Source of Performance

My friends, runners and most of my readers would always ask me the same question–where do I get my strength and endurance in running? My best answer to them is Experience. But the truth of the matter is that I get my strength and endurance from my nutrition and strict adherence to the basic principles of endurance training.

In nutrition, I eat anything that will not cause any “gout” attack in any parts of my body. Most of the time, I eat the following fresh foods:

Fresh Meat (Not Processed or Frozen Meat)
Simple But Nutritious (Salmon Belly & Beef Tapa/Beef Jerky)
Fresh Vegetables Direct From The Plant
My Favorite Ampalaya
Native Chicken
A Little Of Pinapaitan, Kilawen, & Kalderetta
Fresh Fruits
....More Fresh Fruits
And More Fresh Fruits!

Now, from these source of food/nutrition, I can get my 40-30-30 diet (carbo-protein-fat) needed for my running performance. The magic word here is “FRESH”!

In my basic training principles, I always think of “progression”; specificity; and recovery. Do I have to explain each of these words again? Okey, I will explain them in my future posts.

Good luck to those athletes participating in the CAMSUR 70.3 Triathlon this weekend!!!


One thought on “Source of Performance

  1. For those who are new into running, training is more important because most humans now eat more than what they need anyway. That is not to say they can ignore nutrition and recovery. Once they get serious and their training is stressing their body beyond what it can handle, recovery and nutrition become important as well.

    So generally, a combination of training, nutrition and recovery in different degrees of need. For ultras, I might add mental strength to get you to the finish line.


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