Official Result: 1st PAU 50K Run (Tanay, Rizal)

10 05 2010

The following is the Official Result of the 1st PAU 50K Run held in Tanay, Rizal on May 9, 2010. A total of 116 “crazy & hardcore” runners challenged the paved roads of Sierra Madre Mountains from 5:00 AM up to 2:00 PM under the heat of the summer sun. One Hundred Four (104) runners reached the Finish Line.

Congratulations to all the Runners & their Support Crew! We will see you again for the 2nd PAU 65K Run from Pasuquin to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte on August 29, 2010. 

1st PAU 50K Run   
1   Raul Lamprea 4:30:07 Champion (Male)
2   Alfredo Ocampo 4:48:55 1st Runner-up (Male)
3   Hermogines Olvis 4:56:20 2nd Runner-up (Male)
4   Ralph Salvador 5:10:57  
5   Moses Moreno 5:16:20  
6   Jonnifer Lacanlale 5:28:20  
7   Alipio Narciso 5:32:40  
8   Junrox Roque 5:34:20  
9   Bonifacio Dalisay 5:43:20  
10   Arnold Dimasuhid 5:44:40  
11   Graciano Santos 5:51:45  
12   Simon Pavel Miranda 5:53:07  
13   Alfred Delos Reyes 5:57:53  
14   Wilnar Iglesia 6:00:32  
15   Allan Bandiola 6:03:20  
16   Gregorio Ocampo 6:04:32  
17   Michelle Estuar 6:06:30 Champion (Female)
18   Nolan Llanora 6:07:34  
19   Carlos Delos Santos 6:10:40  
20   Patrick Winceth Alcomendas 6:16:05  
21   Raul Tapia 6:20:58  
22   Louie Cochanco 6:22:05  
23   Tina Narvaez 6:27:00 1st Runner-up (Female)
24   Christopher Iblan 6:28:20  
25   Gil Brazil 6:29:05  
26   Saturnino Camangonan 6:29:10  
27   Victor Ting 6:29:25  
28   Sandy Alentajan 6:29:41  
29   Jose Dueñas 6:32:10  
30   Vergelio Leona 6:33:42  
31   Edwin Gajol 6:34:00  
32   Samson Ocampo 6:36:28  
33   Jereven Adriano 6:37:25  
34   Albert Henson 6:41:25  
35   Rodel Cuaton 6:47:09  
36   Chito Vegim 6:49:46  
37   Jael Wenceslao 6:50:30  
38   Jeremiah Isip 6:50:36  
39   Christine Ferrera 6:51:22 2nd Runner-up (Female)
40   Dionam Basco 6:51:24  
41   Paolo Osmeña 6:54:10  
42   Jose Wacangan 6:55:18  
43   Ronnel Go 6:56:11  
44   Teresa Ybanez 6:57:30  
45   Allen Gaspar 7:02:17  
46   Jayvee Loyd Layug 7:11:20  
47   Jonel Mendoza 7:21:56  
48   Ric Cabusao 7:21:57  
49   Eric Michael Socrates 7:21:59  
50   Lester Chuayap 7:23:59  
51   Reynaldo Jimenez 7:24:04  
52   George Dolores 7:24:07  
53   Earl Quero, Jr 7:24:57  
54   Gil Ocampo 7:25:55  
55   Conrado Teodoro 7:26:00  
56   Elma Gabriana 7:26:49  
57   Jayreus Jimenez 7:27:07  
58   Shiela Compendio 7:27:28  
59   Gian Saquilon 7:28:10  
60   John Jeffrey Avellanosa 7:28:46  
61   Carina Manansala 7:31:50  
62   Chinky Tan 7:33:32  
63   Jerome Cartailler 7:34:00  
64   Crisanto Ubungen 7:34:28  
65   Benji Cortaga 7:34:29  
66   Emma Alvarez 7:35:45  
67   Mel Severino 7:36:23  
68   Francis Hortelano 7:39:50  
69   Odessa Coral 7:41:48  
70   Vic Viola 7:43:04  
71   Mark Adrian Hernandez 7:43:38  
72   Gabriel Tuason 7:43:42  
73   Macky Coronel 7:44:02  
74   John Castro 7:44:35  
75   Marlin Marilag 7:47:50  
76   Allan Roy Martos 7:47:58  
77   Mark Junopeer Salazar 7:48:25  
78   Rosgar Apolinario 7:48:48  
79   Ronnie Gabriana 7:49:10  
80   Emil Ancheta 7:49:49  
81   Wilfredo Parcon 7:50:00  
82   Jonas Compendio 7:50:37  
83   Joseph Baltazar 7:51:41  
84   Junar Layug 7:52:26  
85   Joseph Daudsen Choi 7:53:35  
86   Nicomedes Jaranilla 7:53:42  
87   Benedict Meneses 7:56:34  
88   Carlos Nobleza 7:56:52  
89   Jomerson Macutay 7:59:10  
90   Roselle May Dadal 7:59:14  
91   Frederick Gabriel 7:59:19  
92   Edgar De Jesus 7:59:27  
93   Manuel Macrohon 8:00:08  
94   Alfred Paul Paiso 8:00:25  
95   Kessel Que 8:01:39  
96   John Nickko Nolasco 8:02:17  
97   Yul Antonio Almayda 8:02:46  
98   Emiliano Burgos 8:04:43  
99   Philippe Arenillo 8:05:31  
100   Bryan Magali 8:07:48  
101   Rolando Ubungen 8:13:03  
102   David Buban 8:39:25  
103   Jose Lorenzo Mina, Jr 8:39:26  
104   Ayette Padua 9:08:03  

