“West To East”: 4th Day/Swollen Quads!

 9:45 AM March 18, 2011/From Camiling, Tarlac to SCTEX Entry/Exit in La Paz, Tarlac

I was able to sleep for 9 hours at the Royal Blue Hotel in Camiling, Tarlac and it was really a sound sleep. I felt energized again for the day’s run from Camiling, Tarlac up to the Kilometer Post where I could decide to stop to end the day’s run. The plan was to run leisurely without thinking of the number of kilometers that I have to finish for the day. I also started not to follow the Galloway Ratio of Run-Walk. I just simply ran an average pace of 7:30 to 8:00 minutes per kilometer and take a brief walk few meters before reaching my support vehicle. However, I maintained my ritual of walking the uphills and running through the downhills. My brief pit stops would last from 2-4 minutes and checking my blog through my laptop would last up to 15 minutes. And eating in those carinderias/road side eateries would last me for a stop/rest of 20 minutes!

After the usual “drill” upon waking up from bed, my team was ready leave the hotel for a brief breakfast at Jollibee. After breakfast, I was brought to the last kilometer post where stopped the previous night for the regular photo-ops as a part of the starting regimen of every daily run. I started my run at 9:45 AM.

@ Camiling, Tarlac: Start of the 4th Day

 It seems that Camiling, Tarlac is the “melting” pot of the western portion of Tarlac Province. Once you pass along the commercial district of the town, you could see the slow movement of vehicles due to traffic. There was a parade of vehicles advertising some sort of Hog’s Feeds and a new business establishment for farm needs and supplies. It is also the crossroad of vehicles going to the central towns of Pangasinan and the western towns, too! So, vehicles and mass transport/buses coming from Manila and from the Western & Central Pangasinan would converge in this town. Due to the heavy traffic of the main road, I had to walk for about 2 kilometers on the sidewalk trying to observe the people, the vehicles, and the environment. It is good to see 2 PNP personnel manning the crucial intersection to see to it that the traffic is done in orderly manner. All the vehicles are moving but with a crawling speed, at least, all the vehicles are moving.

Running On The Gravel Sides of the Road

After two kilometers of walking and another right turn towards Tarlac City, I started my jog as I met a lot of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. The usual ritual during the previous run was followed—drink water every 2 kilometers where my support have advanced; drink sports drinks every 1 ½ hours; and eat solid food during my longer duration of pit stops. Just like in the previous days, I see to it that I have to urinate at least every hour and observe how my body is perspiring. Since yesterday, I opted not to take any Tylenol tablets to ease the pain on my running legs.

The road from Camiling to Sta Ignacia, the next town, and towards Tarlac City is famous for those rolling and long ascending and descending slopes that I have to force myself to walk on those ascending portions and run through the descending parts. It was a repetitive process to be doing this to preserve the strength of my leg muscles. On those walking breaks on the ascending portions, I would also count my strides just to be able to have a continuous rhythm and pace throughout those inclined portion. Although I was still on the right side of the road, I would go to the shoulders when I have my walking breaks. But on those descending parts of the road, I have to continue my running on the paved portion of the road. If there is white-line paint on the edge of the road, then this is the place where I have to land my foot during running. Those white lines are surprisingly rubberized that it has some bounce on my running shoes. There were lots of ascending and descending parts of the road for today’s run.

Leaving The Town of Camiling, Tarlac
Running Alone On The Road...Again!

At Barangay Nambalan in Sta Ignacia, Tarlac, in front of one of those High School compounds, I passed by a group of students who were walking towards the direction where I was going. As I passed them, I waved my hands at them and they cheered at me and they were shouting words of encouragement. After 300 meters ahead, my support vehicle was waiting for me. While the group of students were walking behind me, I stopped at the support vehicle and started to have my “ritual”—drink and sit on my stool. As I was sitting and resting, the group of students reached me and one of them said,

Student: Uncle, adda met gayam napintas a lugan mo. Apay nga agtar-taray ka? (Uncle, you have a nice car and why are you still running?)

