Race Director’s Report: 2010 BDM 102

I presented this report during the “Get Together & Awarding Ceremony” of the 2010 BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race last March 11, 2010 at the Tejeros Hall, AFP Officers Club in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. This post then is for the benefit of my readers who were not part of the 2010 BDM 102 and who in the future would like to experience this ultrarunning event.

Top 10 List: What Is Unique About The BDM 102?

10. It commemorates the infamous Bataan Death March of World War II along the exact route where history happened. This is in honor of the 20,000 to 25,000 soldiers who died during the said March.

9. At present, the BDM 102 is the Longest Solo Road Race in the country.

8. Every Finisher within the cut-off time of 18 hours is awarded with a medal & individual trophy.

7. A Test of One’s Endurance Limit.

6. A Test of Teamwork between the runner & his/her support crew.

5. A Race where every runner helps each other to finish the course.

4. A Running Event where you can have a “fashion show” of your running apparel.

3. A venue where a runner can raise funds for his selected Charitable Institution.

2. A Running Event where a runner can take a shower & massage along the route.

1. The ONLY Road Race with an Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party days after the event!!!

On Statistics:

1st BDM 102 2nd BDM 102
Date of Race: 4-5 April 2009 Date of Race: 6-7 March 2010
Runner-Applicants: 150 Runner-Applicants: 186
Registered Runners: 82 Registered Runners: 142
Race Starters: 82 Race Starters: 128
Finishers: 63 Finishers: 104
% of Finishers: 77% % of Finishers: 81.25%

On Comparison of the 1st BDM 102 with the 2nd BDM 102:

1st BDM 102:

1. The result that I published was UNOFFICIAL due to the following reasons: (a) there were “cheaters” and I personally observed cheating among the runner-participants; (b) the Actual Route was not followed as the leading runners did not pass “critical” kilometer posts along the way.

2. I was the Race Organizer and Race Director and also one of the Runner-Participants.

3. There were Aid Stations in every 20 kilometers plus a Breakfast Station at Km Post #50.

4. There were four (4) Checkpoints where I placed “secret marshals” who handed color-coded wrist bands.

5. There were Cash Prizes to the Overall Top 3 Male & Female Categories and Trophies to Top 3 in the Age Category for both Men & Women Categories.

6. There were seven (7) Foreign Runners but only five (5) finished. There were five (5 lady runners but only two (2) of them finished.

2nd BDM 102:

1. The result that I published a day after the event was OFFICIAL.

2. The prestige and integrity of the race were maintained as there were no reports of cheating among the runners.

3. The actual route of the BDM was followed.

4. I was the full-time Race Director of the event.

5. I removed all the Aid Stations, instead, each runner must have his/her Support Vehicle & Support Crew in order to compete in this event. The halfway Aid Station at Km Post #50 was maintained and it offered breakfast, foods & drinks to all the runners.

6. Submission of a Medical/Doctor’s Certificate for each runner is a MUST.

7. I have placed seven (7) Time Stations & Checkpoints that gave colored string necklace to every runner.

8. Final Briefing & CarboLoading Party were conducted two days before the Race Day. Administrative matters were done during this event.

9. No Cash Prizes. Awards/Trophies were given to the Top 3 Men’s & Ladies’ Categories.

10. There were eleven (11) Foreign Runners and all of them finished. There were thirteen (13) Lady Runners but only ten (10) finished.

2010 BDM 102 Winners

Men’s Category

Champion: Alvin Canada—10:01:5 hours

1st Runner-Up: Randy Bumahit—10:44:27 hours

2nd Runner-Up: Jonnifer Lacanlale—11:01:47 hours

Women’s Category

Champion: Whreachelle Cordova—16:00:07 hours

1st Runner-Up: Raiza Tulan—16:23:01 hours

2nd Runner-Up: Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe—16:38:48 hours


1. The Last Day of Registration and Payment of Fees for Invited/Qualified Runners were scheduled six (6) weeks before Race Day.

2. The responsibility of logistics/support was given to the individual runner.

3. Some of the runners are still fond of last day submission of race requirements.

4. Administrative matters were done during the Final Briefing & CarboLoading Party which resulted to a shorter processing at the Starting/Assembly Area during Race Day.

