2nd Day: Noon Edition

1. I finally stopped infront of the Clark Air Base entrance along the McArthur Highway in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga after finishing almost 31K from Apalit, Pampanga. I am now resting in one of the popular coffee shops in Dau with a free Wi-Fi connection and making an update about my run this morning.

Sidewalk Trail

2. With all the “walk breaks” and “pee stops”, I was able to finish the said distance in 4:47 hours with an average pace of 9:20 minutes per kilometer. It is a very slow pace but I think I am becoming stronger and more resilient to the heat of the sun. My average heart rate is 118 beats per minute and was able to burn 1,961 calories. I feel relaxed with my pace but I am gaining distance.

Another Version of the Sidewalk Trail

3. Last night’s dinner consisted of spaghetti, fried chicken, rice, 2 kinds of soup (la paz batchoy & macaroni soup) and fresh bananas. I guess, I was able to satisfy the ratio of 50%-25%-25% (carbo-protein-fats, respectively) for my intake of food. Before I went to bed, I was able to drink 1 Liter of water.

4. In today’s brunch, I ordered Pancit Palabok, Sisig with Rice, one Coke in Can taken with half teaspoon of salt. I felt bloated after my brunch that I could hardly maintain my pace plus the fact that the heat of the sun was already intense to the body.

5. From Apalit to San Fernando, I ran along the left sidewalk as I was facing the traffic. Instead of running along the paved road, I was running on a dirt road filled with stones and lahar. All the way, the rugged road gave comfort to my feet as I had soft landing with the ground. However, on the other side, the sidewalk is paved. But from San Fernando to Mabalacat, both sidewalks are not yet paved. I am glad the acacia trees along the highway were not cut as planned by the DENR and Department of Public Highways. I could see that there is an ample space for expansion of the road but cutting those acacia trees will not justify the intended infrastructural development.

Totally Covered Under The Heat of the Sun & Pollution

6. It is funny that I could see the campaign activities of the national candidates are on full swing! I think I was able to count a half dozen of brand-new pick-ups and vans painted with the campaign color & slogan of Senator Lito Lapid with blaring “jingle” and message for the people to vote and re-elect the Senator. I am sure more of these brand-new vehicles are already on their way to the Visayas and Mindanao as part of the campaign caravan for the Senator. I wonder why Senator Loren Legarda has to use the acacia trees as her campaign display instrument by using nails/staples to keep her posters from being removed. If only those acacia trees are humans, I can just imagine the pain they feel with those nails/staples used to display her campaign posters. I thought the good Lady Senator’s advocacy is to preserve the environment? Do you still remember those road signs with the poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer sponsored by the Lady Senator?

"But only God could make a Tree"

7. Before I finally went to bed, I briefly watched the local TV station where local government officials were discussing the things and accomplishments they have provided to their constituents. They talked about social services like free education, free health care, free medical attention & medicines and other services to the people. They even talked of their plans of making their town as the future Taguig City or Makati City where more jobs are generated and thereby, more income to the local government. I said to myself, it’s a waste of time watching the TV!

8. There is a lot of commercial and housing developments in San Fernando City. I’ve seen properties of the Vista Group and the Ayala Land along the route I’ve taken. How I wish these land developers would build parks where people would be in touch with nature; where they could exercise and play their sports they love and build “rest areas” along the national highway. It is sickening to see our concept of “rest areas” in the country—a gasoline station with fastfood chain of stores attached to it! In more advanced/industrialized countries, the “rest area” along the highway is totally different from the convenience-commercial stations along the crossroads with the highway—this is where the gasoline stations, hotels, motels, restaurants, and factory outlet stores are located. The “rest area” is where the motorists could have a brief stop to park their cars, take a nap, and relieve themselves from the call of nature. The “rest area” has two separate parking areas for the big trucks and cars & vans.

Crossing the Angeles City Boundary

9. While I was running, I saw a lot of vehicles parked infront of a fenced property and inside the said property were  groups of people doing their morning jog. When I read the name of the establishment, I found it to be a Memorial Park!

10. There is no political connection on this “adventure run”. It is coincidental that I started this run on the first day of Campaign Period for the National & Local Elections. These are the reasons why I am doing this run:

a) I love to run!

b) I have nothing to do except to run and document my running experience through this blog.

c) I want to inspire others to excel and be positive in their respective field.

d) I am retired, want to do what I liked most and be responsible to myself. I want to be the “boss” to myself.

e) I want to document or “journalize” my running experience so that others could gain lessons from them.

f) I want to be active and healthy.

g) There is no more “running training ground” in Metro Manila which is worth trying or repeating. My training grounds are becoming boring! Going to the mountains to look for trails will be the next project.

11. The following were consumed and paid for during this morning’s run:

2 Liters of Water—-P 54.00

2 Bottles of Propel—-P 36.00

2 Bottles of Gatorade—-P 36.00

Brunch at Razon’s—-P 300.00

3 Hours of Internet (SmartBro since yesterday)—-P 60.00

1 Pack of SkyFlakes—-P 5.00

1 Cofffee—-P 5.00

12. The color for the day is Red.

At The Starting Area For the 2nd Day
Sam, The Running Ninja Should Look Like This When He Runs On Road Races..Hehehe!

13 thoughts on “2nd Day: Noon Edition

  1. runnerforchrist

    ‘But only God could make a tree’ -I think there’s a law prohibiting ALL candidates to put their streamers/campaign materials on those trees? Tsk tsk!
    Thanks for the update Sir, that’s what I call ‘proper documentation’ and not just mere publicity. I love your ‘ninja’ attire, can I call you ‘the bald running ninja’ for this 250 K advocacy? 🙂
    Run defensively and stay safe.
    I’ll be praying for you…


  2. Arthur

    Good job BR. The documentation of your adventure run and pictures are very interesting. It got me hooked. Those acacia trees must be 50+ years old.

    Going over your daily intakes, I notice that you are not taking energy bars/shots like GU or Promax. I salute you for that.

    I think you will enter my home province Pangasinan on the 4th day of your run.


  3. miraclecello

    Hmm, did you just say Vista? Vista Land is Manny Villar’s main holding company for his property businesses. He went to speak before the Makati Business Club today and told the (future cabinet members of Noynoy) that he felt like a black man preaching before the Ku Klux Klan or something ha ha


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