BR: Exercise ko lang daytoy! (I am doing this as a part of my exercise)

Student: Uncle, Ban-banogem lang dayta bag-bagim! (Uncle, you are just punishing yourself!)

BR: (Silent. No words to think of)

The student is smart and he has a point! After that conversation, I was already thinking of stopping my adventure run and go home to have my rest. But as a “warrior” I don’t want to be distracted in accomplishing the mission that I have set to myself.

Time To Eat...
Shaded Road With Acacia Trees
Nice Road & Back Of A Runner
Time To Eat...Again!
Time To Update My Blog...On the Road
Entering The Boundary of Tarlac City

 I resumed my run and running and walking through the ascending and descending portions of the road that leads to Tarlac City. Later, I was already entering the city limits of Tarlac. The Aquino Bridge is the target to cross and I am already within the Commercial Center of Tarlac City! But something is bothering me on my feet. It seems that my feet are burning and I could feel that they are getting hot and had expanded. With one kilometer to go before the Aquino Bridge, I decided to stop by my support vehicle and changed my socks and running shoes. I opted to use the Adidas Adizero Mana for the day but it was my first time to feel such burning sensation and expansion of my feet after running with it for about 32 kilometers. I was using my ASICS running socks which I’ve been using for my long runs but I knew it was the shoes that was causing the problem. I immediately changed my socks with the local PUMA running socks which are thicker and used the always reliable stability-cushion properties of my ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 shoes.

Starting To Feel The Traffic In The City

After changing my shoes and socks, I was back on the road, crossing the Aquino Bridge, walking along the commercial district of Tarlac City and later I was already entering the road that goes to La Paz, Tarlac and to the SCETX Entry/Exit. As I was running along the La Paz-Sta Rosa Road, I felt I was hungry and decided to stop in one of the Carinderia/Turo-Turo Eateries. I ate a big bowl of Bulalo Mami/Noodle Soup with Ice Cold Coke. The simple meal energized me and I resumed my running.

It was already getting dark and the main task at hand was to reach the SCTEX entry/exit where I’ve decided to end the day’s run. I think I walked on the last 3 kilometers because of the heavy traffic on the said road, the dark sidewalk, and most of all, those gravel filled sidewalk where the foot hurts when I step on those big and small stones!

Last Kilometer Post For The Day

 Finally, I reached my target, SCETX! At this point, I was already thinking of ending the adventure run and head towards Metro Manila. For today’s run, I was able to cover a distance of 45 Kilometers and in a Total of 175 kilometers in 4 days. I could feel that there was some pain on the mid foot portion of my left foot and my left knee was also in pain. After changing to drier clothes, I decided to look for a place where we could sleep with a Wi-Fi connection and I was back on my mission.

At La Paz, Tarlac"s SCETX Entry/Exit

After eating my dinner, checking in a cheap hotel with Wi-Fi Connection in Cabanatuan City, and taking a shower, I observed that the lower portion of my left quadriceps had swollen. I thought it was my left knee that expanded in size but as I compared it with my right leg, I could see and feel that it was my lower left portion of my quads (it connects to the knee) that have been bloated and had some pain when it is pressed by the thumb. It was my first time to experience this and I knew that I got it from those descending roads in Sta Ignacia and Tarlac City. I would say this is the description of ultra trail runners of what they call as “fried quads”. There is no panic! I told my support crew, Marlon, to put some ice in my ice bag and have it strapped on the swollen part of my quads and then to massage it lightly with Omega Pain Killer. And lastly, to remind me to take one Alaxan FR capsule before I go to sleep.

After 9-10 hours of sleep, the swollen quads had reduced its size and there was no more pain that I could feel on my quads. It’s a “Go” again for the 5th Day!

