Pictures @ 1st BDM 160K

These are some of the pictures taken by my staff through my personal digital camera. These pictures are supposed to be a part of my Race Director’s Report but due to the repair of my laptop, its publication had been delayed in this blog. I hope you will enjoy the following pictures.

T Minus One Hour @ the BDM Shrine in Mariveles, Bataan
The Ultra Running Narcise Clan (General Samuel, BR, Dr. Lemuel)
Announcing The Final Check-In For the 59 Runners
The Ultrarunner Luis aka The Gingerbread Man
Everybody Was Smiling Naturally at T Minus 30 Minutes
Jonel with the Singapore Runners (Wee, Paulina, Hong Soon, & Sean Say)
Start of the Simple Program With Jonel as the Invocator
The Traditional Group Picture @ The BDM Km Post #00
The Other Runners @ BDM Km Post #00
Countdown at the Starting Line...10...9....8...
GOOOO!!!!......See you along the road & checkpoints!
Gilbert Gray of USA & Kelly Lim of Singapore Taking It Easy at the Back
Gene Olvis Arriving @ BDM Km Post #102 as the 2nd Runner
Followed By Sean Say Huat Tian of Singapore
Wilnar Iglesia Crossing The Finish Line For the RD's "Hug"
The Champion With His Efficient Pacer & Support Crew
1st Runner-Up Jon Lacanlale Crossed the Finish Line
Jon Lacanlale's Pacer & Support Crew
2nd Runner-Up Gene Olvis Crossing The Finish Line
Gene Olvis' Pacer & Support Crew
4th Runner-Finisher Sean Say Huat Tian of Singapore Crossing The Finish Line with the Traditional RD's "Hug"
Lady Champion Paulina Tanoto of Singapore Approaching The Finish Line
Paulina Tanoto's Pacer & Support Crew

And the rest is history!!!


Random Pictures

 No Need To Explain. Enjoy the pictures. Enjoy your Long Runs This Weekend.

Photo Taken From Scott Dunlap's Blog @
Ultrarunning Magazine Cover With Anton Krupicka's win at the 2010 MIWOK 100K
Jamie Donaldson's Feet After Another PR at the 2010 Badwater Ultra Using Dry Max Socks
Nice Old Car!
Take It Slow On The Road & Smell The Flowers (or Take Some Pictures of Them)
Run To Mt Pinatubo Crater Lake
Zach Gingrich, 2010 Badwater Ultramarathon Champion
Zach Gingrich in the Famous Movie, "The Hangover"
Laoag Chicharon (Bagnet) Waiting For "P2P 65K" Runners
The WS 100 Logo...
...And The Silver Buckle...

Grab Your Pics @ Step Up Run!

I opted to just watch the runners and took some pictures of the members of Team Bald Runner’s Elite & Professional Group and known runners during this morning’s Step Up 10K Run held at the Global City. This race was organized by GMA-7 and Q TV Networks.

Guys, please grab your pictures here and post them in your respective blog or personal file for your souvenir/personal collection.

Fast & Furious Mari
Fast & Furious Mari
Michelle of Fitness First
Michelle of Fitness First
Jonel aka Bugobugo85
Jonel aka Bugobugo85
Charlie Chua & Company
Charlie Chua & Company
Bro J & Baby
Bro J & Baby
Flying Mari
Flying Mari
Coach/Triathlete Gonzales
Coach/Triathlete Gonzales
Jay Lee C
Jay Lee C
My Nephew Lemuel Finishing the 10K Run
My Nephew Lemuel Finishing the 10K Run
Dr. Tommy Tan of Fairview Runners
Dr. Tommy Tan of Fairview Runners
Jess Sacayle of Fairview Runners
Jess Sacayle of Fairview Runners
Fast-Finishing Jonel
Fast-Finishing Jonel

Pictures @ 4th Global City Run

I really do not know these celebrities at the front of the pack at the Starting line. Maybe, these are our “elite” runners with “single digit” race numbers. 

The race started on time at 6:00 AM 20 April 2008 infront of the ANTA Store. I visited the ANTA Store the day before the race to get a copy of the road map of the race and to browse on their display of sports apparel.

For a change, this is how I looked with my running outfit. I was a “commercial model” for the Nike outfit in yesterday’s 10K Run. This picture was taken at the last kilometer to the finish line.

A few meters from the finish line with the sight of the digital clock readings of my time as it registered 47:00 minutes. I was thinking of passing the finish line before the clock turns to 48:00 minutes.

I could not recall if I felt like “throwing up” or trying to pick up my pace as I approached the Finish Line!

Unofficially, my time as I glanced the digital clock at the Finish Line was 47:52 minutes. I was glad I finished the 10K race below my target time of 48:00 minutes.

Oval Track Run @ Iloilo City: Part 2

13 February 2008 (12:46-1:30 PM)

The Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track is longer from what I’ve expected. Oval tracks are supposed to be 400 meters or 440 yards on its innermost lane. The Iloilo City Oval Track has eight (8) lanes. After stretching and warm-up for one lap around the track, I started to run four laps at the innermost lane (Lane # 1), then to the outermost lane (Lane # 8), then to the middle lane (Lane # 5), and made two continuous laps (800 meters) at Lane # 1 in order to finally determine the actual distance of the Oval.

