Running Clinic @ LANDBANK

Annalene Bautista aka The Meek Runner is an avid and passionate runner. She started running almost three years ago and became the role model of her family that she was able to motivate her husband and children to be involved in every road race as runners every weekend. One of her kids is already an upcoming competitive triathlete and her youngest daughter had just finished a half-marathon race. Last May of this year, she became an accomplished marathon (42K) finisher from “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon”

Running Lecture @ TUP Audio-Visual Room

 Her exemplary actions with regards to physical activities and active lifestyle had spread out to her staff and employees at the Land Bank of the Philippines. Her initiative to spread the benefits of running to everybody in her office or area of responsibility led to the conduct of a Running Lecture & Clinic. After exchanges of e-mails and text messages, the lecture & clinic was held last August 2, 2010 at the Audio-Visual Room of the Technology University of the Philippines (TUP) in Manila.

40+ Landbank Staff & Employees Attended

 On that evening, the weather did not cooperate with us as it was raining hard. The lecture and clinic were conducted indoor. After an hour of lecture on the Basics and Training Principles of Training in Running, the Elite Team Bald Runner demonstrated the different stretching exercises while the audience did they own part of doing the same exercises. After the stretching exercises, the elites demonstrated some running drills and the correct form of running. 

Stretching Exercises

An open forum was conducted and questions from the audience was answered, ranging from training, injuries, selection of shoes, and nutrition. After 2 to 2 1/2 hours, the running lecture and clinic was finished with a decision from the group to have a special arrangement for training for the whole group for a minimum of three (3) months.

Exercises Led by Members of Elite Team Bald Runner
More of the Stretching Exercises
Group Picture After The Activity

 At present, the Land Bank Running Group under Annalene Bautista have already attended two (2) sessions of their formal training to become future competitive runners in road races. So, runners out there should watch out for this group as they come in in full force to join the many thousands of road runners during weekend races.

To Annalene, her family, and to the rest of the Land Bank personnel, thank you very much for inviting us to your physical fitness program and for your support to the Elite Team Bald Runner with the hope that each one of you will make running as part of your lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Running Clinic @ LANDBANK

  1. anna

    Hi BR!

    Thanks so much for accommodating us in your busy schedule.

    I am so happy that we are becoming inspiration for other people to try running and be healthy. I also thank God that He allows us to be His instrument in touching other people’s lives.

    Take care always and good luck on your forthcoming events.

    See you soon.


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