Some data/information during the day’s run:

Weather: Still hot but there are some places that were shaded with trees.

Distance: 45 Kilometers

Duration of Run: 9 Hours (due to more walking on the last 3 kilometers)

Average Pace: 5 KPH

Running Apparel: Team BR Technical Shirt; Adidas Adizero Running Shorts; ASICS Running Socks & PUMA Spots Socks; Local Buff; Headsweat Running Cap; Sunglasses by Ray-Ban & Oakley

Running Shoes: Adidas Adizero Mana (For 32 Kilometers) & ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 (For 13 Kilometers)

Total Kilometers Covered (4 Days)—175 Kilometers


Hotel Accomodation—P 750.00

Dinner (Previous Night) & Breakfast—P 700.00

Gasoline—P 1,000.00

Total Expenses—P 2,450.00

To be continued…


“West To East”: A Running Adventure

8:00 PM March 14, 2011/Bolinao, Pangasinan

After finishing the 5-day Adventure Run from Manila to Baguio City in February of last year, I was already thinking of another route where I could do another Adventure Run traversing and running along the roads of Luzon.

After researching and playing/browsing with the Google Map, I have entertained the idea of running from West to East, meaning, running from the western most part up to the eastern most part of Luzon. The distance is approximately the same with the distance from Manila to Baguio City but it could be farther and more challenging as the route offers more undulating and rolling terrain than the first adventure run that I finished up to Baguio City.

Why am I doing this? The reason could be that it is because I want to have fun and give meaning to life by running all possible routes in the country. I could be “opening the gates” for more possible routes for future adventure runs. I could be promoting the scenery of the towns, provinces and cities and its people that I will be passing and seeing through the “eyes/lens” of my digital camera. Or better yet, inspire more people along the way that running is good for the body and health. And for my readers in this blog to be inspired on what a retiree and almost senior citizen could do for the love of running.

Of course, my friends in the running community would also suspect that this is just a preparation for a bigger event to come in my adventure runs. Yes, they are right! I have that desire also to run from the very north tip of Luzon all the way to southernmost tip of the archipelago with the support of friends and corporate sponsors with the end-view of promoting running down to the “grassroots” level.

Many runners before me had done this feat but their accomplishments are still questionable up to this day based from my own standards or from what others would do to prove that they have done such feat. I have yet to see journals, diaries, pictorials, and other readable evidence to prove that these runners were able to run what they say they have run through. It is easy to say that you have run this part of the country without even showing to your readers any evidence or journal what each runner had gone through during the run. I would like to know the details, like: what was your daily mileage; what did you eat during the run; what is your hydration strategy during each leg or day; how many days did you rest during the span of period that a runner covered a certain distance; where did you rest and stop for the day; where did you rest over night; and how much did you spend for the adventure; and many more detailed factors/data to be known in order to pull off successfully in this kind of multi-day stage runs. Without these detailed facts, such feats/accomplishments are just “allegations”.

Let me go back to my plan. I will be starting in Bolinao, Pangasinan at the sea shore of the South China Sea and eventually proceed to Tarlac Province, running along the Carlos P Romulo Highway. From Tarlac Province, I will be proceeding to Nueva Ecija and ending up to the southernmost municipality of Dingalan of Aurora Province and specifically ending along the seashores of the Pacific Ocean. I will try to bring a bottle of sea water from the South China Sea and pour the said sea water to the Pacific Ocean. As there is no significant difference between the sea water of the South China Sea as to that of the Pacific Ocean, it will be a “tangible symbol” that I carried something from the West to be brought to the East. It would give meaning to the phrase, “West Meets East”.

What is the significance of my 2nd adventure run? The answer is very simple. I just want to prove that a runner could easily and efficiently document his run on a near-real time situation through a blog in the Internet with the aid of a GPS watch (I will be using a stopwatch this time!), digital camera, laptop computer or a cell phone, and a driver with a support vehicle. The documentation should be a some sort of a diary of the runner so that his/her reader is easily transported as if he/she is a part of the run and be able to feel the joy, fun, and hardship that the runner had gone through during the run. This is the gist of the run! It has no political ends and purpose but it simply sends the message that there is integrity in everything we want to do and for the things we want to impart to other people.

