Official Result: 3rd BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race

10:10 PM March 5-6, 2011: Mariveles, Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga

Rank Name Time
1 Juny Rox Carreon 11:05:58
2 Jun Adel 11:10:08
3 Alfredo Ocampo 11:17:48
4 Benedict Balaba 11:32:47
5 Victor Ayohan Jr 12:00:28
6 Godfrey Gozo 12:25:17
7 Alfred Delos Reyes 12:49:23
8 Camilla Brooks (F) 13:04:30
9 Sandy Alentajan 13:07:15
10 Vergilio Leona 13:10:59
11 Victor Ting 13:28:20
12 Saturnino Camangonan 13:39:58
13 Jose Wacangan 13:40:50
14 Robert Patrimonio 13:41:21
15 Elmer Morales 13:41:28
16 Ignatius Patrimonio 13:43:23
17 Roberto Delos Santos 13:53:55
18 Roel Olimba 13:56:04
19 Dindo Diaz 13:57:08
20 Rain Ordonez 14:06:09
21 Jose Duenas 14:07:14
22 Francis Velasquez 14:09:46
23 Terence Chen 14:11:58
24 Priscila Hernandez (F) 14:15:37
25 Melvin Pangan 14:28:09
26 Felipe Nama 14:33:22
27 Romulo Doctolero 14:36:05
28 Lito Lopez 14:40:50
29 Bob Castilla 14:42:58
30 Tin Ferrera (F) 14:43:30
31 Christian Oting 14:48:22
32 Jonnifer Lacanlale 14:50:00
33 Enrico Tocol 14:50:53
34 Bobby Go 14:52:56
35 Bong Bernadez 14:54:14
36 Vincent Lorenze Ocampo 14:58:45
37 Mac Millan 15:02:38
38 Ronnel Go 15:04:20
39 Mark Anthony Rodica 15:06:07
40 Allan Bandiola 15:06:50
41 Earl Quero 15:10:33
42 Benedict Meneses 15:13:02
43 Chips Dayrit 15:15:22
44 Simon Pavel Miranda 15:16:35
45 Nolan Llanora 15:19:30
46 Willie Yao 15:21:52
47 Carlito Buenaventura 15:23:35
48 Marcos Lontoc 15:39:45
49 Marlo Guloy 15:46:07
50 Jereven Adriano 15:52:29
51 Gil Ocampo 15:58:50
52 Conrado Teodoro 15:59:10
53 Narciso Alipio 15:59:11
54 Raincy Robert Del Rosario 16:00:40
55 Randy Rubio 16:04:57
56 Reynaldo Jimenez 16:05:32
57 Ken Alonte 16:13:31
58 Joshua Suarez 16:14:55
59 Gil Brazil 16:15:02
60 Emma Alvarez (F) 16:15:13
61 Chito Vegina 16:17:30
62 Manuel Dela Serna 16:25:22
63 Francis Hortellano 16:27:18
64 Samson Ocampo 16:34:47
65 Nelson Mallillin 16:36:59
66 Tom Moreno 16:42:48
67 Rayman Delos Angeles 16:43:00
68 Earl Warren Navor 16:43:56
69 Michael Angelo Fabian 16:43:57
70 Reginald Santos 16:46:10
71 Barry Red 16:54:12
72 Jose Merdino Lim 16:58:49
73 Noel Tillor 16:58:50
74 Allen Gaspar 17:00:42
75 Julian Confessor 17:01:32
76 Paul Pajo 17:08:15
77 Arlito Masamoc 17:11:25
78 Jay Chavez 17:12:16
79 Mark Lester Salvador 17:12:17
80 Jimmy Ong 17:14:17
81 Carlos Napoleon Ocampo 17:16:34
82 Abell Ngo 17:17:16
83 Ferdie Cabiling 17:17:39
84 Blas Ople Tiangco 17:20:08
85 Emmanuel Toralba 17:20:20
86 Mel John Tezon 17:21:22
87 Bong Alindada 17:23:55
88 Teresa Ybanez (F) 17:24:12
89 Oliver Templo 17:25:44
90 Leo Tugade 17:28:02
91 Rodel Montejo 17:28:27
92 Vans Camanong 17:28:28
93 Jose Lorenzo Mina 17:28:29
94 Aaron Anievas 17:28:50
95 Roselle Dadal (F) 17:29:00
96 Ryan Washington 17:30:00
97 Keshia Fule (F) 17:30:45
98 Laarni De Guzman (F) 17:30:50
99 Arturo Virata 17:32:27
100 Ronald Perez 17:36:02
101 Fernando Cunanan Jr 17:37:28
102 Jemuel Bayot 17:37:29
103 Larry Daliwag 17:37:30
104 Mark Salazar 17:37:31
105 Alden Meneses 17:41:48
106 Jayson Van Masayon 17:44:35
107 Tess Geddes (F) 17:45:20
108 Julius Cervantes 17:49:32
109 Ed Escalante 17:52:30
110 David Buban 17:53:55
111 Mark Fer Castillo 17:55:42
112 Ellen Castillo (F) 17:59:20

22 thoughts on “Official Result: 3rd BDM 102K Ultra Marathon Race

  1. bugobugo

    congratulations and welcome to barangay bdm!

    this only means one thing, the road from km 102-160 will be crowded next year. and the finish line too.