Note: We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our friends & “usual” supporters/donors for our ice cold canned & bottled beers (at the Finish Line!) and lots of additional tubular ice in our Aid Stations. In addition, our thanks also goes to the 2nd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army based at Camp Capinpin, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal for the security assistance and the availability of an Ambulance + Medical Team during the conduct of the event.



44 responses

10 05 2010

congratulations sir jovie and to all finishers and support crew!

11 05 2010

thanks, jet! i hope you are getting stronger in preparation for the 2011 bdm.

10 05 2010

Very good race po Sir Jovie! This was my first Ultramarathon race and it was great! From a half marathoner, now an utrarunner. Thanks for the warm support for me over the finish line…


11 05 2010

bryan, congratulations! ultrarunning is only for the brave and that’s the reason why every runner should be treated as VIPs. thanks for supporting the race.

12 05 2010

Thanks Sir! Looking forward for PAU 65k and hopefully BDM102!

10 05 2010

Thank you for organizing this race sir! Certainly one of the best and most challenging. Congratulation to all the racers, support crew and bald runner staff. Till the next one!

11 05 2010

iah, thanks for joining & supporting this race. hopefully, the breed of ultrarunners will grow in number as we conduct more races in other parts of the country.

10 05 2010

yeahh thank god natapos ko ang kakaibang race hindi ko maisip nung pag uwi ko kng paano ko tinakbo ang puro pataas hehe…..yung pic nlng kasama c sir jovie sana mkita ko na hehehe atlis nasa 89 pa ako whew

11 05 2010

jhoma, congrats for finishing this race! don’t worry about your picture. i will post it soon.

11 05 2010

yehey salamat ser…kasama na yung certificate dun no? heheh…sana qualified na ako for bdm nyu…ng pau talaga ako for that a dream marathon BDm hehehe pag hahandaan ko po yun

10 05 2010

This my first 50 km run after the Condura 42 km run 2010. It’s the most testy and gruelling terrain I have ever ventured in and with the piercing sun almost throughout the race, I never thought I would be able to finish it. Salamat sa support na binigay ng mga motorcyclists ni Bald Runner especially during the last 10 km. I never would have crossed the finish line (even if I’m 2nd to the last) without them. Thanks for making my triumph well worth it!!!

11 05 2010

we are bringing out the best in you through these ultra races. we hope you will join us again in our next races.

10 05 2010

Sir Jovie, with Jonel’s (aka BugoBugo85) gentle but persistent prodding, I was persuaded to try ultrarunning. This race was by far the most difficult RUN for me. Mostly long uphills and not even enough downhills for recovery up to the finish line. Glad to have run this race though. More of about it in my blog soon. Congrats to you and to your Team for a well-organized race! Two thumbs up! ~ RUNNING DIVA

11 05 2010

we are trying to get you out from your comfort zone in running. this was an adventure race where you have to bond with the environment, runners and your support crew.

11 05 2010

Wow, an ultra in our beloved Ilocos!! The Bangui windmills would be an absolute delight (of killer uphills ha ha) , but a Patapat finish would make it a perfect race indeed. It may be beyond my legs though unless there is a (really) generous cutoff.

11 05 2010

i am planning to include the bangui windmills & burgos lighthouse as part of the route..and have the cut-off time up to 12 hours to have more time for pictures on these landmarks!

11 05 2010

congrats sir Jovie for an ultra race where no traditional race org dare not thread! Bravo!

11 05 2010

with your support, everything is possible!

11 05 2010

I cant wait for the 65km Ilocos Norte Race… Great race Sir Jovie… a great preparation for me for the Milo Marathon this year… and the Scenery in this place… i just can say is a “big WOW!!!” Congratz to the team bald runner for organizing this great race.. and to those who finsh this race and those who are now a new ultra marathon runners congratz!!!

11 05 2010

thanks, jeff! the ilocos norte race will be better because of the almost flat terrain and the route will through the popular landmarks of ilocos norte. will give you ample time for the cut-off.

11 05 2010

Hello ir Jovie I am honored to be part of this race. I would also like to share to you my story on how I tackled your race.

Thank you!

11 05 2010

yes, i’ve read your blog already and i was amazed by your strength in carrying that small backpack on the last 10K which was the “killer” part of the race. thanks!

11 05 2010

Congrats to everybody, very proud! Another great race courtesy of Sir Jovie 🙂 Why do I have a feeling that we will be having a tremendous BDM 2011 field next year 😛

11 05 2010

all these PAU races are in preparation for the 2011 BDM 102/151…we miss you in this race!