So another running adventure begins with the following pictures!

@Bolinao, Pangasinan: Western Most Tip of Luzon
@St James The Great Parish Church of Bolinao (Talking About Earthquake?)
South China Sea & The Beach of Bolinao
In One of Those "Not-So-Fancy" Beach Resorts

Planning Is Everything (Adventure Run)

In the military, planning is the most important aspect before the conduct of any operation or any activity. Being a former military officer, planning is already a part of my system. In every thing or activity that I do, there is a thorough planning involved as a guide for the execution of an operation or activity. Without any good planning, mistakes, errors and lapses occur every step of the way during the execution of your intended action or operation.

When I finally executed my “adventure run” from Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City, I prepared an operational plan for the said activity. In the military, every planner is guided by the letters S-M-E-A-C. These are five letters of each of the following words—Situation; Mission; Execution; Administration & Logistics; and Command & Control. In the said run, I used these words as my guide for my planning.

Situation guided me to find out the prevailing situation along the road from the starting point to the finish line. The weather, road condition, security and peace & order, pollution, noise, and traffic/density of vehicles along the road. Situation simply answered the question—who/which are my friends and enemies along the road? Mission is very simple, to run from point A to point B and be able to document the activity in near “real time” so that my readers could read and see what I did along the road as soon as I had a break or rest. Execution involved my schedule guide to run from Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City on a daily basis with an average of 50 kilometers covered within a day. This includes my strategy for my food & fluid intakes and the expected towns/cities where I would end my daily runs or take a mid-day break. Administration & Logistics would deal with my support system from my financial support up to my logistical support in terms of food, accommodation, gasoline, running attire, shoes, supply of ice, availability of Internet load to my SmartBro connection and what hydration system to use in every leg of the run. Command & Control would deal with Communications & Coordinating Instructons with my Support Crew/driver and the availability of access and signal to the Internet. during my “breaks” and rest over night (RON).

As I am used to be travelling to the North through the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) since it was constructed, I did not know what the old MacArthur Highway looks like nowadays. Pedestrians are not allowed along the NLEX and the only option is to run along the old MacArthur Highway. I had to recon the road/MacArthur Highway from Caloocan City up to Mabalacat, Pampanga for two times just to be sure of the exact road to take and to pinpoint towns/cities with convenience stores/fastfoods along the road. I had to make sure that my designated driver/support crew will not get lost along the road as there are tricky overpasses, road crossings and U-turns along the way. My support has to “leap frog” as far as 2 kilometers during daytime and at least 500 meters during nighttime. Driving through or travelling along the route is the best way to orient and find out the situation along the road as part of the planning process. Studying the route through maps is not enough!

In my execution of my plan, I was guided with the two most important Principles of War—Simplicity and Surprise. Simplicity means running alone. I was responsible for myself only. Surprise is exemplified when I did not warn or give any hint as to when I am going to start my adventure run. Nobody would believe that I was capable of starting this event a day after I finished the Condura Marathon. My security along the road was my most concern as I did not want to advertise this event. What was most important in this run is to be able to journalize or document my run through this blog/site on a near “real time” through my accounts and pictures.

I really don’t care if somebody in the future would run this distance in one day or two days. What I’ve proven here in this adventure run is that I could immediately inform my readers what transpired in my run immediately during my “breaks” or rest periods within the day or before I start another leg of my run. If you can run this distance in two or three days and then publish your account in your blog after you finish the whole adventure run, then that’s another view/perspective of the said experience.

