BDM 102: On Generosity

Bataan Death March (BDM) means heroism, sacrifice, love of country, determination, courage, and survival. BDM 102 means proper training, preparation, “heat” training, correct race strategy & hydration, “craziness”, endurance, cooperation & coordination among runners & support crew, discipline. and focus to finish the race within the cut-off time of 18 hours. 

Original Picture of the BDM in 1942

 On my part as the Race Organizer and Race Director, BDM means the fulfillment of a dream to commemorate this event into an ultramarathon race in order to create awareness on the history of this event that brought the death of almost 25,000 soldiers and militia where most of the victims were our countrymen. Let this awareness on this infamous event in the history of warfare and mankind be carried down from one generation to generation so that wars amongst nations will never happen again.

The BDM 102 in the eyes of the Race Director also means appreciation to the determination of some of the runners who braved to reach the Finish Line even if they knew that they could not make it before the cut-off time of 18 hours. I have to be generous to these runners who overcame the heat, dust, pollution, pains, and the challenge in order to finish the 102K distance.

So, during the Get Together and Awarding Ceremony for the 2010 BDM 102 last March 11, 2010, as a surprise to everybody, I presented “special awards” for these runners who were determined to finish the race with their remaining strength and will power. Each of these runners were awarded with the BDM Individual Trophy, Finisher’s Medal (without any ranking), and a Finisher’s T-Shirt. Their names were not included in the Official List of Finishers.

The following runners were able to finish the 102K distance in less than 20 hours. They persisted and they were rewarded well.

1. Jerome Cartailler

2. Ariel Cortez

3. Eugene Porlucas

4. Benedict Meneses

5. Ivy Macainan

6. Kevin Viola

7. Major General Samuel Narcise AFP

8. Jonathan Gener

See you again in the 2011 BDM 102/151!!!


3 thoughts on “BDM 102: On Generosity

  1. bugobugo

    to the magnificent 8, you have shown what the bdm spirit really is. you are the symbols of a real finisher than the cheats from last year.better walk and suffer to finish than ride and pretend to finish.

    mabuhay kayo!


  2. Congratulations! Signing up and showing up at the starting line was brave enough.

    On our way home, we saw some of the remaining 8 warriors still on the road. It was fast becoming dark, but they plodded on despite knowing they won’t make it to cut-off. They really deserve this special recognition.


  3. I love your perspective in the BDM 102, and that of the history. May the BDM 102/151 continue to receive support and flourish into something wonderful as it already is. For those that did in fact finish, that is something in itself. May you continue to post such articles of determination and self sacrifice. God Bless!


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