5. For this year, the Race started earlier (11:30 PM of Saturday) and it was finished earlier, too!

6. Published Rules & Regulations were followed but some minor violations were observed.

7. Our Time Stations/Checkpoints were effective to pinpoint/deter cheaters. We deployed more checkpoints this time.

8. Support Vehicles were more responsive to the needs of the runners than placing stationary Aid Stations.

9. There was a tie in 4th Place. This thing will never happen again or else both runners will be disqualified for pacing with each other.

10. There were some runners who registered to have Support Vehicle but in reality, they were not supported by such vehicle. A stricter measure will be implemented in the next edition in order to monitor runners without any support vehicle.

11. Some runners lack “heat training” and the necessary training to finish an ultramarathon distance race. They understimated their supply of water & drinks needed for the road race.

12. There were cases of “bandit” runners. I had to warn Norio Tanaka from Runnex, a finisher in the 1st BDM 102, to stop running during the race as he was a “bandit” in the race. Another unidentified runner was also warned to stop “brisk walking” at Km Post #14.  Guys, if you want to “bandit” in my race, please don’t do it! If you want to experience running the BDM route, please don’t do it during my race day. You have the remaining days of the year to do it by yourself.

13. Some runners have two or more vehicles tagging along with their authorized support vehicle. I know that this race is a family affair among the participants but please limit the vehicles tagging along with the support vehicles.

14. We did not commit a mistake in our Finisher’s Medal. What you see in your Finisher’s Medal is the Official Seal of BDM 102 with the year 2009 as its founding year. I requested the finishers to have the date of the 2010 Bdm 102 engraved at the back. In next year’s edition, we will correct and place the engraved date at the back of the medal.

2010 BDM 102 Trivia:

1st Husband & Wife Finishers—Ria Go Tian & Emerson Go Tian

1st US/American Finisher—Charles Fletcher

1st Grandson-Finisher of a BDM 1942 Survivor—Jose Maria Galauran

Youngest Finisher—Mark Peralta, 19 years old

Oldest Finisher—Artemio Ladia, 54 years old.

1st Active General of the AFP To Finish The Race—Major General Samuel D Narcise AFP

1st Active PNP Officer Finisher—P/Supt Gregorio Torres

1st Father & Son Finishers—Major General Samuel D Narcise & Lemuel Narcise


1. 2010 BDM 102 was a successful event. Although we did not earn any profit or proceeds from this year’s edition, the support of the “Friends of the Bald Runner & Team BR-Professionals” covered the expenses/support for the additional logistics and activities to make this event a successful one. The BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race will remain to be a simple race devoid of unnecessary “distractions” and funfare.

2. Planning and Execution were almost perfect this time due to the experience from the 1st BDM 102. Our staff, volunteers, and marshals were fully briefed, rehearsed, focused and coordinated for the event.

3. The weather conditions were extreme but runners were able to adapt to the situation.

4. Teamwork & Unity were displayed among competing runners and support crew were responsive to the needs of the runners.

5. Lastly, this event would not be successful without the support & cooperation of the runners/support crew; sponsors & supporters; volunteers; and the Elite Team Bald Runner & Staff. Thank you very much!!!

See you on the 3rd BDM 102 & 1st BDM 151!!!

11 thoughts on “Race Director’s Report: 2010 BDM 102

  1. Sir,
    I very much enjoyed the reading of this post as it gave tremendous amounts of information on the BDM 102k ultra. Thank you. I would hope to be a part of a future BDM 102. Take Care.


    1. kingofpots

      rick, we are getting better every year. with the creation of PAU and the knowledge we got from our international exposure, we will see to it that ultrarunning will be accessible to everybody. thanks for your support.


  2. fanaticinformant

    I still fear teary eyed at times when I think about the recent BDM102. Have a Happy Easter, Sir Jovs! Looking forward to signing up for the next BDM which according to the Takbo.ph announcement promises to have a much longer route.


    1. kingofpots

      an ultra distance is the ultimate test of endurance & fortitude in running. first timers should finish the BDM 102 first before going to the BDM 151.


  3. benwah

    Last year’s BDM is at this month’s issue of Ultrarunning Magazine. As I was reading the article when I turned on my TV, The Classic Movie Channel featured Bataan movie starring John Wayne and Anthony Quinn. Mabuhay!!


  4. kingofpots

    it is unfortunate that UR Mag is not available in the Philippines. I hope more ultrarunners in the world would be aware of the event. ben, thanks for your support.


  5. banneroverme

    whoa! this is great! I look forward to be a part of next years ultramarathon.
    Great job Sir BaldRunner! when’s the registration for 2011 BDM?


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