Rest Over Night (RON) was the most important factor to be considered in order to have a rested and recovered body before the start of the next leg of the run. During the two occassions that I conducted an actual drive/recon up to Mabalacat, Pampanga, I pinpointed and planned to rest overnight (RON) at the MacArthur Hotel in San Fernando, Pampanga which is located along the highway. However, on the night I stopped my first leg, there was no available room and I opted to look for a hotel at the very center of San Fernando City. I was able to look for one but my standards for a decent sleeping facility/room was not met but I was able to rest/sleep for 7 hours.

On my second night, Mr Blue Pension in Capas, Tarlac was a perfect place to rest. The place has big rooms and I was able to use the Butane-fed Stove I brought to cook additional foods and prepare hot water for my instant oatmeal, coffee, and mami noodles.

On my third night, I checked in at Jijis Pension/Hotel in Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan. There was a brownout that time but the electricity was restored after 20 minutes. The available room was cozy without any windows but the air-conditioner was perfect. I overslept in this hotel because of the lack of natural light coming from the outside but I was able to sleep the required 7 hours for the night.

On my last night along the road, I stayed at the Five Star Apartelle in Urdaneta, Pangasinan. So far, this was the best place where I had my rest overnight. The place is spacious and each unit has two bedrooms upstairs with laundry & drying areas on the first floor.

As for my meals, I was a loyal customer of Jollibee for the first two days. I had my lunch at Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac on my third day. I had my lunch and dinner at Matutina’s Restaurant in Urdaneta City on my fourth day. And had my breakfast at the Rivervue Restaurant at Saitan, Rosario, La Union.

I had a daly intake of Multi-Mineral & Vitamin tablet, Vitamin C, and Glucousamine. Before going to bed, I had to drink one glass of Ensure.

Lastly, I was protected by Mr Heckler & Mr Koch USP9 from Germany with their 19 powerful 9mm rounds and a spare of two magazines in case of extreme emergency. However, my daily prayers to the Lord had greatly protected me from any harm or injury.

For those who are intending to experience an adventure run, good luck and I hope you can document your experience on a near “real-time” on your blog or site. Always be safe on the road.

2nd Day: Evening Edition

1. The ADIDAS Climalite Response Compression Shorts gave me some chafing on my left groin area and I have to change my shorts for my afternoon run. I advise the runners not to buy this kind of compression shorts because the stitches on the groin area keep on rubbing the skin as the runner moves his legs. I have to change to my NIKE regular running shorts.

2. I started my afternoon run at 4:36 PM after some ice cold coffee, pasta with chicken and a slice of cheese strawberry cake! I started infront of the entrance to the Clark Freeport (where I stopped after the morning run) and finished at Km Post #102. I was able to run a distance of 15K with a time of 2:10 hours. I was able to consume 1,067 calories. My average pace was 8:39 minutes per kilometer with an average heart rate of 122 beats per minute.

3. For the second day of my “adventure run”, I was able to cover a distance of 46 kilometers, same as of yesterday’s total distance. The total mileage for two days run is 92 kilometers in 14+ hours as running/walking time. So far, except for the slight chafing, I don’t have any blisters, cramps, pain or problems with my body.

4. For the 1st day, I was able to run across the province of Bulacan and for the second day, I was able to run along the towns of Pampanga. As of now, I am in the territory of Tarlac Province. Hopefully, before the end of the third day, I will be running in the province of Pangasinan.

5. As usual, I have my dinner with a big serving of hot La Paz Batchoy which I find to be complete with everything. It is salty, it has noodles, meat, fried pork and brooth! I also ate fried chicken & rice. I have taken my Vitamin C, Pharmaton tablet, and Alaxan FR before going to bed. Of course, I have also a glass of fresh milk to complete my food intake for the day. One liter of water is a must also before going to bed.

