Random Pictures

7 08 2010

 No Need To Explain. Enjoy the pictures. Enjoy your Long Runs This Weekend.

Photo Taken From Scott Dunlap's Blog @ http://www.runtrails.blogspot.com

Ultrarunning Magazine Cover With Anton Krupicka's win at the 2010 MIWOK 100K

Jamie Donaldson's Feet After Another PR at the 2010 Badwater Ultra Using Dry Max Socks

Nice Old Car!

Take It Slow On The Road & Smell The Flowers (or Take Some Pictures of Them)

Run To Mt Pinatubo Crater Lake

Zach Gingrich, 2010 Badwater Ultramarathon Champion

Zach Gingrich in the Famous Movie, "The Hangover"

Laoag Chicharon (Bagnet) Waiting For "P2P 65K" Runners

The WS 100 Logo...

...And The Silver Buckle...



3 responses

8 08 2010

Really??? Zach Gingrich was the winner of Badwater, but he was also the dumb loser in the movie “hangover”??? In the movie, he was always the cause of their problems because he was so dumb. Hehehe. But he looks really different now. What a great change.

9 08 2010

natz, they are two different people! hehehe!

9 08 2010

Sir Jovie, the one in The Hangover movie is named Zach Galifianakis. 🙂

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