Source of Performance

My friends, runners and most of my readers would always ask me the same question–where do I get my strength and endurance in running? My best answer to them is Experience. But the truth of the matter is that I get my strength and endurance from my nutrition and strict adherence to the basic principles of endurance training.

In nutrition, I eat anything that will not cause any “gout” attack in any parts of my body. Most of the time, I eat the following fresh foods:

Fresh Meat (Not Processed or Frozen Meat)
Simple But Nutritious (Salmon Belly & Beef Tapa/Beef Jerky)
Fresh Vegetables Direct From The Plant
My Favorite Ampalaya
Native Chicken
A Little Of Pinapaitan, Kilawen, & Kalderetta
Fresh Fruits
....More Fresh Fruits
And More Fresh Fruits!

Now, from these source of food/nutrition, I can get my 40-30-30 diet (carbo-protein-fat) needed for my running performance. The magic word here is “FRESH”!

In my basic training principles, I always think of “progression”; specificity; and recovery. Do I have to explain each of these words again? Okey, I will explain them in my future posts.

Good luck to those athletes participating in the CAMSUR 70.3 Triathlon this weekend!!!