Ultra Tempo @ Fort Stotsenburg

That is Clark Air Field, if you don’t know your history.

I was invited by the members of the Team Bald Runner-Professionals to run a 10K Race dubbed as “Takbo Para Sa Katutubo” at Clark Air Field this morning. But the group scheduled a workout that starts with a 10K easy run before and after the said race. This kind of running workout is what I call an “ultramarathon tempo” run! 

I arrived at Clark’s Parade Grounds at 4:15 AM and started my run around the 2.34K-loop. The rest of the group arrived after I completed one loop. After a brief greetings, we had a group run. Before we proceeded to the Starting Line of the 10K race, I was able to run a distance of 8.5 kilometers at an average pace of 6:30 minutes per kilometer.

Team BR-Professionals

 We assembled at the Starting Area at 6:00 AM and after a short prayer and singing of the National Anthem, the 10K race started ahead of the 5K and 3K races. It was a simple race without any “distractions” and I consider it as a perfect and well-organized race. The total number of runners was approximately 500 but everything was very orderly. This is the only race where the 10K runners were not disturbed by the 3K & 5K runners at the Finish Line. Most of the road races in Metro Manila commit this simple mistake of giving a problem to the longer distance runners get entangled with the slower runners in the lesser-distance races as they approached the Finish Line.

This is the only 10K race which is perfect—accurate distance, nice and challenging route, no vehicles racing or disturbing the runners, water station in every kilometer, lots of cups and water supply, visible kilometer markings and directional signs, and perfect weather! I was not surprised about the preparations and outcome of the race as the Race Organizers are competitive runners and ultra runners! Congratulations to Atty Jon Lacanlale and to the rest of his company who happen to be BDM 102 “veterans” for a perfect race this weekend.

I finished the 10K run in 51:23 minutes as registered in my GF 305 with an average pace of 5:10 mpk. It is a slow time but the route was very challenging. I was happy of the result of my run although I tried my best to finish below 50 minutes. After congratulating the Race Organizers for a good job on the race and talking to some of the participants of the race, I re-joined my group and resumed our easy run. It rained hard during this part of our workout and I was relaxed and comfortable of my pace. I was able to run a distance of 11.5 kilometers and I could still run some more distance without any pain or soreness on my legs.

In summary, I was able to run a distance of 30 kilometers with a total time of 3:04:20 hours. I felt good after the run and the rain had contributed much for my body to sustain my pace and endure the distance. After my shower, the whole group re-grouped again for “brunch” in one of the Cafes/Restaurants at Marque Mall in Angeles City.

Thanks to the members of the Team BR-P for the invitation and get-together “brunch” to culminate the running activity for the day. 

And for my food “tip” for the day, drop by at the Total Gas Station at “Wetlands” along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and look for Nita’s Fried Itik & Restaurant. This place has the best-tasting fried duck at the price of P 150.00 only!

Fried Duck!
Fried Duck...The Best!

I am back on training again for another ultra race or adventure run in the future.

See you at the PAU’s “P2P 65K” Run in Ilocos Norte! More updates to come! And train well!


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