Official Result: 8th Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 65K Ultramarathon Race

19 11 2018

8th Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 65K Ultramarathon Race

3:00 AM-3:00 PM November 11, 2018/Cut-Off Time: 12 Hours

Starting Line: Headquarters 7th Infantry Division, Philippine Army, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City

Fine Line: Sitio Tanguige, Barangay Aplaya, Dingalan, Aurora

Number of Starters: 7 Runners

Number of Finishers: 7 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 100%

RANK         NAME                TIME (Hrs)

  1. Gibo Malvar (Overall Champion) —7:48:30
  2. Ralph Louie Jacinto (1st Runner-Up, Male) —8:17:29
  3. Dixie Sagusay (Female Champion) —9:50:58
  4. Jonas Olandria (2nd Runner-Up, Male) —11:26:57
  5. Reque Angway —11:30:11
  6. Rowena Tan (1st Runner-Up, Female) —11:46:16
  7. Isagani Zuniga —11:46:17

Gibo Malvar, Overall Champion

Dixie Sagusay, Female Champion

Congratulations! See you next year!


Blogging And Fake News (2017)

12 10 2017

Blogging And Fake News (2017)

I am not fond of Blogs whose topics are about Politics. Since this blog is safely categorized as Health and Lifestyle, a part of being a Sports Blog on Running, and had always been a personal journal of my running adventures, opinion on running about my personal experiences, and my Ultra Races under the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU), such kind of writing will be continuously followed in this blog.

This blog has never been involved in advertising and promoting other running events except for BR’s Events and PAU Events. As for the other running events, I usually post Race Reports in Running Events where I finished or Did Not Finish. I even post Running Events which I intend to join for the year to the point that I would also publish my weekly training schedule and workouts as my preparation for the said events.

My opinions about running are geared towards my personal experiences and the things that I have observed in my participation to running events. There nothing fake about my opinions and experiences as they are taken from my first-hand/personal experience.

There are times that I feature Runners or Ultrarunners who have shown exemplary performance as they serve as inspiration to other runners. These runners are considered as “trailblazers” or “pioneers” to running events where no one have dared to join before, most specially, in international races. To some, they have set a National Record in Ultra Running Events and best performance in International Ultra Running Events.

As I reckon the new birth of ultra marathon/ultrarunning in the country from the time I thought of the idea of conducting the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race, ten years had passed and I predict that more ultra marathon runners will join us to promote the sports and experience what our body is capable of after the Marathon distance.

MF 42 01

Approaching The Finish Line @ Miyamit Falls 42K Trail Run (Photo By Glairold Recella Photography)

Official Result: 5th WEST COAST 200K Ultra Marathon Race

28 08 2017

5th WEST COAST 200K Ultra Marathon Race

5:00 AM August 19, 2017 To 5:00 AM August 21, 2017

Starting Line: Remy Oval Track, Subic Freeport, Olongapo City

Finish Line: Barangay Lucap, Alaminos City (Pangasinan)

Cut-Off Time: 48 Hours

Number of Starters: 29 Runners

Number of Finishers: 28 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 96.5%

2017 West Coast Start

Group Picture @ Starting Area

RANK       NAME                  TIME (Hrs)

  1. Rolando Espina (Overall Champion & New Course Record) — 26:45:18
  2. Thomas Combisen (1st Runner-Up, Overall & New Course Record) — 29:08:58
  3. Ian Piza (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) —- 32:27:55
  4. Remedios Barcelo (Female Champion & New Female Course Record) — 35:13:45
  5. Badong Sietereales —– 35:40:55
  6. Rod Losabia —- 37:23:17
  7. Ryan Fabie —- 37:27:22
  8. Jonathan Moleta —- 38:01:23
  9. Frederick Peñelosa —- 39:08:36
  10. Aldrin Pallera —- 39:16:52
  11. Gibo Malvar —- 40:46:35
  12. Engelbert Pantig —- 41:00:41
  13. Tess Leono (1st Runner-Up, Female) —- 41:04:12
  14. Khris Calleon —- 41:52:17
  15. Gammy Tayao —- 43:41:13
  16. Richard Gano —- 44:29:10
  17. Jeff Velasco —- 46:21:39
  18. Vicente Zapanta —- 46:24:35
  19. Kathleen Piñero (2nd Runner-Up, Female) —- 46:27:25
  20. Laico Tolentino —- 46:28:54
  21. Isagani Zuñiga —- 47:11:58
  22. Elmar Casaway —- 47:15:41
  23. Tina Andaya (Female) —- 47:16:45
  24. Jonathan Baysa —- 47:16:45
  25. Avin Sauler —- 47:19:40
  26. Mick Teaño De Jesus —- 47:24:17
  27. Kerwin Ng —- 47:28:11
  28. Reese Rogel (Female) —- 47:36:50
2017 West Coast Champ

