connects to another hill. I proceeded to the next hill which has a distance of about 500-600 meters. After reaching the second hill, I decided to look for the trail that goes down and I was able to pass some illegal settlers which are hardly seen from the nearest highway.

I slowly went down from the hills and it was a good 1 kilometer descending trail. Once I reached the main road which is paved, I ran another one kilometer through it which is uphill and then ran back for another kilometer. Not bad that I was able to count at least 1,040 steps for each kilometer distance and I knew I was running at an average pace of 5:15 minutes per km. As I finished my run along the paved road, I went up again to another hill which is the place where I am staying.

It was already dark when I finished my run. I was able to run a distance of 7 kilometers and I was not tired at all. My GF 305 registered 350 meters ascent to the hills.

Looking around where I am, the hills that I ran through were not the ones that I wanted to reach. Instead of going to the North direction, I took the trail that goes to the South direction. It came upon me that I was lost and did not check on my directions before I started my run. I realized that I just ran through the first trail that I’ve seen from the paved road. I guess, I am still disoriented in this place.

I will try the North direction anytime today and conquer some hills and look for trails that will lead me to the higher mountains someday. My “guide” could not be located…


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