Pictures @ 1st BDM 160K

9 03 2011

These are some of the pictures taken by my staff through my personal digital camera. These pictures are supposed to be a part of my Race Director’s Report but due to the repair of my laptop, its publication had been delayed in this blog. I hope you will enjoy the following pictures.

T Minus One Hour @ the BDM Shrine in Mariveles, Bataan

The Ultra Running Narcise Clan (General Samuel, BR, Dr. Lemuel)

Announcing The Final Check-In For the 59 Runners

The Ultrarunner Luis aka The Gingerbread Man

Everybody Was Smiling Naturally at T Minus 30 Minutes

Jonel with the Singapore Runners (Wee, Paulina, Hong Soon, & Sean Say)

Start of the Simple Program With Jonel as the Invocator

The Traditional Group Picture @ The BDM Km Post #00

The Other Runners @ BDM Km Post #00

Countdown at the Starting Line...10...9....8...

GOOOO!!!!......See you along the road & checkpoints!

Gilbert Gray of USA & Kelly Lim of Singapore Taking It Easy at the Back

Gene Olvis Arriving @ BDM Km Post #102 as the 2nd Runner

Followed By Sean Say Huat Tian of Singapore

Wilnar Iglesia Crossing The Finish Line For the RD's "Hug"

The Champion With His Efficient Pacer & Support Crew

1st Runner-Up Jon Lacanlale Crossed the Finish Line

Jon Lacanlale's Pacer & Support Crew

2nd Runner-Up Gene Olvis Crossing The Finish Line

Gene Olvis' Pacer & Support Crew

4th Runner-Finisher Sean Say Huat Tian of Singapore Crossing The Finish Line with the Traditional RD's "Hug"

Lady Champion Paulina Tanoto of Singapore Approaching The Finish Line

Paulina Tanoto's Pacer & Support Crew

And the rest is history!!!



2 responses

9 03 2011

Looks like I am about to faint in the picture. Hehe. That was exactly how it felt racing to the finish line. Gene is one tough runner who would not give up without a fight. Cheers.

10 03 2011

the pictures say it all. by looking each of the pictures posted, you could feel the energy from each of the runners and support crew. thanks!

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