Overall Champion & New Course Record Holder Rolando Espina

2017 West Coast Female Champ

Female Champion & New Female Course Record Holder Remedies Barcelo

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Team PAU @ 2017 IAU 24-Hour World Championships

28 06 2017

Team PAU Belfast 06

Official Banner Of The Event

A team of runners representing the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU), the National Sports Federation of Ultrarunning in the Philippines, will be joining the 12th edition of the International Association of Ultrarunner’s (IAU) 24-Hour World Championships to be held in Belfast, Ireland on July 1-2, 2017. The team is composed of three (3) male runners and one (1) lady runner who are residing in Ireland and the Great Britain. This will be the first time that the Philippines will be represented, through PAU, in this yearly prestigious ultra marathon event which is worldwide in scope and attendance. Each team is duly screened by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) prior to their participation in this event. Without the endorsement of PAU and the other countries’ Ultramarathon Federations, anybody could not join and participate in this event.

Team PAU Belfast 04

Official Logo Of The Event

The Team is led by its Team Captain, Rolando Espina, who is the First Filipino to have finished the Spartathlon Ultramarathon last year in Athens, Greece. He is also the Overall Champion in this year’s edition of the Bataan Death March 102K (BDM 102) Ultramarathon Race held last January. Rex Brillantes  won the Overall Champion in this month’s Donadea 100K Ultramarathon Race held in Donadea Forest Park in Ireland with a time of 8:45:54 hours. Jivee Tolentino is also a fast ultra marathoner who just finished 6th Overall in this month’s Portumna Forest 100K Ultramarathon Race in Galway, Ireland with a time of 9:53:16 hours. Rolando Espina finished Overall 1st Runner-Up in this race with a time of 8:36:24 hours. All of these ultra runners are also seasoned triathletes.

Team PAU Belfast 01

Rolando Espina

Team PAU Belfast 02

Rex Brillantes

Team PAU Belfast 03

Jivee Tolentino

Due to some legalities and some paperworks to be done, only one Filipino Lady runner is qualified to join the team. She is Mylene Elliot, who is a “back-to-back” Finisher of the Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa (Up & Down Courses for 2015 and 2016 editions, respectively), and a resident of Great Britain. She finished her 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon with a time of 4:43:05 hours.

The Team PAU-Belfast will be supported by the following members of the Team’s Support Crew: Fermina Mermeto; Pete Elliot; Amado Damot; Blanche Damot; and Eugene Brillantes.

Team PAU Belfast 05

Mylene Elliot

The current National Record for the 24-Hour Endurance Run was set and under the belt of Thomas Combisen who finished eight overall among 27 international runners in last year’s IAU Asia & Oceania 24-Hour Endurance Run held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan last November 19-20, 2016 with a total distance of 203.45 kilometers covered during the duration of 24 hours of continuous running. With a milder temperature and cooler weather in Belfast, Ireland plus the fact that the team members now are more exposed to international ultra marathon events, it is expected that a new National Record for the 24-Hour Run will be set and recorded in this event.

The members of the team are excited to represent the Philippines as this world’s event is being held within their “backyard”, so to speak, and for the fact that they had been preparing for this event for almost one year since the IAU have selected the City of Belfast as the venue and knowing that Athletics Ireland & British Athletics are the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of this event.

The IAU 24-Hour World Championships is an annual international 24-hour competition among Teams coming from the National Sports Federation of Ultrarunning in IAU-sanctioned member-countries which has now a membership of 82 countries. The IAU World Championship Record for the 24-Hour Endurance Run is held by Michael Morton of the United States in 2012 with a distance of 277.543 kilometers and for the Women’s Record was set by Mami Kudo of Japan in 2013 with a total distance covered of 252.205 kilometers.

