Oval Track Run @ Iloilo City: Part 2

13 February 2008 (12:46-1:30 PM)

The Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track is longer from what I’ve expected. Oval tracks are supposed to be 400 meters or 440 yards on its innermost lane. The Iloilo City Oval Track has eight (8) lanes. After stretching and warm-up for one lap around the track, I started to run four laps at the innermost lane (Lane # 1), then to the outermost lane (Lane # 8), then to the middle lane (Lane # 5), and made two continuous laps (800 meters) at Lane # 1 in order to finally determine the actual distance of the Oval.

The following data were taken from my GF 305 (in meters & minutes). Posted also were pictures taken with me running on each lane:


Lane # 1         Distance           Time

Lap # 1             414.9 m            2:11 mins

Lap # 2             408.0 m           1:58 mins

Lap # 3             418.93 m         1:46 mins

Lap # 4             417.43 m         2:12 mins


Lane # 8        Distance          Time

Lap # 5            470.37 m         2:26 mins

Lap # 6            472.02 m        2:32 mins

Lap # 7            474.62 m        2:36 mins

Lap # 8            484.95 m        1:58 mins


Lane # 5       Distance          Time

Lap # 9           448.43 m         2:28 mins

Lap # 10         459.17 m         2:16 mins

Lap # 11         457.24 m         2:20 mins

Lap # 12         471.11 m         1:45 mins


Lane # 1         832.68 m        4:28 mins

After running 800 meters, I ran another 800 meters for my cool-down run. I finished my running workout with stretching. Overall, I was able to run 17 laps which is equivalent to 6.8 kilometers or 4.25 miles.

Definitely, The Iloilo City Sports Complex Oval Track is longer than the normal oval track as determined by my GF 305!

2 thoughts on “Oval Track Run @ Iloilo City: Part 2

  1. markfb

    Hi Sir,

    The difference in measurement is maybe due to the poor lock of the 305 when you ran that time. Ideally, you should have it a +/- 6meters or below. To have a good lock, you should have the 305 in one place first upon powering up (2 minutes) before starting to move around. I’ve been using the 305 since last Feb 07 and unfortunately there are just some things that arent in the manual. I suggest you browse thru the motionbased forum to learn tips and tricks for the 305. http://forums.motionbased.com/smf/index.php?topic=7272.0

    Used it mostly for surfski paddling (ocean racing kayak). It also worked well when I was still teaching dragonboat as it accurately measured the distance and speed. I appreciated it the most when I started running last oct 2007. Btw, you can also upload your data to motionbased as its free. Here’s a sample of my last race (PSE Bull Run 08) http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/activity/4881071

    If ever you want to use in indoors or in areas with poor gps reception, just get a garmin foot pod. It also measures the number of foot strides per minute if you use it together with the gps.

    For your age sir, you’re pretty strong and fast. Hopefully when I reach that age, I can be like you. : )

    Best Regards,



  2. kingofpots

    Mark, thanks for the tip..and the positive complement. I browsed already the forums at motionbased.com and hope to learn more about using my GF 305..hope to see you in one of the races soon!


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