  2. sfrunner

    Sir Jovie, congratulations to you and everyone who has participated in the two BDMs over the past two weekends. No doubt that you’re an outstanding race director. Also, from the posts, pictures and stories, the past two weekends are very historical not only for the Philippines but worldwide in the world of ultramarathoning. There are several runners here in the United States, including myself, that were following what was happening although we were 16 time zones away.

    There were some amazing stories in both events but everyone who took part are all champions. Please take care and will see you when I return in a few motnhs time.


    1. kingofpots

      wayne, thank you very much. i think i get the energy for having that “military mindset” still flowing in my blood and for being an instrument for people who would like to test what they are made of to go beyond their limits.


  3. junnbesana

    sir jovie

    thank you once again for the opportunity you gave us “team real life.” thank you also for your generosity that even though i was not able to make the cut off, you still rewarded me (and the other runners) the honor of receiving the medal and the trophy (and the shirt).

    God bless you and team bald runner more and more.


  4. nvllanora1975

    sir, congrats to you for conducting two tough races in back-to-back weekends. sir, you look tired already, but you were still there, not only at the start and finish, but throughout the route of the race. honestly, you’re one of the reasons why some participants who are already on the brink of quitting would still decide to continue and finish the race. you are one source of inspiration to all of us.
    congrats to all those who start the race, to all the finishers, team supports, marshalls, race committee. Mabuhay kayong lahat! we’re all giving honor to the death marchers.
    congrats to the overall winner; also, to ms. camilla brooks, the female champ, and for setting the record! congrats to atty. jon for setting a remarkable feat of doing back-to-back BDM over two consecutive weekends; to mr. ting too! you are all admirable ultra-runners!
    sir, i’m wondering if this is the first time that there was rain in a BDM race.


    1. kingofpots

      nolan, thank you for those kind words. i am here as an instrument for you to test what you are made of. you made it to the finish line and you have performed well. yes, this is the first time that we have rains & drizzle along the route during the race. you were lucky on the first half but the dreaded heat of the sun was there to challenge everybody on the 2nd half of the race. congrats again!


  5. fanaticinformant

    Thank you for allowing me to do the BDM102 coming from the BDM160 DNFed at 110km. I know it was crazy to run again another ultra with less than a week of rest and having a minor injury, but I just wanted to finish and I was being supported by family and friends and had my reasons. I finally know what The Wall at hitting it at 110KM. And it is with tears of joy that I crossed that finishline yesterday and so it was a surprise to see that I managed to do a PR, shaving 13 minutes from last year’s event. Truly it was a blessing from God and thank you for being an instrument in making this possible. For as I keep sharing with others, I run not without aim. And my aim is to conquer the BDM160 before I do ultamarathons outside the country!
    God bless you always.

    B. Tiangco


    1. kingofpots

      blas, you are really a strong runner. congrats for finishing the race strongly and with a PR. you did well, my friend. rest and recover well. see you at the get together party!


  6. juliuscervantes

    It was an honor to have taken part in BDM 102, sir. Thanks to you and the entire Team BR for making it possible year after year. I’ll definitely see you and the rest of Barangay BDM in Mariveles in 2012!


    1. kingofpots

      congrats, julius. i thought you are going to experience it once? just like your passing the BAR? hehehe..BDM Races will always be there and all you need is to prepare yourself for the battle. my salute to a brave “warrior”!


  7. rrwashing

    Thanks for letting me run the race in the PI. It is an experience that I am going to try to put into a race report. I always love the help and camaraderie that is shown at ultra races(compared to marathons and shorter races), but this was amazing. I think other crews also took pity on a “Joe” and shared water, sponges and shade with me.

    Since I trained in weather below 30 degrees(F), the second half of that race was something else. I definitely stuck out in most of the cities that we ran through, but using the “Madden Statistics”, I think I fared well as the fastest Male Mainland-American USMC-veteran runner for the 3rd BDM102k. šŸ™‚

    thanks again, I loved seeing the local runners and being part of it. I still have NO IDEA how someone could have fought a war for 5 months and done that distance under duress with little to no water and a ball of rice in the heat of the day, then get into those railcars at San Fernando for a steaming ride to the final camp. It was humbling to say the least.


  8. kingofpots

    thanks! we’ll be looking forward for that race report. of course, you will be a part of the “trivia” and distinct description from all the official finishers of the BDM 102. as i said, there is only one Bataan Death March Route and it is on very heart of our country. thanks again for joining the race!


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