As the President of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners, I was able to send some congratulatory message to represent the country in a high-level and world-stage running competition, as well as advise, to the members of the Team PAU. I told them, “Don’t be intimidated with the presence of the “superstars” in ultra running in the world. You are not there to compete with them but rather to experience and enjoy those 24 hours running with them. Just maintain your pace and believe in the training that you put into this race. For me, you are already winners as being the first Team PAU to represent the country in an IAU World 24-Hour Championship Event.”

Among the international running “superstars” and elite ultra runners, Pete Kostelnick of the USA will be competing in this event. He is the present Course Record Holder of the Badwater Ultramarathon in 21:56:32 hours; Fastest Man to Run Across America in 42 days, 6 hours, and 30 minutes; and 5th fastest North American, all-time record of 163.5 miles (261.6 kilometers) covered in a 24-hour endurance run.

Let us give cheers and send good vibes to the members of the Team PAU to this event.

Mabuhay Ang Pilipinas!


Official Logos Of PAU & IAU



Thomas Combisen Sets Philippines’ Course Record In 24-Hour Endurance Run In Taiwan

25 11 2016

Thomas Combisen, the lone representative of the Philippines, finished and set a National Course Record at the 2016 IAU Asia & Oceania 24-Hour Endurance Run held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan last November 19-20, 2016. He officially represented the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU), the National Federation on Ultrarunning, and was invited by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) to join this yearly event. He ranked #8 among the 27 International Runners with a total distance of 203.45 Kilometers covered during the duration of 24 hours of continuous running. The international runners represented the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Chinese Taiwan, and the Philippines.


Loop Course of 1.75 Kilometers Around The Kaohsiung National Stadium (World Games Arena)

Thomas Combisen qualified to join this prestigious running event for being a consistent Champion and Podium Finisher in PAU Races for the past years. He won in all the 200-Km+ distance races; set the Course Record for the Manila To Baguio 250K Race in 38:59:53 hours; and about to be awarded as one of the three candidates for the PAU 200K Grand Slam Award and to be considered as the Champion in this 4-event race as he won the past three races, namely, West To East 280K Run, Manila To Baguio 250K Run, and the North Coast 200-Mile Race.

Thomas Combisen is a native of Sagada, Mountain Province and works as a Civil Engineer in one of the Land Developers in Metro Manila and suburbs. He had been an active member of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners for the past three years.


Thomas Combisen @ The Starting Area

The Letter of Invitation from the IAU and the Chinese Taipei Ultramarathon Federation, as the Host and Race Organizer was officially received by the PAU last August of this year and Thomas Combisen was chosen and informed that he will represent the country in this international ultra marathon event with three (3) months of focused training. Major General Jovenal Narcise AFP (Retired), President of the PAU met with Thomas as soon as the Invitation was received and he informed him of the details of the race, how he will train and prepare for the race, and for him not to worry of the expenses for the travel, accommodation in Taiwan, and other logistics needs for him to join the race. He was advised to prepare his travel papers (passport) and PAU will support for his visa application for Taiwan. On a weekly basis, Thomas was advised to report on the progress of his training to the President of PAU.

The 2016 IAU Asia & Oceania 24-Hour Championship Endurance Run was held on November 19-20, 2016 at the World Games Stadium Area in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with 27 International Runners from IAU-sanctioned National Federations and 450 Local & Foreign Runners under the Open Category. The race started at 3:00 PM of Saturday and ended at 3:00 PM on the following day, Sunday. Runners had to run a loop course with a distance of 1.75 kilometers. The loop course has two RFID timing mats placed at the Start/Finish and at the midway of the loop course that would record the time of the runner, the number of loops and distance the runner has covered during the event. The loop course has two Aid Stations and other amenities that the runner could use during the event. Pacers were not allowed and competing runners were not allowed to pace each other for the duration of two loops. Such violation would result to immediate disqualification of the runners.

Our main goal in this race was for Thomas to finish at least 200 kilometers during the duration of 24 hours just for him to gain experience.


First 12 Hours of Running

On the first two loops, Thomas was leading the race with a comfortable pace of 8:30+ minutes per loop and he told me that he felt easy on the pace and I advised him to just maintain the said pace and make sure to hydrate as often as possible. On the third loop, most of the international runners (IAU-sanctioned runners) started to speed up their pace until Thomas landed on the 4th place on the 5th hour of the race since it started. During the nighttime running, he maintained the ranking of #6. He finished 100 kilometres in 10 hours and 40 minutes and I advised him that our main goal of reaching 200 is doable.


