Back to Back Runs during weekends is a “must” for runners who are preparing for an ultramarathon event. So, starting this week, I’ve started with a training program that calls for such running workout. There is no specific ultra race scheduled for me as most of my planned races to join need some lottery and qualifications to be included in the final list of entrants. This kind of workout would be able to maintain my endurance level in preparation for an ultra race in the future. 

The Team Bald Runner-Professionals had been efficient in disseminating their weekend runs among the members through the Internet and they included me in their exchanges of information. I am really happy that this arrangement had started since we joined a 10K race at Clark Air Field two weeks ago where we did an ultra tempo run. I guess, I am becoming their “target & motivator” being the oldest among the group. 

Prior to our run to Tagaytay City, I had a 22K easy long run inside Camp Aguinaldo last Saturday morning with an average pace of 6:30 mpk. I used the 7.5K-loop for this particular run. However, on my last 3 kilometers, I started to incorporate “brisk walking” in order to finish the distance. I guess, it was the heat of the sun that made me slower as I was about to complete the 3rd loop. Aside from the heat, I lacked the much-needed resistance as I was able to sleep for only 5 1/2 hours on Friday night. This experience gave me the reminder to have enough sleep on the night before a LSD run. So, after my workout and shower last Saturday, I went to bed for the much needed rest. On Saturday night, I was already in bed at 8:30 PM with my clock set to alarm at 2:30 AM.  

Uphill Run To Tagaytay City (Photo By Ivan Fojas)

 The idea to run from SM Dasmarinas, Cavite to Tagaytay City via Amadeo, Cavite was suggested by Jan Imperio last Monday and it created a positive reaction from the group. The plan was to run a distance of 36K from SM Dasmarinas to Tagaytay City or have the option to run a shorter distance of 26K from Gen. Trias, Cavite to Tagaytay City. So, the event was a “go” among the members in the middle of the week. 

Runner In Red (Photo By Ivan Fojas)

 I joined the 36K group and we started our run at SM Dasmarinas o/a 4:15 AM. Our group maintained a 6:30-6:45 mpk pace as we ran towards General Trias, Cavite (road going to Puerto Azul). Our route was fully lighted by our support vehicle as we ran along the paved sidewalk. Other support vehicles would “leap-frog” every 2-3 kilometers with the baggage compartment and ice box opened for everybody. 

As we turned left to a road from General Trias, the 36K group was still intact with each other and we enjoyed running without much traffic and the air was colder. After completing 10K, the 26K group joined the rest of us and the sun was about to rise but we were glad that the sky was overcast. 

The 26K group pushed the rest of us for a faster pace. I was surprised to see Ivan Fojas joining the group as I know he had concentrated more on the sports of triathlon. I had the rest of the route keeping in pace with Ivan. I was impressed on the improvements of Ivan’s strength, power, speed, and endurance since the time he was a “newbie” and dedicated reader/visitor of this blog two years ago. I was happy for what Ivan had accomplished for the past months as he humbly told me that he was able to finish the latest Langkawi Ironman! I am sure, he learned a lot from my early posts in this blog. 

Photo-Ops In One of the Pit Stops

I was running with the color “red” as my motif. I was using my old & reliable TNF running cap, ASICS shirt & compression short, CW-X compression socks, Adidas Adizero Mana, and my Ultimate Hand-held water bottle. It was my first time use compression socks in a run as I’ve been using them for my “rest & recovery” after my long runs. I would say that these compression socks have given me a boost and comfortable workout during the run. I did not have any cramps or soreness on my lower leg muscles! I got also the same positive remarks from the other runners who joined this workout who were using compression socks/calves support. 

After we reached our designated point to re-group in Tagaytay City, I ran another 3 kilometers along the highway towards Nasugbo while the other runners ran farther. I was able to finish 33K in 3:58+ hours and I did not have any pain or soreness on my body. After a cold & hot shower at Jan Imperio’s place, the group re-assembled at the “Bag of Beans” Resto for our “brunch”, and for more stories, and discussion of plans in running. (Note: These guys always get the “scoop” for my plans in our PAU races!)

Group Picture After "Brunch" In Tagaytay City

To the Team Bald Runner-Professionals, thanks for the company and the feedback I got from you about running. I could see that you will become very good ultra runners in the future. On my end, I will always join you in your long runs.

See you at the “speed” training sessions this week!


2 thoughts on “Back2Back

  1. Tin

    It was good to have you around BR! True, you were our target. Was staying behind and was watching how you maintain such pace and I’m amazed. Learned a lot, from hydration and nutrition. I need to learn how to eat boiled eggs during the run.


  2. mdscommercial


    I just picked up a pair of Adidas Manas. I’m an ultra runner. The guy in the shoe store tried to tell me these shoes were no good for long mileage. What do you think? Do you train long in your Manas?

    Enjoyed your blog entry.

    Mark in California, USA.


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