Limited Number Of Runners

17 02 2008

17 February 2008

I am supposed to run in this morning’s 2008 DZMM’s “Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan” 10K Race but my application/registration form was not accepted as the number of runners for the said road race was limited. According to my staff who filed my registration form, the race organizers had stopped accepting participants for this race since Tuesday, 12 February 2008.

This is my first time to experience this kind of situation in the Philippine’s road racing or running events where an organizer limits the number of runners in a road race. The road race is supposed to raise funds and support for the benefit of the radio station’s (DZMM) projects on the conservation of the country’s natural resources. This effort to protect the environment and our natural resources should be the concern of each individual in the country, whether he is a runner/jogger or not. And  I believe that the more participants and runners, the better the road race is. I guess, they don’t need my registration fee or maybe wanted a limited number of supporters for their projects and social responsibility endeavors.



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