First Day: Evening Edition

1. After singing some songs at the Resto where I had my lunch and posting my story about my running experience this morning, I prepared for my afternoon run. By simply wiping my whole body with my bandanas dipped in cold water, I was able to remove some of the dirt to my body exposed to the elements and at the same time cool down the temperature of my body.

2. After 3 1/2 hours of rest, I changed to a new set of running apparel—NIKE White Compression Long-Sleeved Shirt; New Balance Compression Shorts; 3 Bandanas (one for my head sweat stopper & 2 were tied on my neck); PUMA Black Socks;  white cap; Ray-Ban Sports Sunglass; ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 and my Nathan Hydration Belt.

Another Set of Running Attire. Shell Station Personnel @ Tabang Were Kind & Accommodating
Rice Fields Are Slowly Shrinking Due to Commercial & Housing Establishments

3. I started at exactly 4:00 PM. I entered the center of Malolos City and I was surprised to see the wide roads infront of the Provincial Capitol and the presence of so many commercial establishments on its sides. The place is completely different when I was a Brigade Commander with Bulacan as one of the provinces under my area of operation/supervision. My pace this afternoon was faster than the one I had on the start of this run. I was able to continously run for the first 10K with a time of 1:05 hours with an average pace of 6:30 minutes per kilometer. I was able to sustain the pace up to 13K mark as I started to take picture of the scenery along the way.

One of the Commercial Establishments in Malolos, Bulacan
Ooopps...Wrong Wall To Display Campaign Posters! Hahaha!

4. For the afternoon run, I was able to run a distance of 19 kilometers in 2:27 hours to include the “walking breaks”. My average pace was 7:45 minutes per kilometer and average heart rate at 130 beats per minute. For the whole day, I was able to run & walk a distance of 46 kilometers. I left the road before 7:00 PM to look for a place to take a shower, eat and stay for the night.

Crossing The Bulacan-Pampanga Boundary
Last Kilometer Post For The Day

5. I was able to consume or pay for the following items during/after the run:

2 Bottles of Propel—-P 36.00

2 Liters of Bottled Water—P 54.00

1 Kilo of Lacatan Bananas—P 47.00 ( ate 3 pieces of banana)

1 Kilo of Ripe Mangoes—-P 50.00

Dinner/Food—-P 160.00

Hotel Accommodation (One Night)—P 630.00

6. So far, there are no “issues” or injury during my first day of my adventure run. Sleep is badly needed now!


12 thoughts on “First Day: Evening Edition

  1. marktrobbo

    Good Luck Baldrunner on your adventure run, you seem to be enjoying it so far! – take care on the Kennon Road – Best Regards – Robbo (UK) & ( Occasional – Baguio resident)


  2. lafortart

    Glad to know that the first day of your adventure run went smoothly. Do you carbo load at the end of the day?

    That wrong wall photo is funny. I hope Gordon supporters don’t run you out of town (I am pretty sure they can catch up with you).

    Have fun tomorrow, keep your eyes on the road, stay healthy and watch those tricycle operators.


  3. that is quite an adventure you’re on, sir jovie! how long is it gonna take? the nlex – sctex route is already 320 kms, your route must be longer than that. anyway, good luck!


  4. kingofpots

    nlex-sctex management does not allow runners at the expressway. instead, i took the old McArthur Highway. it is the conventional distance where our Km Post markings are based.


  5. jazzrunner

    BR– This is like reading two editions for the day, People’s Journal & People’s Tonight! Nice account of your runs. Our subscription continues…:-)


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