Running Clinic @ Ortigas Properties

Last March 1, 2010, I conducted a Running Lecture and Start of a 3-month Running Clinic among the Officers, Staff, and Employees of the Ortigas Properties. This is an evidence that more corporate offices are taking advantage of the Running Lecture and Clinic of the Team Bald Runner for them to be equipped with the proper information and knowledge about running. 

Attentive Staff & Employees of Ortigas Properties

The lecture was conducted at 4:00 PM and after the Open Forum, the actual running clinic and demonstration was continued and held at the ULTRA Oval Track which is very near from the Ortigas Properties Building. Coach Titus Salazar took command of the Warm-up Exercises, Drills, technical know-how on the proper running form, strides, and the implementation of basic principles in sports training in order to prevent any running related-injury to the body.

More Than 35 Personnel Attended The Lecture & Clinic

The “common denominator” in these running lectures and clinics where I’ve been invited was a result of good leadership of the corporate “bosses”. If the boss or head of the office is a recreational or competitive runner who believes in the positive benifits of running, it is 100% that he/she tries to motivate and influence his/her staff and subordinates to get into running or in any kind of physical exercise or activity.

Open Forum Was Conducted After The Lecture

The officers, staff and employees of the Ortigas Properties had been diligently attending the Team BR’s Running Clinic at the ULTRA Oval Track on Monday afternoon and sometimes in any day of the week. for the past month. Since they are now enrolled as students or trainees in our BR Running Clinic & Speed Training, the group has paid P 500.00 each as their training fee for the duration of 3 months. Basically, this is the cheapest fee that is being asked from anybody who wants to train properly in running.

We hope that these running lectures and clinics that we, at the BR’s Events had been conducting, had greatly contributed to the efficiency, health and well-being of the officers, staff, and employees of the corporate offices that invited us for these lectures.


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