The following data were taken from my GF 305 (in meters & minutes). Posted also were pictures taken with me running on each lane:


Lane # 1         Distance           Time

Lap # 1             414.9 m            2:11 mins

Lap # 2             408.0 m           1:58 mins

Lap # 3             418.93 m         1:46 mins

Lap # 4             417.43 m         2:12 mins


Lane # 8        Distance          Time

Lap # 5            470.37 m         2:26 mins

Lap # 6            472.02 m        2:32 mins

Lap # 7            474.62 m        2:36 mins

Lap # 8            484.95 m        1:58 mins


Lane # 5       Distance          Time

Lap # 9           448.43 m         2:28 mins

Lap # 10         459.17 m         2:16 mins

Lap # 11         457.24 m         2:20 mins

Lap # 12         471.11 m         1:45 mins


Lane # 1         832.68 m        4:28 mins

After running 800 meters, I ran another 800 meters for my cool-down run. I finished my running workout with stretching. Overall, I was able to run 17 laps which is equivalent to 6.8 kilometers or 4.25 miles.

Definitely, The Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track is longer than the normal oval track as determined by my GF 305!

Pictures: 2008 PMA Gidaya Trail Run

15 February 2008 (6:45-8:00 AM)


Registration was done at the Finish Line area infront of the Sundial of PMA. From the Registration Area, our group was brought to the Loakan Airport’s Air Controller Building by bus and it was where our race started. The race started at 7:15 AM.


On my right is my brother & wife who competed also in the race. On my left is Cavalier Agustin (PMA Class 1972) who is retired from the service and placed second to me in the said race.


Running alone towards the finish line!


A pose with the Commandant of Cadets of PMA and grand daughter of the late Honorable Ernesto Gidaya after I received the First Place Trophy for the PMA Gidaya Trail Run ( 50+ years old category)


A closer look at the Trophy and the Champion!

Pictures: Running With My Son

These are pictures taken during my running workout with my son, John Paul, at the Ilocos Norte Sports Oval Track in Laoag City after running for almost one and half hours from Barangay Dibua to the crossing Gabu Road and Suba Road and back to the Poblacion of Laoag City.

It appears that my son has the runner’s form, body-built for a runner and has the speed for a marathoner. I must admit that he is faster, stronger, better in running form, better trained and more efficient in running than I am when I was at his age.

dsc04879.jpg  dsc04876.jpg  dsc04873.jpg

I told him to have ourselves registered to run the 2008 San Francisco City Marathon and apply for our names to be raffled or be part of the lottery to participate in the 2008 New York City Marathon as early this part of the year.

“Nostalgic” Long Run

23 December 2007 (AM) 

I woke up at 5:00 AM today and started to prepare for my “once-a-week” long slow distance (LSD) run. I started my run at exactly 5:30 AM from my sister’s house at Barangay Dibua South (#59-A), Laoag City. It was still dark but there were lots of tricycles plying the road already because of the early morning mass (Misa de Gallo).

The terrain in Laoag City is relatively flat and all the roads are paved up to the Barangays. From Dibua, I passed by the City Cemetery and jogged towards and along Rizal Street, the main road of Laoag City, and turning right after the PNB Building, and leading towards the City Hall and to the Padsan River/Laoag Bridge.

Running along Rizal Street and all the way to the Laoag/Padsan Bridge leading either to the Gabu Airport or to Fort Ilocandia Hotel or to Suba, Paoay brings back good memories from the time I started running and preparing for my first marathon. This is where I spent most of my running workouts during the early ’80s.

From the Bridge, I proceeded along the Gabu/Airport Road and later turning left at the road intersection going to Suba, Paoay or the Road that goes to the Fort Ilocandia Golf Course and to the Municipality of Paoay.

I reached the Clubhouse of the Fort Ilocandia Golf Course at 1:37:00 hours, which in my estimate covers a distance of 16.5 kilometers or 10 miles from my sister’s house in Dibua. (With the aid of my Nathan Water Belt, my run became very comfortable). From the Clubhouse, I made my turn around and proceeded back to Dibua. The run on my way back was slower which took me 1:43:00 hours!

dsc04298.jpg  dsc04300.jpg  dsc04301.jpg  dsc04302.jpg

I ran a total distance of 33 kilometers or 20.625 miles which took me 3:20:00 hours to finish. This was my longest run so far in my preparation for the Pasig River Heritage Marathon on the 24th of February 2008. I am glad that I am still injury-free and don’t have any major problems with my legs and body.

I started to alternately jog, run and walk on the last mile. I felt that I was about to reach my “Wall” if I continued running at a faster pace on my last mile before reaching my sister’s house. It was almost 9:00 AM when I finished my long run and the heat of the sun was starting to burn my skin.

I consider this long run as something special as I was able to recall all those running workouts I’ve done from the Laoag Bridge to Suba, Paoay and back, almost everyday, morning and afternoon before I joined and finished my first Marathon Race. This route was my favorite practice area and it gave me the strength and fulfillment to be a passionate and a lover of running.