11 05 2010

Sir, my snappiest salute! I was just really overwhelmed when i saw the finish line, hence my ultradramatic finish 🙂 my classmates back at OCS used to tell me that i don’t have the attitude because I always collapse every after road run. I still can’t believe i was able to do it… Thank you Sir for everything!

Looking forward to the next ones…

11 05 2010

tere, you finished strong during the race. you have transformed to a “monster” of ultrarunning.

11 05 2010

Sir Jovie, THANK YOU for choosing such a beautiful city for the race! As support, I enjoyed the drive and the breathtaking views of green mountains, clear skies, carabao’s and horses 🙂

Couldnt help but take some narcissistic&vanity shots along the way 😉
(without forgetting to take care of my husband/runner, hopefully 😉

We’re so excited for the next race already! 😀

Bea S. Hernandez

11 05 2010

i discovered the route late last year when my elites prepared for the cebu marathon. i was thinking of a trail race within those mountains but with my experience in jeju island, i opted for a ultra road race passing along the same route. i am glad all the runners liked the “sights & air quality” of the place.

11 05 2010

congrats sir di nyo kami pinabayaan hanggang sa huli…….thanks

11 05 2010

the bonding & friendship among ultrarunners & support crew is totally different. as the RD, i know your needs and how you feel during such race. thanks!

12 05 2010

Sir BR congratulations po sa PAU, sobrang successful po all in all! The route was so challenging, buti na lang nakisama ang mga ulap! hehe! I want to say that the race was unforgettable but I already forgot how many uphills and downhills are there in the route! LOL! Congrats again Sir BR! 😀

13 05 2010

thanks, jay. i hope that you continue supporting the next PAU races. see you!

12 05 2010

the terrain was so difficult that it seem to have taken its toll on a usually composed running buddy. as i met him on his way to the last 10kms, i encouraged and greeted him that he is #6 in standing. to which his reply was a curt “i dont care about positions!” and proceeded with his pained walk. uuy, masungit ang lola ko hahahaha! o well, i cant blame him tho, mahirap talaga yung Tanay ultramarathon. i’m not sure if he finished the race in the same standing.

am looking forward to the next character-changing ultra race hehehe.

13 05 2010

eric, despite your predicament at the start of the race, you were able to catch up with the lead group and that bespeak of your mastery in ultrarunning. we hope you will join more of our races. thanks for your support.

12 05 2010
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12 05 2010
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[…] After 6 hours and 51 minutes (official time), I crossed the First PAU 50K Run as the 39th Finisher and the 2nd Runner Up-Ladies! View the complete race results here. […]

12 05 2010

BR, this would stay as a trending topic until the next PAU Run is staged…Thank you for the crazy idea of staging this event, it is a treat for crazy runners! Hays, dalawa pa…

13 05 2010

hahaha! i guess that FB will be featuring the PAU 50K Run pics in the coming weeks and months..yes, PAU races are for the crazy ones! hahaha!

13 05 2010


Would like to correct the spelling of my name, its Ayette Padua, am the 104 runner… whew, but with a widest grin on my face because I can proudly say to the whole world I DID IT…but with heart full of thanks to my support crew, my sister and my friends, please extend also my deep appreciation to the 2nd Infantry Division (Ambulance) who once in a while, chat with me along the race and will pick me up should I collapse but disappointed them by finishing the race, to your race marshall on a motorcycle who always give a ready smile and “tubig ate” and to all the co-runners who cheered me up at the turn around and to you Sir Jovie, to my first ultra challenging run, I am a 21k runner never had a 42k but dared and conquered your 50K

Again thank you and looking forward for an enjoyable run

13 05 2010

congrats for a very successful race sir! thanks also to all your staff/marshalls. they were friendly, encouraging and very attentive to the needs of the participants.

if there’s one thing i learned from this race, it’s that ultrarunners may be “crazy and hardcore” but they’re the friendliest bunch of runners i’ve met. congrats to everyone!

are there any large finisher’s shirt left sir? i got a medium shirt and would like to exchange it to a larger one. thanks!

14 05 2010

4:30 for a 50k, very nice. Soon it will be closer to 4 then a sub-4. Only a matter of time. PAU runners are getting faster and more experienced!

14 05 2010
quantum runner

Hi Sir BR, I enjoyed the run from Tanay to Sierra Madre… though the course a more challenging compared to the BDM(2)… still i savor every stride on the 50K run. Again, CONGRATULATION FOR A VERY SUCCESSFUL 1st PAU. Will surely (100%) join the P2P 65k on Aug 29, 2010…
Quantum Runner 🙂

15 05 2010

sir BR, as with the rest, thank you very much for that well organized race. have run in your rizal day and was a support during the bdm and i can say that joining your races is quite an experience. challenging would be a gross understatement!

one request though, please change my surname to tuason as opposed to tuazon (finisher 72). pag pinagmamalaki ko kasi sa pamilya at kaibigan ko ung run na ito e di raw ako yun hehehe thanks!

9 04 2011
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[…] 1st Mt Pinatubo 50K Finishers – 56 2nd PAU P2P 70K Finishers – 119 (I am Finisher #99) 1st PAU Tanay 50K Finishers – 104 ( I am Finisher […]

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