Last 10 Minutes Of The Race

Thomas crossed the Start/Finish RFID mat with 200 kilometers covered with one hour before 3:00 PM and I advised him to just have his recovery run until the horn was sounded to officially end the event. As the event ended with sound of horn and gun fired, Thomas was able to officially register a distance of 203.45 kilometres and placed overall #8 among the 27 International Runners.

As a result, Thomas Combisen had officially set a National Record for a Filipino Runner with a distance of 203.453 kilometres with a pace of 7:05 minutes per kilometre for a 24-Hour Endurance Run.

The following is the Official Result on the Podium Finishers (Top 3 runners) among the IAU-sanctioned International Runner with their respective pace:

For the Male Category:

Barry Loveday (Australia)——235.868 kilometers (6:05 min/km)
Takayoshi Shigemi (Japan) ——230.868 kilometers (6:14 min/km)
John Pearson (Australia) ——224.849 kilometers (6:24 min/km)

For the Female Category:

Nikki Wynd (Australia) ——209.497 kilometers (6:52 min/km)
Nicole Barker (Australia) ——205.995 kilometers (7:00 min/km)
Sharon Scholz (Australia) ——189.173 kilometers (7:37 min/km)

Thomas Combisen’s performance on his first international exposure in IAU-sanctioned Championship Races is considered as a success and excellent performance on his part and whole RP Team. Our participation to these kind of events will continue despite the lack of corporate sponsors and financial support coming from the Government.

From the words of Thomas Combisen, he said, “Sir, if not for you, my dream to join an international running event would remain as a dream and I will remember this experience throughout the rest of my life as this is something very special to me and priceless that money could never, never ever buy!” I just smiled and replied to him, “This is just the beginning of your international exposure as more races will come in the future. Keep your feet on the ground and keep on improving on your training as I have plans already for you to join the 2017 edition of this race!”


Thomas Displaying His Finisher’s Certificate & Finisher’s Medal

Congratulations, Thomas Combisen!

2015 PAU Runners Of The Year

3 03 2016



Rod Losabia, 2015 PAU Runner Of The Year (Male)


Tess Leono, 2015 PAU Runner Of The Year (Female)


Result: 2nd PAU Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 60K Ultra Run

27 08 2012

Event: 2nd PAU Fort Magsaysay To Dingalan 60K Ultra Run

Time & Date of Start: 4:00 AM August 26, 2012

Start & Finish Area: 7th Infantry Division Headquarters, Philippine Army, Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City & GINA’s Resort in Dingalan, Aurora

Type of Race: Road Race

Number of Starters: 117

Number of Finishers: 115

Number of Female Runners: 22

Cut-off Time: 11 Hours

Sponsors: 7th Infantry Division, PA; GINA’s Resort; PAU; & ALL THE RUNNERS.