6. The following pictures will do the talking for the meantime. Good night!

Reason Why I Can't Run @ NLEX
KAMIKAZE Shrine in Mabalacat, Pampanga
About To Cross the Bamban Bridge (Pampanga-Tarlac Boundary)
Last Kilometer Post For The Day

2nd Day: Noon Edition

1. I finally stopped infront of the Clark Air Base entrance along the McArthur Highway in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga after finishing almost 31K from Apalit, Pampanga. I am now resting in one of the popular coffee shops in Dau with a free Wi-Fi connection and making an update about my run this morning.

Sidewalk Trail

2. With all the “walk breaks” and “pee stops”, I was able to finish the said distance in 4:47 hours with an average pace of 9:20 minutes per kilometer. It is a very slow pace but I think I am becoming stronger and more resilient to the heat of the sun. My average heart rate is 118 beats per minute and was able to burn 1,961 calories. I feel relaxed with my pace but I am gaining distance.

Another Version of the Sidewalk Trail

3. Last night’s dinner consisted of spaghetti, fried chicken, rice, 2 kinds of soup (la paz batchoy & macaroni soup) and fresh bananas. I guess, I was able to satisfy the ratio of 50%-25%-25% (carbo-protein-fats, respectively) for my intake of food. Before I went to bed, I was able to drink 1 Liter of water.

4. In today’s brunch, I ordered Pancit Palabok, Sisig with Rice, one Coke in Can taken with half teaspoon of salt. I felt bloated after my brunch that I could hardly maintain my pace plus the fact that the heat of the sun was already intense to the body.

5. From Apalit to San Fernando, I ran along the left sidewalk as I was facing the traffic. Instead of running along the paved road, I was running on a dirt road filled with stones and lahar. All the way, the rugged road gave comfort to my feet as I had soft landing with the ground. However, on the other side, the sidewalk is paved. But from San Fernando to Mabalacat, both sidewalks are not yet paved. I am glad the acacia trees along the highway were not cut as planned by the DENR and Department of Public Highways. I could see that there is an ample space for expansion of the road but cutting those acacia trees will not justify the intended infrastructural development.

Totally Covered Under The Heat of the Sun & Pollution

6. It is funny that I could see the campaign activities of the national candidates are on full swing! I think I was able to count a half dozen of brand-new pick-ups and vans painted with the campaign color & slogan of Senator Lito Lapid with blaring “jingle” and message for the people to vote and re-elect the Senator. I am sure more of these brand-new vehicles are already on their way to the Visayas and Mindanao as part of the campaign caravan for the Senator. I wonder why Senator Loren Legarda has to use the acacia trees as her campaign display instrument by using nails/staples to keep her posters from being removed. If only those acacia trees are humans, I can just imagine the pain they feel with those nails/staples used to display her campaign posters. I thought the good Lady Senator’s advocacy is to preserve the environment? Do you still remember those road signs with the poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer sponsored by the Lady Senator?

"But only God could make a Tree"

7. Before I finally went to bed, I briefly watched the local TV station where local government officials were discussing the things and accomplishments they have provided to their constituents. They talked about social services like free education, free health care, free medical attention & medicines and other services to the people. They even talked of their plans of making their town as the future Taguig City or Makati City where more jobs are generated and thereby, more income to the local government. I said to myself, it’s a waste of time watching the TV!

8. There is a lot of commercial and housing developments in San Fernando City. I’ve seen properties of the Vista Group and the Ayala Land along the route I’ve taken. How I wish these land developers would build parks where people would be in touch with nature; where they could exercise and play their sports they love and build “rest areas” along the national highway. It is sickening to see our concept of “rest areas” in the country—a gasoline station with fastfood chain of stores attached to it! In more advanced/industrialized countries, the “rest area” along the highway is totally different from the convenience-commercial stations along the crossroads with the highway—this is where the gasoline stations, hotels, motels, restaurants, and factory outlet stores are located. The “rest area” is where the motorists could have a brief stop to park their cars, take a nap, and relieve themselves from the call of nature. The “rest area” has two separate parking areas for the big trucks and cars & vans.

Crossing the Angeles City Boundary

9. While I was running, I saw a lot of vehicles parked infront of a fenced property and inside the said property were  groups of people doing their morning jog. When I read the name of the establishment, I found it to be a Memorial Park!

10. There is no political connection on this “adventure run”. It is coincidental that I started this run on the first day of Campaign Period for the National & Local Elections. These are the reasons why I am doing this run:

a) I love to run!

b) I have nothing to do except to run and document my running experience through this blog.

c) I want to inspire others to excel and be positive in their respective field.

d) I am retired, want to do what I liked most and be responsible to myself. I want to be the “boss” to myself.

e) I want to document or “journalize” my running experience so that others could gain lessons from them.

f) I want to be active and healthy.

g) There is no more “running training ground” in Metro Manila which is worth trying or repeating. My training grounds are becoming boring! Going to the mountains to look for trails will be the next project.

11. The following were consumed and paid for during this morning’s run:

2 Liters of Water—-P 54.00

2 Bottles of Propel—-P 36.00

2 Bottles of Gatorade—-P 36.00

Brunch at Razon’s—-P 300.00

3 Hours of Internet (SmartBro since yesterday)—-P 60.00

1 Pack of SkyFlakes—-P 5.00

1 Cofffee—-P 5.00

12. The color for the day is Red.

At The Starting Area For the 2nd Day
Sam, The Running Ninja Should Look Like This When He Runs On Road Races..Hehehe!

First Day: Evening Edition

1. After singing some songs at the Resto where I had my lunch and posting my story about my running experience this morning, I prepared for my afternoon run. By simply wiping my whole body with my bandanas dipped in cold water, I was able to remove some of the dirt to my body exposed to the elements and at the same time cool down the temperature of my body.

2. After 3 1/2 hours of rest, I changed to a new set of running apparel—NIKE White Compression Long-Sleeved Shirt; New Balance Compression Shorts; 3 Bandanas (one for my head sweat stopper & 2 were tied on my neck); PUMA Black Socks;  white cap; Ray-Ban Sports Sunglass; ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 and my Nathan Hydration Belt.

Another Set of Running Attire. Shell Station Personnel @ Tabang Were Kind & Accommodating
Rice Fields Are Slowly Shrinking Due to Commercial & Housing Establishments

3. I started at exactly 4:00 PM. I entered the center of Malolos City and I was surprised to see the wide roads infront of the Provincial Capitol and the presence of so many commercial establishments on its sides. The place is completely different when I was a Brigade Commander with Bulacan as one of the provinces under my area of operation/supervision. My pace this afternoon was faster than the one I had on the start of this run. I was able to continously run for the first 10K with a time of 1:05 hours with an average pace of 6:30 minutes per kilometer. I was able to sustain the pace up to 13K mark as I started to take picture of the scenery along the way.

One of the Commercial Establishments in Malolos, Bulacan
Ooopps...Wrong Wall To Display Campaign Posters! Hahaha!

4. For the afternoon run, I was able to run a distance of 19 kilometers in 2:27 hours to include the “walking breaks”. My average pace was 7:45 minutes per kilometer and average heart rate at 130 beats per minute. For the whole day, I was able to run & walk a distance of 46 kilometers. I left the road before 7:00 PM to look for a place to take a shower, eat and stay for the night.

Crossing The Bulacan-Pampanga Boundary
Last Kilometer Post For The Day

5. I was able to consume or pay for the following items during/after the run:

2 Bottles of Propel—-P 36.00

2 Liters of Bottled Water—P 54.00

1 Kilo of Lacatan Bananas—P 47.00 ( ate 3 pieces of banana)

1 Kilo of Ripe Mangoes—-P 50.00

Dinner/Food—-P 160.00

Hotel Accommodation (One Night)—P 630.00

6. So far, there are no “issues” or injury during my first day of my adventure run. Sleep is badly needed now!