RANK N   A   M   E T  I  M  E
1 Marcelo Bautista (Champion, CR) 5:22:23
2 Alfred Delos Reyes (1st Runner-Up) 6:27:08
3 Jerome Bautista (2nd Runner-Up) 6:31:16
4 Daryl Sevilla 6:38:59
5 Rayman Delos Angeles 6:43:59
6 Simon Pavel Miranda 6:44:31
7 Laurencio Ogerio 6:51:26
8 Jael Wenceslao 6:51:47
9 Sandy Alentajan 6:52:26
10 Henry Laron 7:00:03
11 Bob Castilla 7:07:13
12 Rafael Gabotero 7:09:29
13 Almar Danguilan 7:14:42
14 Calvin John Escandor 7:16:06
15 Elmar Tolete 7:24:18
16 Romulo Doctolero 7:24:19
17 Carlito Buenaventura 7:33:23
18 Erwin Tolentino 7:33:28
19 Bert Camangonan 7:33:38
20 Ariel Aquino 7:37:59
21 Raul Tapia 7:38:49
22 Joseph Pineda 7:42:20
23 Zan Cagulangan 7:42:52
24 Glairold Recella 7:47:30
25 Dante Sagayap 7:47:31
26 Ed Redona 7:49:27
27 Jose Cando 7:50:59
28 Daphne Codilla (Champion, Ladies) 7:51:12
29 Frederick Quitiquit 7:53:32
30 Andrew Aquino 7:56:58
31 Imelda Laron (1st Runner-Up, Ladies) 7:58:22
32 Elmer Caballes 8:01:38
33 Olivia Rosita Dimaano Llanillo (2nd Runner-Up, Ladies) 8:08:16
34 Mark Anthony Tibo-oc 8:11:29
35 Noel Ko 8:11:29
36 Cheryl Bihag (F) 8:12:56
37 Gia Estrella (F) 8:15:14
38 Johann Marquez 8:20:51
39 Jeffrey Diaz 8:23:06
40 Bernie Madrid Jr 8:23:20
41 Jerry Peralta 8:23:42
42 Roberto Delos Santos 8:26:12
43 Edrick Nicdao 8:27:27
44 Ronnel Go 8:28:28
45 Edwin Fernandez 8:30:57
46 Carl Balagot 8:32:57
47 Joseph Sibal 8:33:03
48 Ejercito Suyo 8:34:28
49 Russel Hernandez 8:36:36
50 Antonio Jimenez 8:40:55
51 Maria Josephine Liao (F) 8:42:47
52 Meljohn Tezon 8:42:54
53 Hazel Arnaiz (F) 8:45:39
54 Jason Sison 8:45:42
55 Aaron Aher Herrera 8:47:46
56 Rodelio Mendoza 8:48:59
57 Bong Alindada 8:51:06
58 Nikki Angelene Cepe (F) 8:54:05
59 Peachy Tamayo (F) 8:56:12
60 Lady Dianne Palogan (F) 8:57:38
61 Armand Paolo Belen 8:58:28
62 Manny Ocampo 9:03:40
63 Noel Villoso 9:04:37
64 Elvin Pastorfide 9:07:46
65 Jon Borbon 9:08:15
66 Marc Tomas 9:12:56
67 Benedict Meneses 9:16:53
68 Teodoro Mailen 9:18:44
69 Marlon Saracho 9:19:40
70 Jan Michael Flores 9:19:41
71 Katrina Sarsonas (F) 9:20:25
72 Michelle Angela Maravilla (F) 9:23:12
73 Wesley Noel Orana 9:23:13
74 Greg Verecio 9:27:33
75 Chito Asuncion 9:30:30
76 Rica Mendoza (F) 9:32:12
77 Hermie Saludes 9:35:17
78 Marc Conrad Molina 9:35:18
79 Arnel Distor 9:41:12
80 Jinky Yray 9:43:59
81 Dennis Matias 9:45:12
82 Leopoldo Esquilona Jr 9:48:23
83 Dexter Cruz 9:49:47
84 Ryann Sison 9:49:48
85 Joseph Ryan Serrano 9:49:49
86 Mary Anne De Ere (F) 9:52:24
87 Rey Erwin Abenido 9:54:04
88 Donald Ancheta 9:57:49
89 Bernard Enriquez 9:58:24
90 Larry Daliwag 9:58:27
91 Mark Jay Sidamon 9:59:08
92 Yob Red 9:59:23
93 Allen Gregor Bulos 10:00:30
94 Gerardine Kun (F) 10:02:55
95 Allen Gaspar 10:10:48
96 Junar Layug 10:10:51
97 Joen Soriao 10:10:52
98 Rochelle Sumagang 10:13:15
99 Merwin Torres 10:13:21
100 Timothy John Taburico 10:15:41
101 Stephanie Hefti (F) 10:15:42
102 Mar Marilag 10:36:49
103 Pancho Samonte Jr 10:36:55
104 Rexie Jane Saldivar (F) 10:37:10
105 Lyra Cruzelle Rosario (F) 10:38:09
106 Doc Minnie Tomas (F) 10:39:11
107 Val Carro 10:39:12
108 Carmeli Ortega (F) 10:39:27
109 Christopher John Sta Cruz 10:40:20
110 Yolly Simpao Barja (F) 10:40:40
111 Luzel Franco (F) 10:40:41
112 Efren Martinez 10:42:28
113 Warren Evangelista 10:46:55
114 King Mark Patricio 10:53:25
115 Edwin Cruz 11:04:42

Congratulations To All The Finishers & Thanks To All The Sponsors!

117 Runners With 22 Female Runners. The Pinoy Ultrarunning Community Is Getting Bigger and Faster! (Photo by John Avellanosa)

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